What is route survey for odc cargo and oversize load

road survey for oversize load odc cargo transportation
road survey for oversize load odc cargo transportation

Different elements, both internal and external to the company, intervene in surveying a logistics transport route. Logistics Profile is a predominant trend regarding highway use as the main route of logistics distribution. However, the poor quality of our highways and their limited availability represent a challenge for land logistics transport and the Selection of different types of transport routes. This context makes it even more necessary to optimise the planning and design of transport routes to have efficient logistics distribution processes.

Why required road route survey

road route survey for oversize load
road route survey for oversize load

A transport route is a route that the carrier takes during the distribution and delivery of merchandise.

In this sense, the transport route should function so that the company can minimise transport costs and the use of the fleet as much as possible. Also, it should allow optimally reducing the distance and travelling time of the point-to-point route.

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Types of transport routes

road route survey for oversize load

The types of transport routes can be organised into two categories according to the destination:

Capillary distribution transport route: 

road route survey for oversize load

in this type of route, the transport of goods reaches the end customer. This last-mile delivery logistics takes place within urban centres.

Long-distance transport route: 

road route survey for oversize load

these are those over dimensional cargo transport routes where large quantities of the product are transported by trucks or other means, nationally and internationally.

On the other hand, according to the planning strategy, the types of transport routes can be:

Fixed transport routes: 

road route survey for oversize load

these are closed-loop routes that are not subject to change, where collection points and delivery points can be continuous or discontinuous for a specified time.

Dynamic transport routes: 

road route survey for odc cargo

these routes meet the different changing needs of the customer, with the possibility of being reprogrammed. In other words, time, distances traveled, and the product transport unit is better used.

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Keys for the survey and Selection of the transport route

road route survey for odc cargo

The correct design of a transport route for the delivery of products is decisive to achieve effectiveness and efficiency on the part of the company, thus avoiding any problem in transport logistics. However, despite its extreme importance, organizations often make errors in route planning, which affects the quality of service and, therefore, the reputation of the brand.

Next, the primary keys for the correct planning of transport routes are the following:

road route survey for odc cargo
  1. Selection of vehicles for the transport route
  2. transport route types

Some companies use the same type of vehicle in all their logistics routes without considering how to travel or the product to be transported.

 When this happens, the tuck can suffer unnecessary wear if it travels on roads for which it was not designed. It may also not have the capacity to satisfy all the deliveries that need to be executed. It may not have the conditions to transport certain products, such as fragile goods, or depend on a cold chain.

Given these scenarios, it is essential that the vehicle chosen for each delivery is the most appropriate, taking into account both the type of transport route to be traveled and the type of products to be delivered. For example, if the products are small, the journey is short, and the roads are paved, the company can use bicycles to cover these logistical transport routes, thus promoting fuel savings and speed in goods deliveries. Other types of vehicles to consider depending on transportation are trucks, vans, pickup trucks, cars, or motorcycles.

Survey and Selection of which transport routes are available

road route survey for oversize load
road route survey for oversize load

Every transportation route is different. There are long, short, steep, flat, unpaved, urban, rural routes, among many others. That said, some companies do not plan their transport routes based on the type of journey. Therefore, carriers tend to travel roads that are not in the best condition, which ends up deteriorating the vehicles, causing delays in deliveries and even affecting the condition of the goods.

On the other hand, when the survey of the over dimensional cargo transport route is made based on the conditions and characteristics of the roads. There is the possibility of choosing routes that do not involve so much fuel consumption, wear and tear on the vehicle, overwork for the driver, or mistreatment of products. All this represents significant savings for the company and a considerable improvement in deliveries since adequate route control means using only the routes that offer the best delivery performance.

Selection of which are the transports routes with less traffic

history of transportation
road route survey for oversize load

Logistics in these types of situations become much more complex. The problem is exacerbated when transport companies do not analyze the roads with less traffic when selecting the transport route. When this mistake is made, drivers are more likely to get stuck in traffic jams, causing the product to arrive late at its destination, or worse, unable to deliver.

Caution in planning the logistics transport route is the solution to this problem. By evaluating which roads are with minor traffic congestion and selecting the transportation route based on that information, you will save drivers time on the road. This generates a competitive advantage that deliveries are made promptly. There are significant savings in fuel, and the possibility of making more trips and more deliveries in less time is increased.

Transportation route survey and planning with alternate routes

road route survey for odc cargo
road route survey for odc cargo

When companies select transportation routes, they forget to create a “plan B” for transportation logistics. So when planned routes are not available or transit is complex, the carrier must resort to intuition to select a random path that can get it to its destination on time, creating uncertainty about delivery.

