Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry

crane rental services company
crane rental services company

For more than thousands of years, a common crane has been at the forefront of the construction industry. Cranes help lift significant loads that could easily take tens or even hundreds of workers if done manually, naturally becoming a valuable tool for construction companies around the globe.

Construction projects around the globe depend on a crane service to ensure that they remain on schedule. Equipment like a crane can seem minor, but in reality, cranes offer an easy, safe, and cost-effective way to lift large loads.

Crane Rental Services

Crane hiring rental services can make the definitive difference for your construction project. If you ensure to get a qualified service with good referrals, you can be assured that they’ll offer you the latest equipment, checked and rechecked to ensure they’re up to expected standards.

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Industry Overview

What Is a Crane, And How Does It Work?

crane rental services
crane rental services

Generally, a crane is a machine equipped with a hoist rope, chains or wire ropes, and sheaves. These machines can be operated by qualified professionals for lifting, lowering, and moving loads horizontally. In simple words, a crane is used to transport heavy things to other places.

Even though you’ll find a wide variety of hydraulic crane models, most work on a straightforward concept: they combine several other simple machines to lift significant loads. For example, tower cranes often have several pulleys, multiplying the force they can use to lift heavy objects.

Cranes are commonly found in many different industries, playing several different roles, like:

Construction Industry:

crane rental services
crane rental services

Cranes are used to move heavy materials up large distances. The materials can be anything from light loads of wood to heavy metal beams that are unsafe to lift manually.

Transport Industry:

crane rental services
crane rental services

Most commonly, you’ll find cranes at docks and ports, used for loading and unloading freight boxes and other cargo from ships and freighters.

Manufacturing Industry:

crane rental services
crane rental services

Cranes are also used in the manufacturing industry to assemble heavy equipment and large machines.


indian airlines aviation
indian airlines aviation

Cranes see heavy use in the aviation industry as they move around heavy equipment found in a hangar. Engines, interiors, and other parts are placed precisely into planes using an Overhead Crane.

Power Plants:

Types of power plant company
Types of power plant company

Bridge Crane Systems are used in power plants to remove or replace turbines, generators, and other parts of an active power plant with extreme care.

Why Is A Crane Required For Different Industries?

Today, cranes have become an integral part of many industries, allowing you to lift heavy loads with no problem. Most of the time, renting a small mini crane is cheap for construction projects, and no matter who you ask, they’ll testify to their usefulness.

Even with such an apparent range of benefits, many people remain unconvinced about the utility these machines offer and instead look for replacements or cheaper options. If you’re feeling unsure about hiring out a crane, consult the list below to know why you should always choose to use a crane:

Increasing Job Site Safety:

Hiring a crane from a qualified rental service gives you an easy and reliable way to lift heavy loads and decrease risk to your workers.

Filming and TV:

Yes, believe it or not, cranes are frequently used in movies and shows! Commonly, you’ll find them lifting heavy filming equipment to specific heights for a certain angle or even being used in the construction of a movie set.

Increasing Your Material Handling Efficiency:

Material handling is a constant need for manufacturing plants, construction sites, or even transport hubs like docks and cargo hubs. A crane makes lifting heavy cargo easier while decreasing the risk of getting damaged, allowing the site to operate with maximum efficiency.

Reasonably Priced Services:

Mistakes in Unloading Process

A significant reason for the popularity of crane rental services today is that they are always reasonably priced to ensure that people aren’t afraid to give the rental service a call.

Qualified Professionals Are Easy to Find:

Crane rental services provide their professionals most of the time. While you might have to pay a slightly larger fee, this ensures that you have a skilled crane operator for your construction site.

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Types of Cranes And Their Uses

Terex Cranes
Terex Cranes

Cranes come with a long history of being used in different types of construction projects, and while these nifty machines seem large and bulky, they are designed to be smooth to operate. You can use a specific type of crane that suits your purpose best.

Mostly, cranes are sorted into different categories based on whether they’re Fixed Cranes or Mobile Cranes. The difference between Fixed and Mobile Cranes are as follows:

Mobile Cranes:

Terex Cranes
Terex Cranes

Like you’d think, mobile cranes are mounted on treads or wheels that allow them to change locations quickly. These can be large rubber tires in Rough Terrain Cranes that are meant to traverse uneven surfaces or more minor but still sturdy standard wheels for Truck Mounted Cranes. Mobile cranes offer mobility and utility, which are extremely popular with construction companies, film crews, and other fields. The downside of a mobile crane is that it often isn’t able to lift loads as heavy as fixed cranes can.

