Sany crane manufacturing company Start-up Story and case study


Sany crane manufacturing company is one of the most popular and preferred crane companies for the supplies of excavators, crane machines, wheel loaders, and other heavy machines for infrastructures and industries. The name “Sany” has been originated from the Chinese name Sanyi meaning three ones. The three goals that the company here points to is as follows-To build a first-class enterprise, foster first-class employees, and make first-class contributions to society with proper material handling

The logo of the company also makes a basic reference to the phrase as it has three number ones interlinked with each other. It is globally ranked as the widest ranged supplier of cranes and heavy materials.


Sany Crane Founder

Sany Heavy industry is a Chinese multinational heavy equipment manufacturing company with its main headquarters in places like Changsha, Hunan Province. Liang Wengen was the company’s founder and largest stakeholder, and he was the one who got things started. This huge industry was founded in the year 1989. It served worldwide after few years of its foundation.

The company is especially known for its concrete machinery and has been a constant supplier of cranes, wheel loaders, and heavy hauling machines. It built a dozen industrial parks in China, including Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. 

In the past three decades, it has expanded its business to a wide range of areas, including the construction and mining equipment, port machinery, oil drilling machinery, and renewable wind energy systems. They have since the foundation kept exploring the possibilities to expand the reach and innovate their way of doing business and raise the standard and answer the requirements of the new marketing will.

The employees who rank up to 90,000 all over the World give their immense efforts to the industry and have made it reach the position it is in today. They have focused on delivering value to customers, employees, shareholders, and the public by offering high-quality products and services. It has an environment full of opportunities, releasing financial reports to meet the expectations of the investors.

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Start-up Story

The origins of Sany lies in Lianyuan Welding Material Ltd that was accompany founded in the year 1986 by Liang Wengen, who had left his previous job to first establish the company. The company had a near capital of 60 thousand Yuan’s. The town where it was based was known as Maotand.

Sany Crane Start-up Story

Sany Group co. Ltd. was established in 1991 when Lianyuan Welding Material Ltd. was legally renamed and its headquarters were progressively relocated to Changsha. The company had from then experienced rapid and continuous growth. This was spurred by China’s economic boom making growth in its construction sector.

Sany Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. was established in the year 1994 as a subsidiary of the Sany group of companies. On the 3rd of July in the year 2003, the company went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On June 17th of the year 2005, the company conducted the spilt share structure. After conducting it, they realized the full circulation of the shares. The market cap started growing at a very fast rate. It approximately jumped from a total of RMB 137 million yuan in the year 2011 of June. The headquarters of Sany received numerous official visits from several political leaders. 

A little under 34 billion RMB was earned by Sany in its operational income in 2010, an increase of 79% over the previous year’s figure. During the 2010 major accident of mining, a crane factory-made by SANY was used in rescuing the Chilean miners from the unfortunate incident. A pump from the firm was donated to the Tokyo Electric Power Company in order to assist with the emergency response to the Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophe.

In 2011, Sany signed several contracts to open new industrial centers; the most important include the Zhuhai and Lingang New City centers, and the fifth international gear plant in Indonesia, the latter with an investment of 200 million. Sany and Critic PE Advisors (Hong Kong) Ltd reached an agreement in January 2012 to purchase a 90 percent share in Putzmeister, a German producer of concrete pumps, for a total of €324 million.

Accepting responsibility for obtaining the remaining 10% of the amount.  In February 2012, Sany and Austria-based Pal finger proclaimed a market scheme to make and sell mobile cranes, a project with a total investment of $143 million, including the structure of a sales unit in Salzburg for $5.4 million in all. In 2012, through affiliate Ralls Corp, Sany advanced four wind farm schemes in Oregon.In the latter part of the year.

However, the Obama Administration issued an order for the wind farms to be decommissioned after it was found that their proximity to the Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility in Boardman, Oregon, posed an unacceptable national security danger. According to the US Treasury Department, which oversees the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment, the divestment is the first of its sort since 1990 and was required by the US Treasury Department. Tamar-Tacoma Capital Partners invested in the development of Sany’s Huerfano River Wind Farm, which was completed in 2014. Immediately following, Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners and Sany announced intentions to build a 1-gigawatt wind energy facility in the United States.

The Huerfano acquisition represented Sany’s first collaboration with a mainland-based investment business in the United States. Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners initiated a trial against Sany America on August 31, 2016, alleging Sany unfairly altered the plant’s production and had no maintenance program, exit the asset “worthless,” according to the complaint. On February 6, 2019, the case was settled and subsequently discharged with bias. 

Total Manufacturing Plant Units

Sany Crane Total Manufacturing Plant Units

Sany group all around The World for the quality of the products which can manufacture. Manufacturing a product of the highest quality is actually very important because it truly has an impact upon how much the product sustains in the real world. The manufacturing units of the entire Sany group has been designed in a specific way to make the availability of all the resources a lot more local to improve the sales. All the manufacturing units have been located in a specific way where the cells have always have been the highest to ensure that the cells of the products are constantly remain high. Sany Group is organized into the major divisions and subsidiaries that are listed below:

Concrete Pump division:

this is based in Changsha, which includes the truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps, concrete mixers, concrete plants, and other such products.

Road construction division:

this industry is also based in Changsha, with the paver, roller, and grader as their main products. It is quite popular and gains profit around the area.

Port machinery division:

this is originally based in Changsha but stirring to the new amenities in Zhuhai, providing reach stackers, empty vessel handlers, ship-to-shore cranes, rail-mounted gantry cranes, rubber-tired gantry cranes, etc.

