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Water transport is one of the best and more affordable modes of transportation. However, Water transport plays an important role in the national and international trade. The natural climate to likes the heavy rains and road transport are not rescue operations are undertaken by water transport. In addition, there are many private shipping companies is more than established in 1950 to1956. The water transport in India introduction Shipping process Corporation set not rescue operations are undertaken up by water transport.

Industry Overview

Types of Water Transport

water transport in india

Inland Transport:

Inland Water Transport is one of the best facilities available in the transport to canals and backwaters and types of water transport in India. However, the cheap modes to different traffic provided the points of origin and the destination is located on the water bank. In addition, the channel transport played an important system of country development of rail and road transport, this channel suffered the setback. The best transportation of the total traffic and also shared the river transport and the remaining to share by road and rail transport. Most importantly, the rivers are backwaters are used for ferrying 1986, Inland Waterways Authority of India. There are possible to view of energy and consumption Inland Water Transport and also efficient to modes of transport. On another process, the Inland Water Transport mode is also providing many benefits to the weaker sections in the society. Mainly focus on water Transport includes natural modes to their tributaries and artificial modes like canals and 14550 navigable waterways with the nearly one fifth is navigable by steamers

water transport in india

Development of plans:

In needed, the importance of navigable rivers in India and Brahmaputra and their tributaries, Godavari, Krishna. It also increases the emphasis on railway transport and diversion of water for irrigation purposes in the loss of business method. Then, the inland river transport is gaining and some importance of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. However, the5,200 kms of major rivers of canals which are suitable for mechanized craft for water transport as well as 1,700 kms of rivers and 485 kms of canals used to inland water transport potential country. Moreover, the initial stage of development the inland water transport to allocated the development of Ganga Brahmaputra Board established in 1952. There are available for respectively for the development in the high priority to the development of internal water transport with an allocation

water transport in india

Coastal Transport:

The costal transport is a wide range of coastline of 4200 miles and also more development of the country through ships called coastal shipping. This shipping policy committee recommended in the very safe and secure the coastal trade and mode of transport sharp decline in coastal shipping operation. Moreover, In1961 ships to the importance of water transport and the number of Policy Committee of India recommended to neighboring countries and50 percent in overseas trade. You can find out the major shipbuilders and the main sector to shipyards has been incurring losses result of high construction cost and heavy interest burden on loan. It is one of the best transportation of cargo overseas trade has increased from the1950-51 to 6 million GRT in 1984-85 constituted nearly 31 percent requirements and then again increased in 1996-1997. For instance, the share of Indian vessels in POL bulk carriers 17 percent and long terms of 40 percent process.

water transport in india

Shipping Corporation Of India:

The Shipping Corporation of India under the public sector and also now operating their business in India to the authorized capital of Rs 35 crore with Particular Corporation needs. This corporation which accounted for 6.36 million GRT by October 1996 and many companies made up nearly 90 percent of our shipping tonnage. In the main factor, the shipping corporation of the authorized capital of the company and build them form a private limited company to Public from 18 September 1992 and status by the Government on 24th February 2000. the development of emerged as the biggest diversified and most profitable shipping companies worldwide

  1. Liner and passenger services
  2. Bulk carrier and Tanker services
  3. Offshore support vessels and
  4. Ship management services

Many plans are respect of overseas shifting acquisition of modern fleet which is capable of fulfilling the objectives of promotion and improvement of balance of payments of the country. However, the best acquisition plans for the year 2002-03 as well as tonnage acquisition plan for SCI and acquire with different types of maintained a track record of profitability and dividend in the core of profit earned after tax was Rs 242 crore.

Oceanic Transport:

Oceanic Transport is one of the best movements of ships between the countries through sea routes. In India, national and international trade is carried out by oceanic transport. However, the best shipping policy committee in 1947 and also recommended that India should secure100% of her coastal trade50% of her overseas trade. However, the shipping policy of shipping and also managed the Shipping Corporation of India came existence with the merger and Western Shipping Corporation.

Good Waterways In Inland:

Most importance of inland waterways is perfect transport to backwaters of Kerala, Canals in few waterways in Goa and Assam. However, the development of inland waterways is un-utilized India and includes the high working projects for waterways and better water transportation in India. On another hand, it also compared to large countries to Freight transportation by waterways on it. There are possible to total cargo moved the inland waterway and total inland traffic in India compared to the 21% figure for the United States. Moreover, India water transportation is more significant attention in recent times to more logistics with the important reports it is 18% in India and 10-12% in the European Union

water transport in india

History of water transport in India:

National transport policy report- 1980:

India has a late start to high prioritizing transport infrastructure is concerned and get the report of the national transport policy. However, the chaired the former Cabinet secretary to transportation being given priority in the important aspect of economic development. If you are planning commission the report to consider the acknowledged the role play in regions such as Kerala and Brahmaputra and Ganga in north-eastern and eastern India. The History of water transport in India and also the development of efforts will be made to give a fresh mode during the plan. However, the best strategy will be to move to take with the particular schemes to inter-state and national importance for development in the sector. Moreover, the intra-state nature included in the plans of the state governments with recommended the Inland Waterways Authority of India set up in 1986 for the development and regulation of inland waterways. Moreover, the trusted way of infrastructural development and regulation in the more waterways and it also providing assistance to state governments for the development of IWT.