Fixed Cranes:

crane rental services
crane rental services

They are assembled at a designated spot and remain fixed there until they’re disassembled again. They lack any form of mobility but offer compensation in the fact that they can lift much heavier loads than Mobile Cranes. Commonly, you’d find these large machines in Transport and Cargo Hubs, like ports and docks, or even in long construction projects like skyscrapers.

Commonly Found Types of Cranes

crane services
crane services

After you move past the broad classifications of Fixed and Mobile Cranes, you’ll find many cranes that are geared towards different fields and industries. Rough Terrain Cranes are used for uneven terrain and surfaces, while Crane Truck models and Mobile Cranes are often even used for reducing people from the upper floors of buildings on fire. On the same track, lattice cranes are used for energy projects.

However, if you think the great variety in cranes comes without any disadvantages, think again. The sheer number of different types of cranes means that people are often left unsure about which one is perfect for them.

Consult the guide below to know more about some of the most common types of cranes to know which type of crane is the best project:

All-Terrain Cranes

crane rental services
crane rental services

The All-Terrain Crane is one of the most popular types and sees frequent use in many different fields. Like you might think, the most vital advantage of these cranes is that they’re well-suited to driving on both even surfaces like pavement and uneven ones like dirt, gravel, or slightly uphill roads.

You’ll find these cranes frequently in construction sites that don’t have road access since they are the most significant and most mobile type of crane you can find today.

World’s Largest All Terrain Crane For Heavy Hauling Lifting Shifting Crane Rental Services

The combination of powerful lifting performance and the ability to tread on rough terrain as fluently as flat terrain make All Terrain Cranes one of the best choices for crane rental services. They also have many other benefits, like:

Speed and Mobility:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 1

These cranes come outfitted with all-wheel drive steering suspension systems and can reach speeds of 55 mph.

Compact and Efficient Design:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 2

These cranes feature a hybrid design that combines the compactness of Truck Cranes with the versatility of Rough-Terrain Cranes.

Rough Terrain Cranes

kobelco crane
kobelco crane

Rough Terrain Cranes are your best choice for developing land that’s hilly or forested. These mobile cranes are designed to move over uneven land and feature four large rubber tires that can climb over very rough ground and maintain perfect traction on it.

Weighty outriggers allow qualified professionals to operate the crane without having to worry about the level of the ground the vehicle is on, something that is often a significant concern with other types of mobile cranes.

All Rought Terrain Crane For Heavy Hauling Lifting Shifting Crane Rental Services

They are also made to be very small and compact, unlike other off-road cranes, allowing them to get into tight spots and move heavy loads.

To summarize, the advantages offered by the Rough Terrain Crane are:

Versatile Rubber Tires:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 3

The large rubber tires that come with Rough Terrain Cranes allow them to maintain perfect traction over uneven surfaces like rocky ground and slippery surfaces like mud.

Cost Efficiency:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 4

When it comes to cost efficiency, RT cranes are a better choice than you might think. Usually, you can find these cranes being offered at meager prices, and for their size, they can lift massive loads.

Telescopic Cranes

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 5

Telescopic cranes are a type of mobile crane that have broad applications in construction. They come outfitted with a crane boom with a hydraulic cylinder that can collapse or extend itself, allowing it to change its length.

This simple feature, combined with a medium lifting capacity, makes Telescopic Cranes perfect for short-term construction jobs that need a versatile but cheap solution to lift large loads. These types of cranes also sometimes have platforms mounted on them to function as aerial work platforms.

Primarily, there are two types of Telescopic Cranes, with their pros and cons:

Hydra Cranes:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 6

Consisting of a long boom (tubes fitted within one another), Hydra Cranes are the cheaper type of Telescopic Cranes. They are mostly used for lifting smaller loads of 9 tons to 21 tons. However, their unstable design and lower lifting capacity make Hydra Crane models unsuited for longer construction projects.

Farana Cranes:

ace action construction equipment

These are the premium version of Telescopic Cranes and are often the best option to pick since they are much more stable. A Farana Crane can lift loads of 15 to 30 tons and comes with an optimal 4-wheel-drive. But, their expanded list of features makes them much more expensive than Hydra Cranes.