Mobile crane division:

this is based in Ning Xiang, Hunan, in charge of truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, and all-terrain cranes.

Sany Electric Co.Ltd. :

this is situated in Beijing, specifically in Changping District, is in charge of wind power machinery products.

Sany Heavy Machinery (Beijing) Co Ltd :

This company, which is likewise located in Changping District, produces pile drivers.

Sany Heavy Machinery (Kunshan) Co Ltd.:

this is in the city of Kunshan is the unit in charge of excavators.

Sany Heavy Equipment Co Ltd :

This company is based in Shenyang and specialises in the production of coal mining equipment.

Sany Science and Technology Co Ltd. –

this company is headquartered in Shanghai and specialises in the production of crawler cranes.


Sany Crane Specialization

SANY provides equipment one can easily depend on and trust in any situation and under any kind of circumstances. But that’s not all. They then blanket the required machine with the kind of support one expects to keep going on the job – no matter where that job takes. Backed by an industry-leading warranty and supported with local service one can surely count on, one can always be confident in the corresponding decision to go with SANY. Because with SANY, one can have access to more than Machines.

Talking about the maintenance, the local dealers partner the customer with all routine durability and the warranty repairs to keep the equipment running at peak performance. It enables the customer and their machines to keep moving year-round. The services make sure that one gets the maximum profit from owning the Sany machines. The industry comes up with services for different needs.

The machinery available is of various kinds, including small cranes and big cranes with other such equipment. The crane operator, crane transportation, and availability of cranes are specially taken care of.

An important contribution in the Heavy Hauling Material Handling industry

Sany Crane important contribution in the Heavy Hauling Material Handling industry

There are numerous machine products and equipment that the company has given over years. They all are highly beneficial to industries worldwide. Many projects are being done under the guidance of Sany machines. 

Here are a few of the achievements of Sany that are mentioned below prior to the year of occurrence:

The year 1991- it advanced into the metro city. Hunan Lianyuan Welding Material Factory was officially retitled to Hunan SANY Group Co., Ltd.

The year 1994- Advanced into heavy machinery industry. Hunan SANY Group Co., Ltd., was divided into Hunan SANY Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd., and Hunan SANY Materials Industry Co. Ltd. SANY independently recognized China’s first high-pressure, truck-mounted concrete pump with a large displacement.

Year 1995: SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., formerly known as Huan SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., changed its name to SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

The year 2003- It got added to the listed company and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Heavy machinery was founded focusing on excavators and oil drilling machines.

The year 2005- it implemented its spilt share structure pilot influencing China’s equity division reform.

The year 2008- sany heavy industry started the process of elating share bans and made stride on the way to a full movement of it in the stock market of China.

The year 2010- Sany developed a 1000t all-terrain crane that marked the highest tonnage in China.

The year 2011-recognized through a leading publication as it entered the FT Global 500 ranking of the World’s largest companies. It also developed a 3600t crawler crane that was known as the greatest crane in the World.

The above-listed achievements are only a brief and overall view of all that Sany has reached up to. It has created many milestones already and has many more to go. Sany in India has also gained a lot of popularity and is in use on a wide range. Some of the major case studies in India of the Sany’s are as follows:

Polavaram Project:

Polavaram Irrigation Project is one of the turnkey plans by State of Andhra Pradesh Governments. Nava Yuga Engineering Company is the major contractor for this massive project. More than 45 SANY machines are arranged at the construction site, which includes 4 Units of SANY Crawler Cranes, 3 SANY Concrete Batching Plants, more than 25 units of SANY Transit Concrete Mixers, 2 of SANY Truck Mounted Boom Pumps, and more than Excavators. SANY India transported 62m SANY Truck mounted concrete boom pumps last year.

Irrigation project:

At Hyderabad Reservoir Project, the SANY Pump Model – HBT120A for the attainment of vertical height target of 400 m is being used by the contractor, for Lalitpur Dam Project, SANY’s 120CuM volume batching plant is being used for Akola Dam Project being industrialized by Suraj Construction, Concrete Boom Pump of Sany that is 37m is getting used.

Metro projects:

SANY in India is active in almost all enduring metro projects. SANY India has a whole solution of product range for all claims essential in different stages of metro development work, including excavators, Truck Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Piling Rigs and Boom Pumps, etc. With world-class technology, highest dependability, and best in class efficiency, SANY products have become the favored choice for metro project contractors.

Sany Cranes Regular Reselling value 

crane rental services hiring process
crane rental services hiring process

With the exceptional presentation, unparalleled reliability, high cost-effectiveness, and superb operator comfort and visibility, SANY products have won the favor of customers around the World. The machines it produces are extremely quality-oriented and go for years without any major maintenance.

It entered the global market in the year 2002, and since then, it has never failed in providing top-class products keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. The reselling value is just worth the machine and gets under great demand all over the World. People who are eager to buy a machine with a low budget but want an efficient handler must go for the second-hand crane machines of Sany. They are capable of efficient lifting, shifting, and material handling.

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Sany Crane Conclusion

SANY is a forward-looking company that came up drastically in a time of change and now looks for that every chance in those changes that will lead the way to its bright future. They are releasing the power of data in the connectivity of machines, understanding smart manufacturing and autonomous process with amazing models. The constant tries to add a new electric product portfolio makes SANY stance out in today’s digital world and is also a part of its maintainable solutions. It has indeed come a long way and has many milestones to achieve. The hard work of the employees and the innovations of the founders has made the company one of the most popular crane machine manufacturers in the World.

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