Kobelco cranes manufacturing company Startup Story and case study


The use of cranes in construction is becoming more common, especially with precast use in commercial projects. Cranes are generally used on extensive construction sites, where other mobile equipment is compromised due to distance. You can also use this resource to bring materials that do not load winches, and you may not have mobility.

On this occasion, we want to comment on the characteristics and advantages of industrial cranes, their importance, and what these cranes can be helpful for.

In some areas, mostly construction or cargo, industrial cranes play a significant role since they can reach places where a man cannot get.

Kobelco cranes manufacturing company Startup Story and case study 1

As a result, they achieved a whopping

To improve equity business, efforts have been made to improve their business structure and increase profitability.  At the same time, they are making steady progress in reducing expenses.

The industrial cranes perform a process of erratic movement, which means lifting and distributing a load or multiple loads in space. These loads, in turn, are suspended by a hook. How can a crane lift these types of shipments?

They use cables and pulleys. The pulleys, in turn, can be strategically assembled to create, say, a mechanical advantage since it can be using little force on one side of the pulleys, or it can, on the other side, generate a multiplication of force. It could be explained in another way, thanks to this configuration of grooved type pulleys, counterweights, cables, etc.

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Safety With all the measures taken, there is a drastic decrease in the chances of an accident, but using cranes is always risky. Therefore, it is essential to also keep an eye on the basic safety rules for any problem.

The use of a uniform and helmet is mandatory, and the isolation of the area since the crane rotates and can hit something on the counterweight. The presence of a person in charge is also required to ensure that no one will pass through the area where the crane operates while it is in motion.

History and Startup of Kobelco

kobelco crane
kobelco crane

It has been 90 years since this manufacturer developed Japan’s first electric mining excavator in 1930. This is an innovation that has a significant impact on both the company and the construction industry worldwide.

Mr.Suzuki opened Suzuki Shoten in 1874. Their income reached 1.6 billion yen in 1919 (equal to the contemporary 4.five trillion yen), which turned into the height year, and it turned into approximately 10% of Japan’s GNP at that time. In 1923, there has been a large recession in Japan which made their commercial enterprise all of sudden worsened, and later that year, the Great Kanto Earthquake critically broken their commercial enterprise. In 1905, Suzuki Shoten sold Kobayashi Steel, and it have become Kobe Steel.

Kobelco’s success is mainly due to its reputation as a Crane Machine manufacturer of durable, reliable, and low-maintenance construction machinery that can withstand the harshest working conditions.


In 1930

Kobelco developed Japan’s first electric mining excavator, paving the way for all Kobelco machines of the future and laying the foundation for decades of pioneering technological development.

In 1960

Kobelco completed the Okubo factory and began manufacturing construction machinery. It is one of the four Kobelco factories in Japan.

In 1967

Kobelco excavator machine
Kobelco excavator machine

Kobelco manufactured the first hydraulic crawler excavator using Kobelco’s unique technology, H208.

In 1967 the first hydraulic crawler excavator was manufactured using Kobelco’s original technology, H208, and with the launch of the SK-New MARK II series hydraulic excavator (1987), another 40 years of innovation began. I did. Urban “Acera” series (1989) and “Beetle” series short rear swing mini excavators (1996).

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Kobelco was the first significant excavator manufacturer to drive mixed growth in 1999. Based on this advanced concept, the hybrid excavator (HE-01) was launched in 2007. 2010 will be followed by 80H (8-ton class) hybrid excavators. Before launching the SK210HLC-, Kobelco’s first 20-ton class hybrid excavator, the SK200H-9 realized the demand for higher-end hybrid excavators. In October 2017, the world’s first hybrid excavator using lithium-ion technology.

In 2007

Kobelco excavator machine
Kobelco excavator machine

Kobelco releases HE-01 hybrid excavator.

In recent years, Kobelco has become synonymous with dismantling technology. The manufacturer built a reputation as a benchmark in the Japanese demolition equipment market and 2006 manufactured the world’s tallest building demolition machine (SK3500D). However, Kobelco Product Development’s equipment maximizes productivity at the demolition site and begins developing mechanical frames with replaceable attachments for commonly used base booms with multiple machines. Allows you to adjust to your specifications. All SK350DLC-10, SK400DLC-10, and SK550DLC-10 demolition machines are equipped with Kobelco’s proven NEXT system to demolish foundations and skyscrapers.

Parallel to the growth of Kobe Steel’s offer, the expansion of the brand throughout the world continues uninterrupted throughout the 1990s , it is the turn of China, of Thailand and a rationalisation of its subsidiaries in the USA with a view to strengthening its position on the North American market. At the sunrise of the brand new millennium, Kobe Steel’s creation equipment department is diagnosed as an unbiased business enterprise known as Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. and simply multiple years later it symptoms and symptoms an settlement with CNH with the intention to be dissolved in 2013.

SK400DLC-10 Dismantling excavator.

Kobelco cranes manufacturing company Startup Story and case study 2

The crane business enterprise released a hydraulic excavator with a brand new incorporated noise and dust reduction cooling system.

Today, this innovative technology is found in many mini excavators and midi excavators. Today, Kobelco operates in more than 100 countries and has nearly 480 distributors and 8,000 employees worldwide.

 Since they developed the first large excavator 90 years ago, they have created a wide variety of products that adapt to the environment and meet the needs of our customers. And the development of new technologies. This” user-friendly ” approach is always in DNA. They aim to be a company that satisfies our customers by constantly providing unique and innovative solutions.

With 64 distributors and 270 sales offices in 60 countries, They offer complete after-sales service to our European customers.

