XCMG crane manufacturing company startup story and case story.

XCMG is a very well-known china based company. It is very famous for its heavy machinery, which is very useful while building some of the biggest infrastructures. Worldwide the products of XCMG are very much trusted, and people prefer XCMG over other vehicles most of the time. Being the most popular machinery brand of china, many other countries regularly import machinery vehicles from china itself just for the brand name of XCMG. XCMG Company has made a huge name for their business in a very short period. Not only cranes but XCMG deals in many other heavy types of machinery also. The machinery helps decrease the workloads on the labor, and due to that, the work is getting completed faster. For example, you can easily do the work in 10 days which was previously taking one month. 

XCMG Crane

The crane manufacturers have made many different types of cranes which are very much helpful while doing all kinds of works that are generally not possible for a single stock machine. The customizable feature of the XCMG machines will help you make many customizations, which will help you make the works clear in a very proper way. You can do every works at every height that you have ever imagined to date. 

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XCMG Crane Founder

XCMG was first introduced in the market in March 1989 in the name of Xugong Construction Machinery Science and technology. The company is a joint venture company. The caterpillar industry gave 170,000 square meters of land to XCMG so that they can set their plant there for the production of their heavy industries machines.

XCMG was under the caterpillar industries, so the caterpillar industries helped them a lot during their early times with all kinds of resources, including materials, land, etc. is a joint venture company it helped XCMG company to grow at a very rapid pace, and XCMG took very great advantage of it during the whole time. The company has struggled in the early times because not many customers were attracted to their company as compared to their production output and the sales were not so great. After some years, when XCMG became a multinational company, sales growth took place. 

Taking about the headquarters of the company, XCMG has its headquarter in Xuzhou, which is placed in Jiangsu in China. The company has gained much more customers and much more fame after being a multinational company.

Their products had started getting loved by many customers out there. The quality of materials used in making the heavy machinery was very much incredible. The machinery is very much reliable and lasts for a very long period. Just because of the built quality of the machines, they were sold in very large numbers, and this is how the company started to grow from their previous records. Getting this much amount of fame in this very short period was shocking for the founder of the company itself.

Startup story

XCMG Crane Startup story
XCMG Crane Startup story

Taking about the start-up of XCMG crane machine Company, it was started as a joint venture company. The company was previously under the caterpillar company. Caterpillar Company is a famous crane machine manufacturer and also is used to provide all kinds of resources to XCMG Company to make big heavy industry machines. The first machine, which was made by the XCMG industry, was three different types of Liebherr which was an all-terrain crane.

The crane was made, including its six types of the axle, and then launched in the market. After some years, the company name was Xugong Construction Machinery Science and technology co. Ltd. was replaced by XCMG Company. After so many years of production and after getting a good market standing, the company got the chance to register its name in the Shenzhen stock exchange market in the year 1996. 

In 2005, an us-based private company acquired 85% of XCMG Company in 375 million us dollars. After that proposal, the Chinese government was cleverly blocking the transaction so that the company remains there only, and the Chinese government has full rights to the XCMG Company. After that incident, the government passed a notice that the company would stay under the eyes of the Chinese government only.

In the year 2010, XCMG got into a partnership with a very well-known Chinese-based oil company. The company has done that because the oil company had promised to help in developing the crawler cranes. After the help of the oil company in developing the cranes, the XCMG in the year 2010 XCMG planned to own their railway equipment market. As time passed, the company had decided to completely sell the remaining percentage of their company to Caterpillar Company. 

Total manufacturing plants

XCMG Crane Total manufacturing plants

Well, if you want to know about the manufacturing plants of XCMG Company, then it was previously in china only. In China, as it was under the caterpillar company, it has given the land to XCMG Company to establish their manufacturing plant and start their production. Being the partial owner of the company, the caterpillar company had provided all sorts of raw materials, land for building their production plant, and everything.

Xcmg has always focused on providing the best quality products to the entire market which would help the organisation have a wide market of customers itself. They have used several techniques which have wide the help the organisation in gaining a lot of customers and making their products available globally at a cheaper cost. Most of the work of the company actually operates from the head office which is situated in China to all the other manufacturing unit which is distributed in the world. The major production units are in Asia itself but other production unit situated in the United States and the European union as 12.

As it was completely under the Chinese government’s control, they have not permitted XCMG to open any other kind of manufacturing plant. Until the year 2010, the production plant of XCMG Company was only in china because the government has rejected the proposal sent by the US private company. Now, the government doesn’t want the company to get sold to outsiders.