Mobile Cranes


Mobile Cranes, as previously stated, are the option to pick for long construction projects and for job sites where you’ll often need to switch the position of the crane. The hook is suspended from a boom by using a wire rope, which the crane operates. Mobile cranes offer the most excellent versatility and utility to people who rent them out.

Top Mobile Crane For Heavy Hauling Lifting Shifting Crane Rental Services

Mobile Crane Rental Services offer a wide variety of cranes for rent, with all types having advantages and disadvantages.

However, all types of mobile cranes have some essential benefits in common, like:

Little to No Assembly:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 7

Unlike Fixed Cranes which need to be assembled every time you move them, Mobile Cranes are mounted on trucks on wheels, saving you a lot of time.

Effortless to Transport:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 8

All Mobile Cranes can be driven to make transporting them to a new location easier.

Truck Mounted Cranes


One of the most in-demand types of cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes are preferred worldwide for the utility and convenience they offer over other types of cranes. They showcase a robust portfolio of capabilities, combining the superb lifting capabilities of multiple booms with the transportation benefits of the truck they are mounted on.

Truck Mounted Cranes can have one or more booms. Single boom crane trucks are used for recovering light vehicles that need to be hauled to a garage or automobile repair shop.

Knuckle boom Truck Mounted Cranes, on the other hand, have a wide variety of Material handling applications ranging from Agriculture, Mining and Construction to even Construction and National Defense projects!

The flexibility of Truck-Mounted Cranes offer advantages like:

Greater Transportation Capabilities:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 9

The crane is mounted on a truck, allowing for loading cargo using the crane, securing them safely on the truck’s deck, and transporting them without worry.

Cheaper To Rent Than Mobile Cranes:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 10

Most of the time, Truck Mounted Cranes are much more affordable to rent than dedicated Mobile Cranes.

Tower Cranes


Tower Cranes are undoubtedly one of the essential parts of today’s construction industry. Often standing taller than 265 feet and weighing almost 20 tons, a Tower Crane is used to construct everything from incredibly tall skyscrapers to even apartment buildings with more than ten floors.

Regardless of the type of Tower Crane, there are several key components in the erection of the crane, like:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 11

The Base:

Being a type of Fixed Crane, Tower Cranes come with a base fixed to concrete pouring. Most of the time, the concrete pouring can weigh up to 400,000 pounds.

The Mast:

The mast is the vertical portion of the tower crane. The height of the vertical mast can be changed depending on the construction project.

The Jib:

The working arm is the horizontal part of the crane that carries the load using various counterweights. The operator cab is found at the beginning of the jib.

The Slewing Unit:

Made up of a motor and ring gear, the slewing unit rotates the crane.

The Trolley:

The weight is carried on a trolley that moves along the jib.

Their extraordinary reach and ability to lift weights ranging up to thousands of pounds (18 metric tons) allow you to efficiently deal with the most pressing issues, like lifting generators, concrete slabs, or steel beams to higher floors.

Tower Cranes come with significant benefits that make them stand out from other types of cranes, like:

Most considerable Lifting Height of All Cranes:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 12

Tower Cranes can lift loads to the largest heights of all cranes, often going up hundreds of feet.

Offer the Most Stability:

kobelco crane
kobelco crane

Due to their concrete base, Tower Cranes are the most stable type of cranes out there.

Overhead Cranes


A stunningly useful piece of heavy-duty machinery, Overhead Cranes work on the concept of optimizing often unused space in packing centers and warehouses: the overhead area. The construction of Overhead Cranes depends on the type of Crane: Bridge Cranes operate by moving on steel girders and pathways, while Jib Cranes use a simple Jib Arm and Mast to carry loads.

Moving bulky and cumbersome loads is often a problem in warehouses, and moving them by hand can result in severe injury to employees. Instead, you can install a Jib Crane, which consists of a Jib Arm and a vertical mast. While coming with some challenges, a Jib Crane helps in shifting cargo in semi-circles (180 degrees) or full circles (360 degrees).

Jib Cranes see heavy use in industries like Steel and Plastic Manufacturing sectors for their safety and efficiency and in Shipbuilding, yards as well since employees can use them to lower parts into the main body.

You can streamline your production process with Jib Cranes since they offer:

Ergonomic Design:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 13

Although they look lightweight and straightforward, Jib Cranes can carry up to 15 tons of loads.

Less Risk:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 14

They have a simple design, with few total parts overall. This reduces the chance of them breaking down or having a malfunction.