In 2011

crane rental services
crane rental services

Launch of Kobelco hydraulic crawler crane.

Everything in Kobelco is built to last. This vital message is crucial to Kobelco’s growth in Europe and can be found in machines manufactured in Japan, an extensive network of authorized dealers, and spare parts services. KCME’s commitment to the European market has also been strengthened by attending major European events such as Bauma, Intermat, Summoner, and dealer support activities.

It enables easy transportation between projects and realizes significant cost reduction.


The SK400DLC-10 has a very long attachment, which allows it to achieve a maximum safe working range of 24.7 mt. In addition, individual boom configurations will enable the dismantling of thicker concrete at lower levels. In addition to the fact that the crane also has a retractable cart that can meet strict transportation regulations, you can learn why TTA and other major suppliers choose this machine. This is one of Kobelco’s three machines. Demolition range (SK350DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 are also available).

Main advantages:

kobelco crane
kobelco crane

• Proven NEXT system for high-rise and foundation demolition work

• High-performance, fuel-efficient turbocharged engine, and hydraulic system

• Fits Stage IV

• Ultra-high attachment allows the maximum working height of 24.7m

• Maximum working depth 6,210 mm

• The low storage height of accessories, which is as low as 2m, allows transportation on standard trailers.

• For high-rise demolition work, the demolition cab can be tilted up to 30 degrees.

• Cab interference prevention system for operator comfort and safety

Kobelco SK550DLC-10

Launched in Europe in January 2018. The adaptive model features Kobelco’s proven enterprise system and skyscraper destruction functions. Although it is a common type of base, it can be used for multiple purposes in the workplace with advanced system extensions. This includes demolishing projects and demolishing the foundations of a skyscraper.

It has four extra-long configurations of attachments and operates at a maximum height of about 28m The freestanding arm configuration is ideal for working on the lower floors of a skyscraper. The SK550DLC-10 can be used 6,260 mm underground. Another vital feature of the system is the common storage height of extra-long accessories when folded. As a result, machines can be transported between projects on standard trailers, which significantly reduces logistics costs.

Kobelco 65 ton excavator crane with short demolition boom.

kobelco crane
kobelco crane

This unusual configuration offers versatility, strong breakout power, and excellent productivity. Its significant nibbles allow you to work on thick concrete foundations and underground slabs, as well as knock down tall brick walls..

Carden’s SK550DLC-10 is also fully customized according to the company’s risk prevention standards. These adaptations were made by Manu Lorraine, a Kobelco dealer based in eastern France. Indications include a pressurizing unit for the cab, an HP pump that produces atomized water mist (dynast), and a truck scraper. An integrated roll cage inside the cab, LED work lights, and a 360 ° camera have also been added. The machine is also painted white in Caldem color.

The main reason for choosing the Kobelco Hybrid Crane for this project was its excellent fuel economy, but it is also considered one of the best in its class in terms of CO2 emissions. Given its unique environmental philosophy, Energreen especially valued this feature in the construction of new plants. This is because the small size complies with the strict national transportation regulations.

When the engine is under normal to low load, the generator engine recharges a new lithium-ion battery. Stored electrical content also powers the all-new electric swing motor, enhancing responsive control capabilities and smooth operation. You can get the these crane from Crane Rental And Hiring Service.

Kobe Steel Co., Ltd., is one of the leading steel mills and aluminium producers and copper products. Other businesses include consumables for welding, plant engineering, infrastructure and industrial machinery. The company also owns businesses in electronics and information systems. Kobe Steel has several subsidiaries and consolidated subsidiaries that are equity-valued in Japan, America, Asia and Europe.

KOBELCO is the corporate brand used by Kobe Steel in a variety of products and names

an essential contribution in the Heavy Hauling Material Handling industry

kobelco crane
kobelco crane

They have introduced state-of-the-art robot Types of cranes tools at domestic and overseas production bases. However, they also promote “mechanical enhancements,” a non-electrical application that uses the lever and gear principle. Kobelco Construction Machinery believes that the balance between state-of-the-art manufacturing and experienced personnel provides high flexibility and high productivity.

Adopting quality control activities and establishing consistent quality control

Kobelco Construction Machinery has established a comprehensive quality management system that inspects materials and parts, tests every step of the manufacturing process to reach the final product, and provides customers with quality products. We use all inspection equipment and devices for each inspection and work hand in hand with the activities of the Quality Control Department and other workers’ activities.

They work to achieve consistent quality all over the world.They  strive for high quality together. They sell a machine that may manufacture the identical amazing merchandise beneathneath the Made via way of means of Kobelco logo everywhere withinside the world. Part of this machine is the once a year Quality Conference. 

This convention allows manufacturing unit supervisors from domestic and overseas come collectively to talk about troubles and goals, percentage satisfactory practices, and educate gifted humans round the arena at the significance of a regular know-how of quality.

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Kobelco Machines Regular Reselling value (Good Or Bad)

The company has US$3.463 billion in assets.


construction machineries
construction machineries

In 1905, Suzuki Shoten General Partnership acquired the steel industry in Wakayama, Kobe, and Kobayashi Seikosho, operated by Seiichiro Kobayashi.

The company name changed to Kobe Steel. After that, in 1911, Suzuki Shoten separated the company and established Kobe Steel with a capital of 1.4 million yen in Wakinohama-Cho, Kobe.

The Kobe Steel Group started as a steel casting and forging business, and its experience, technology, Manufacturing capacity cultivated in a wide range of business fields such as steel, welding, aluminum, copper, machinery, engineering, construction machinery, etc. 

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Kobelco crane
Kobelco crane