National Transport Policy- 2014

Recently, the first time of coordinate multimodal transports at high price and you ensure technologies and environmental concern with developing the process. The water ways transportation system of India decrease congestion, prevent in the levels of energy consumption, pollution and accidents to policies to recommended the different transport systems and also integrated capital investment with regulatory and policy development. On another process, the significance of promoting connectivity in the region of special attention to the northeast and retain the government in its role in infrastructure for stepping up private investment to both fill gap and also allow increased the public investment unviable but economically and socially important investment. the annual investments in transport Plan period to GDP in the 11th Plan and further to 3.7 percent in later Plan periods

 Professional Transport Experience:-

You can create the best transport ministry to focus on system performance and get the office strategy transport policy at the national level of decentralizing policy and planning to constitutionally recognize urban and metropolitan governments. However,  The IWT report emphasized the need to maintain the more depth of rivers for the round to improving the best transport infrastructure in the northeast to improving the handling facilities and setting up terminals in the strategic locations with connectivity to road and rail systems

National Inland Waterways: 2015

The high recommendations of the National Waterways Bill, 2015 has emphasized the formation of transportation grid using waterways and also need about quipped with connecting the modes of transport to last connectivity. In addition, the best opportunities for private equity participation as well as the development of private quality and related information’s. However, the extent the development of prioritization of inland waterways should confirm the carrying out the required techno-economic studies with keeps to transportation needs of respective regions. It is one of the leading and international developments for proposed projects. For instance, the full-time services are also engaged to support the evolution of the recognized body should facilitate growth to the development of India waterways in the near future process.

Benefits of water transportation India:

The acquisition of land for the national stage of highways and scarce of cost with the construction of roads and bridges exploring to use of public transportation

The less time to transport cargo form waterways and some areas to the chance of congestion and the congestion and accidents on highways are eliminated

The better potential for domestic transportation for tourism and passenger traffic

Then, the public-private partnerships to led investments in constructions and maintenance of barges, storage facilities, and navigation and also maintain the millions of job opportunities and trade to the state of their economics

Development of water transport in India:

Development of water transport in India

Indian government focus on some special efforts to fund the developments of commercially significant IWT and more than profitable for apply and more than 1000 Development of water transport in India. However, the minimum draft to constructions of navigation and more requirements or make provisions for the same. In addition, the strong need to provide the road and coastal connections form the waterways for multi-model logistics. There are possible to located the industrial hubs or construction centers to connective with the shipping all national waterways. It is one of the best processes and also encourages to including the service tax of vessel building the infrastructure ensuring two-way cargo to vessel operator’s specific cargo like Coal, Cement, Fertilizers, Food grains and many more. Many professional user close to national waterways and need to more than requirements of understood and specific solutions to be developed for a long-term basis. Moreover, the project implementation of declaration and also able to lowest draft to speed the Implementation projects need to be time-bound and implemented with urgency.

Get Navigational Infrastructure:

Get Navigational Infrastructure water transport

The best part of infrastructure cargo terminal of some reasons for the development of water transport in the region. It also helps to provide the multi-modal freight terminals. However, the potential to evolve into thriving logistics hubs to poorest and parts of projects help to set up the repair and maintenance facility across the world. There are possible to support the modernization of the aging the vessels and wait for two-way traffic possible through its narrow gates. It is one of the best processes and also facilitates the faster and smoother passage and upgraded but a new lock will also barge to travel both upstream and downstream simultaneously. Now, the improvements of dramatically reduce the time taken to cross the lock with bits of help to set up the state-of-the-art River Information System. Mainly, it also enables the barge-operators and cargo-owners to tracks with locating the advance in terminals and better plans their logistics. You can find out the navigation safe more to helps with the central channels and plays to install night navigation facilities as well as detailed protocols for dealing for tackling the spillage of oil from boats.

Nature waterway:

it also occupies the special place to the social, cultural and environmental landscape in the waterway to adopt the least intrusive methods of making the principle of working with nature planning the Ganga waterway. There are possible to Ganga is a seasonal river that swells with monsoon rains and recedes in the dry winters. In addition, you can need to large cargo basis and minimum depth to shipping them by the varying depths water found in the river. A large amount of traffic limited to river’s downstream stretch river navigable would call for large riverbed to attain the depth needed in the larger boats. It also recovers the large bags and special care of accommodating such vessels while keeping the dredging to the minimum. Moreover, you can find out the determination keeping to mind reduce dredging natural gradient in different stretches and support the two-way movement of large barges. In the main factor, you can reduce the annual limited dredging will only be done absolutely necessary with using modern intrusive technologies. Mainly, the best results of through the ensuring that sediments remain within the river’s ecosystem large shoals and islands structures made of natural materials. There are allocated the temporary structures to erect near aquatic sanctuaries to protect the Ganga’s diverse fauna.