After the company had sold its remaining percentage to the caterpillar company, it grew very well. It was now completely under the caterpillar company; they have decided to open many other manufacturing plants for XCMG Company throughout the world. After some years, the manufacturing plants were all over the world like the United States,

 Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and India. In India, it went well in the year 2013 to 2016. It wouldn’t have been possible if XCMG Company was still under the Chinese government for this long period. The caterpillar company has opened many manufacturing plants of XCMG Company throughout the world. They are still planning to open many other plants in other parts of the world. 


XCMG Crane Specialization

Taking about the specialization of the machinery they are very much advance made as per the current time generation. The machinery is very much capable of doing the works that are not possible by all other normal machines available in the market in the current generation. XCMG made different types of cranes which are very much helpful for making huge buildings, bridges, or different types of all other infrastructures.

Taking about the crane only the cranes are very much précised in the work that is assigned to them. These are very much heavy-duty cranes which you will find in the market today. The best thing is that you can control the cranes manually and remotely also. When it comes to manual control, the best way is that you can climb up the machine and control it in the direction in which you wanted. If you want to learn about remote control, it can help you if you are very much scared of the heights that the crane is capable of. You can easily control the crane from standing on the ground. 

The remote-control range of the crane is very good. You can control the cranes standing even 500m from the actual crane. The cranes are very much capable of all the works. You can make the crane move in every direction you want. They can move to a very extent where all other kinds of cranes are not possible to go. Taking about the weights that it can lift is very much incredible. The cranes of XCMG Company can lift weights of many hundred tons. It can easily control the massive amount of weight and go to very heights that you cannot see in any other cranes. The crane is fully equipped with all kinds of safety equipment, so one should not need to worry about safety while he is in the skyscraper’s heights. 

An important contribution in heavy hauling materials handling industry

XCMG Crane important contribution in heavy hauling materials handling industry

The XCMG cranes have played a very important role in the heavy hauling materials handling industry. They have made many works possible, which was quite impossible at previous times. The work these machines do is very much incredible, and no other machines are capable of doing this much work with such ease.

The cranes have made millions of infrastructures which are not possible in the previous generation machines. The machines are capable of lifting an astonishing number of weights, which is not possible with human labor. The amount of ease they have brought in the work is incredible. They are much more précised than ever before and made the work much easier compared to all other machines available in the market itself.

Talking about the other contributions, the machines had made many works possible, which was not possible before. XCMMG machines are widely chosen by the heavyweight handling industry just because the amounts of work they are providing to their customers are very much incredible. The workload on the human laborers has decreased over the past few years, and the machines are helping build the infrastructures in almost no time.

The time saving has been done by the introduction of XCMG machines. XCMG makes different types of small cranes, big cranes, and due to these various types of cranes introduced in the market just because of XCMG industries, it has been easier for the heavy industries which are helping very much in lifting weights and shifting to different locations. 

XCMG cranes regular reselling value

crane rental services
XCMG Crane regular reselling value

The original cost if you want to buy a new crane then it will cost you around 16 to 20 lakhs. Different types of cranes are available for sale. If you are thinking of buying a new crane, it will cost you somewhere around eight lakhs. It is a very good deal compared to the different types of features it provides to its customers.

The cranes will give you many advantages, and if you are thinking of buying a new crane, it’s a very good thing. If you don’t have that much money in your pocket, you can just buy the used one available in the market at a very cheap and pocket-friendly cost. The maintenance of all these machines is also very much cheap. You can easily buy and maintain one machine which is available in the market. 

Suppose you have these beautiful and highly capable machines. In that case, you can easily give the crane to different crane operators or the crane rental and hiring service, which are very popular in the market today. If you are planning to sell one, then you can sell the cranes, then you can easily sell one in 7 to 8 lakhs.

So, if you ask about the resale value of all XCMG machinery products, then it is very good in the present generation. You can get a very good and satisfying amount of money, excluding all the depreciation costs charged on the machinery due to its wear and tear. As per the time value, the cost of the machinery also decreases, so, keeping this in mind, the cost you will get after selling the machine is very reasonable. 

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XCMG Crane Conclusion

The XCMG machines are very much reliable and are very well designed. They will reduce the amount of work that normal human labour does. They will save your precious time that is very much necessary if you are a business person. You will complete the whole work with very ease and can lift an incredible number of weights at incredible heights. 

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XCMG crane
XCMG crane
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