Loader Cranes

crane rental services
crane rental services

As the name suggests, Loader Cranes are mainly used to help load trucks and lorries. Most of the time, these are very heavy-duty knuckle boom cranes attached to lorries capable of transporting heavy loads of materials.

Loader Cranes use the principle of Truck Mounted Cranes, where they’re attached to a vehicle, but come with a diverse range of benefits that make heavy haulage trucks a popular choice for inner-city construction and transportation of materials. Platforms attached to the cranes are also used to lift people to clean structures and buildings.

Some of the best advantages of using Loader Cranes are:

Fewer Overall Costs:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 15

Using Loader Cranes is often an inexpensive, cost-effective option for construction companies since they require no additional prep.

Better Site Accessibility:

Crane Rental Hiring Services for heavy hauling lifting and shifting with all pros and cons Industry 16

Because loader cranes are a single unit attached to a heavy-duty truck or lorry, you can quickly drive them to the job site.

The Pros and Cons of Rental Cranes

construction machineries
construction machineries

Advantages of Choosing to Rent Cranes

If ensuring that your project is proceeding at maximum efficiency is a priority for you, having access to the right equipment is necessary. And today, there are few things as essential to the construction process as cranes, which make lifting heavy loads weighing tons as simple as pressing a few buttons.

However, there’s a caveat: Cranes are inherently expensive pieces of machinery and require significant monetary investment if you want to buy one outright. Instead, it’s always a better idea to rent a crane from a qualified provider of heavy machinery. This is guaranteed easier than it sounds since you can quickly find several different such providers.

A crane hire can offer numerous other benefits besides monetary savings, such as:

Access to the Latest Equipment With the Latest Features

Heavy machinery providers that rent out cranes always have the very best models available for their customers. The reason for this is pure common sense, since using outdated machinery is not only inefficient but also increases job site risks to employees.

Minimal Storage Costs

Most rental crane companies offer locations for storing the cranes as well, meaning that you don’t have to pay extra expenses on hiring out storage space for your crane.

No Inspection and Service Costs

Before a crane can be used, a qualified mechanic must inspect it to make sure all parts are in working order. If you rent out a crane, the rental company makes sure the crane is inspected and serviced beforehand.

Being Able to Switch Out Machinery As Needed

We get it. Not everybody knows what type of crane is perfect for their purpose at first sight. Renting a crane is ideal for people new to choosing cranes since you can easily switch out the crane you’re renting out.

Larger Selection of Cranes

Larger Selection of Cranes
Larger Selection of Cranes

Due to their expensive costs, buying a crane should be a decision you only take when you’re sure you need that type of crane for almost every project. On the other hand, choosing to rent hydraulic cranes allows you to pick from a wide variety of cranes at low premiums and rent prices.

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Disadvantages of Renting Cranes

Disadvantages of Renting Cranes
Disadvantages of Renting Cranes

While choosing to rent a crane for your project is a reliable option most of the time, like everything, it also comes with a few disadvantages. Small in number but often crucial to using the machinery, these are issues you have to find solutions for if you want to use your crane without any worries.

Ranging from personnel issues to long waiting periods, these are often issues like:

Needing to Train Your Own Personnel

Manual Loading Unloading

The fact is, not everybody can use a lattice boom crane. Even if you have workers with a rudimentary working knowledge of operating a crane, letting them operate heavy machinery without having the proper licensing is not only illegal, it’s incredibly unsafe. It poses a lot of workplace health and safety risks.

It should be said that most rental crane services offer seasoned, qualified, and licensed crane operators with their machinery if you choose to avail of that particular service. Of course, there are fines and expenses associated with how long you’ll need them for.

Higher Fees for Renting High-Demand Models for Long Projects

Most people will have a specific type of crane that they’re looking for. If you need very high-demand kinds of cranes, like All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, or even specific Farana Crane models, it will cost more to rent them out for prolonged projects. The original price might also be marked up if there is a lot of demand since there will be many people looking to hire that model of cranes.

Longer Waiting Periods in High Construction Season

Standing Vehicle for Crane Waiting

Construction projects have a definite budget and period that they need to be completed within. Restraints like these are why most construction companies prefer to take on projects in the summer when there are no chances of weather problems holding up work.

As you might have guessed, the higher demand for cranes during the summer means that if you’re looking to rent a crane, you might have to wait days or even weeks to get the particular model you want.