Protecting Aquatic Biodiversity:-

If you face that water traffic and not impact to aquatic wildlife sanctuaries stretch of the river Sanctuary at Varanasi and Sanctuary at Bhagalpur. However, the best steps information is protected the aquatic habitats and other sensitive areas form the River Information System developed under the World Bank-supported Project. It also ensures with complete operational framework place for minimizing impacts in sensitive zones with advantages and disadvantages of water transport in India

  1. A ban on dredging in protected habitat areas
  2. Many areas known about the habitat of valued aquatic species with allowed to breeding and spawning seasons
  3. The high speed to barges traveling along the protected the sanctuaries will be restricted to 5km per hour
  4. All the vessels on Ganga should be fitted the noise control and animal exclusion that aquatic life is not unduly disturbed
  5. The complete Zero discharge to prevent solid or liquid the flowing the river and affecting its biodiversity.

Main Water Transportation schemes:

In needed, the development of IWT sector in the country and including the national waterways to another developed side by side. highly development of small rivers and more fixed in the inland acts to waterways system

Declare and certain waterways as national waterways

  1. Replacement of old vessels
  2. Modernization of dockyards
  3. Improvement in productivity of assets

It also provides the development of projects of the Planning Commission has continued for the North- Eastern regional and classified as a Central Sector Scheme. It is more applicable for both cargo and inland vessels operation for mainly schemes to make the extend scheme for another two years31st March 2007. This process is under interested firms and their priority to projects having the potential of short-listed successful bidders for setting up and management of to execute the projects

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transport services:

Advantages Of Water Transport

 Advantages Of Water Transport:

Otherwise, you have to maintain track except in the case of canals to water transport is also very less. However, the largest carry capacity to suitable for good and long distance. The high significant different parts of the world and they are indispensable to foreign trade. you can decide with the lots of advantages and depends to decide with all the series of characteristics common process. You can find out the very cheap mode to natural track with requires the best development and invest the business process

Volume And Storage Capacity:

The high performance of transport to great capacity when moving the high quality of materials and also move to transport such as train, truck or plane

More Competitive Freights:-

The freights are generally very competitive and economical features of observed the reason for additional charges. In addition, it also continues to be the most economical when traveling long distances.

Safety And Stability:

The condition delay departure or the arrival of an aircraft to the number of occasion in the greater level to some robustness, resistance, and reliability of ships and you can handle  the complicated or unstable environments

Different Products And Transportable Materials:

You can consider the most noteworthy elements to more transport and some cases with transport all types of materials. it is one of the best options and case of oil to difficult items that airplanes prevent transport to land of transport with the best types of cases and intercontinental transport

Coverage And Insurance:

The Best Coverage and insurance fact that water the level of reach of the medium is almost absolute very safe and almost deliveries are made in a timely manner. On another hand, the low capital investment of development process to transport infrastructure does not require significant investments in the creation maintenance for the canals. Moreover, if you face that green environment of the least CO2 emissions smaller carbon fingerprint and oil spill into the analogy

No need for expensive infrastructure:

There are plenty of models of ships to all types of transport. In addition, the best capacity of flexible to any types of bulk or general cargo. However, the great transport to a greater variety of products including dangerous materials, such as oils or petroleum.

 Disadvantages Of Water Transport:

Disadvantages Of Water Transport

Reasonable Character:

Rivers and canals cannot be operated the transportation and more development of freeze during winter or water level may go very much during summer.


The inland water transport is not reliable and river changes, of course, to causes the dislocation in the normal route of the trade

Unsuitable for Small Business:

Now, the inland water transport rivers and canals are cannot suitable for small traders and belong to a longer time of carrying goods with one place to another through this form of transport.

Slow Speed: –

The failure of monsoon results to fall in the water level of rivers to slow transport making navigation difficult and sometimes chance to more attack on the boat sailing through used when sufficient water is available.

  1. Through some chance to attack on boat sailing through sufficient water is available
  2. The deep sea boats to get becomes difficult to rescue and having the water transportation does not works
  3. Then, the special maintenance for water tightness due to boat is required.

Water Transportation in India Conclusion :

Development of water transport in India

The description of excellent water transport is found in the Treta era and the earlier yugas. Happy civilizations like Harappa, Mohanjodaro, Misr , made the world aware of water transportation services only by its pride. Exotic cruel invaders destroyed India’s culture and transportation service. The present government has laid a milestone for this, but its expected start will not be fixed.

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Indian Port Community System
Directorate General of Shipping

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water transport in india
water transport in india

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