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Conclusion: Hiring Cranes in the 21st Century

Deciding between renting the model of crane you need or purchasing one outright is a long process that requires a lot of thought. Evaluating your business needs is a must, and you also need to consider the fees and expenses associated with both. If you think the answer is apparent, chances are you’ve missed some crucial factor that will later become a huge problem!

However, if you’re only concerned with the present and with getting your project finished as soon as possible, renting a crane is the best option for you. Allowing you to get reliable heavy-duty machinery without immense financial investment, contact a rental crane service today to use their products for your project.

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Public Frequently Asked Questions FAQ :-

Crane Rental Hiring Services Company
Crane Rental Hiring Services Company

What is load formula?

Newton’s formula: force = mass x acceleration.

How do you calculate crane load?

Measure geometric components
The standard calculation for maximum crane capacity is (r)(hC)/100.
R = Radius between the ground and load.
hC = Lifting height multiplied by the capacity.

How high can mobile cranes reach?

The type of mobile crane—hydraulic all-terrain, picker truck, rough terrain, or crawler—greatly impacts maximum reach. For example, a crawler crane can offer up to 300′ of boom and an additional 300′ of jib extensions while all-terrain cranes offer up to 197′ of reach height.

What is Crane in simple words ?

A crane is a machine that shift an oversize loaded cargo or machine to an expected height or depth.

Which is the most commonly found crane?

hydra Crane maximum available for small shifting solutions.

Where can i rent a crane ?

ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation One widow option all types heavy haulage trucks and crane for your lifting shifting .

What is HSN code for crane hiring services ?

870510 – Crane lorries (excluding breakdown lorries)
870590 – Special purpose motor vehicles (other than those principally designed for the transport of persons or goods and excluding concrete-mixer lorries, fire fighting vehicles, mobile drilling derricks and crane lorries)
87051000 – Crane Lorries

How much does a crane cost to rent ?

Cranes are scarce and costly resource as they are not available everywhere.Their all types cranes average fares are as follows.
Taxi Job Crane Services :- 20,000 To 20,00,000 Rupees (Transportation cost extra )
Monthly Rental Services :- 88,000 To 50,00,000 Rupees Per Month (Transportation cost extra )
Hourly Crane Rental Services :- 1000 To 95000 Rupees Per Hour (Transportation cost extra ) Only for Corporate Clients .

What is fact About Crane Rental and hiring Services ?

Crane is a very accident prone, very expensive and rare machine.
On average only single operator is available which is not good.
Its transportation takes an average of 30 to 40 % of the work Amount .
Due to being very expensive, work is done in India or other developing countries with the scrap and junk cranes of western countries, which increases the evidence of accidents.
According to the danger, the crane driver does not get a good salary and due to working in the inaccessible place, he does not get the required leave. The result of which is serious on their health and work.

The lack of good crane manufacturers also affects the accessibility of their parts.

Who invented first Truck Mounted Crane ?

Hiab invented the world’s first hydraulic truck mounted crane in 1947.

Who invented first Hydraulic Crane ?

Sir William Armstrong, inventor of the hydraulic crane.

Who invented first Mobile Tower Crane ?

70 years ago, on 19 August 1949, the German Patent Office issued the patent for the first mobile tower crane by Hans Liebherr. Its invention laid the foundation for the success story of the Liebherr Group.

Who invented first crawler Crane ?

The first crawler crane was designed and manufactured in 1911 by Bucyrus Company. It was known as Type 14, because it was powered by a gasoline engine. It was included with a standard 18.3 meters lattice boom and a 4.27 meters diameter swing ring.

Which company cranes can you rent us from your side ?

With us you will find strong and movable (real working not scrap )cranes of every company, some of world’s largest crane manufacturer them are as follows
Liebherr Cranes
Terex Cranes
Kobelco Cranes
Grove Cranes
Krupp Cranes
Sany Cranes
Zoomlion Cranes
Faun Cranes
XCMG Cranes
Hitachi Sumitomo Cranes
Fuwa Cranes
ACE ( Action Construction Equipment) Cranes
Escort Cranes
TATA Cranes
Manitowoc Potain (making Tower Cranes) Cranes
Tadano (take over Demag) Cranes
TIL Cranes
We also do material lifting and shifting manually for cost optimization….

crane rental services
crane rental services
crane lifting services
crane lifting services