The planning of transport routes should address the main roads and those that serve as a contingency method in the event of any eventuality. In this way, if the driver observes a lot of traffic, an accident, or an unfavorable climate to travel through a particular distribution route. With the authorization of his logistics team, he can divert to an alternative route already planned.

Transport route planning digitally routes of transport. Digital mapping has impacted the logistics sector in customer service and experience, digitizing logistics operations and facing demanding markets that differ from new customers proactively.

In recent years, orders have been increasing due to the e-commerce boom, and logistics is gradually strengthening. This requires the sector to meet the expectations of clients and the current market.

As part of the survey sampling design, it is necessary to clarify whether the sampling unit is the driver or everyone in the vehicle. The survey method (including equipment design) must take this into account.

It depends heavily on the purpose of the survey. For example, the choice of route is primarily determined by the driver. Still, other travel decisions (such as destination and time of day) can be determined by all passengers, not just the driver.

Some organisations still use such outdated resources as paper plans for transportation route planning, significantly reducing the effectiveness of their strategy. The design of the transport route on paper makes it challenging to carry out any change or optimisation in the design and prevents them from objectively and accurately assessing the conditions of the roads or managing delivery times. Hence, the team ends making plans based on intuitive arguments or assumptions.

Therefore, to achieve optimal over dimensional cargo route survey and planning, it is advisable to implement specialised transport software in distribution logistics, which digitises the Selection of transport routes and offers analysis functions routes, route assignment, or real-time monitoring of road haulers.

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Survey the transport route according to external variables

road route survey for odc cargo

Heavy rains, traffic accidents, caravans, protests, and events in public areas are just some of the external variables that a driver may encounter when carrying out a logistics transport route. In most cases, the logistics manager does not monitor these variables and, then, the driver comes across them unexpectedly, thus affecting delivery performance.

To avoid this type of “surprises” along the way, it is necessary to monitor these factors from the operational center constantly to be able to plan the routes taking into account strategic detours, alternate routes, schedules that are before or after the event to be avoided, etc. For example, on holidays, the logistics manager must investigate what time and where the different public events will take place to design transport routes avoiding those roads during those times.

Tool for the survey of transport routes

road route survey for odc cargo

Different errors in the Selection of transport routes can be avoided using specialised software in distribution logistics. For example, The digital survey platform from which you can plan the transport route digitally and track all deliveries in real-time, thus preventing or solving problems proactively. In this way, the company will reduce its margins of error, improve its distribution routes, and guarantee quality service in the last mile.

The international transport of goods involves the entire network of large tonnage vehicles, airplanes, or large ships that move daily. A whole logistics network made up of thousands of units with a value of millions of currency. For this reason, route optimization is essential for the management of this transport.

Optimise transportation routes with cost

road route survey for over dimensional cargo

Logistics comprises all those actions aimed at placing merchandise in the agreed place, time, and conditions, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Still, achieving perfection is not easy.

Benefits of the Route Survey 

without road route survey result

Cost savings

transit insurance
transit insurance

The costs in logistics are the ones that most affect the income statement since they can make the difference between obtaining benefits or not in the balance sheet at the end of the year. It is worth highlighting certain advantages of having a well-studied logistics strategy. It also improves the increased government revenue.

Improved fleet management

What is route survey for odc cargo and oversize load 1

The fleet is one of the essential elements if we want to use transport routes for industrial development. Therefore, if we develop a route organization that adapts to our needs and those of our clients, we will avoid the wear and tear of your vehicles and the number of cars used every day.

Optimal service level

What is route survey for odc cargo and oversize load 2

This service improvement consists of using fewer vehicles to carry out the same number of transports or trips as before.

Most satisfied customers

Most satisfied goods transportation customers
Most satisfied goods transportation customers

Due to all of the above, that is, the savings in time thanks to the organization of routes and the offer of investment in research and development, customers will be more satisfied with the service provided by our business.


road route survey for oversize load
road route survey for oversize load

The survey and preparation of over dimensional cargo routes allow more significant savings in all times related to the distribution of our products due to the automation of tasks that avoid incidents.

International freight transport

road route survey for international transportation

When it comes to surveying an international logistics strategy, the expenses that this implies must be considered, taking variables as a reference regarding the regularity and quantity of products that have to be transported. International transport can be an excellent ally of an ambitious company. Good management is what makes the difference.

Obtaining experienced advice in the field of international goods movement is critical. On the other, due to the possibility of allowing two or more companies to divide or share the transport to have compatible destinations. Finally, due to the savings in personnel, fleet, and infrastructure that this implies.


road route survey for over dimensional cargo

Use maximum time and cost in transport.

road route survey for over dimensional cargo

The survey of transport route is very time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to analyze the study, conducting the study. The road survey also brings lots of money.


road route survey for over dimensional cargo

The road survey is insufficient to tell the on-time, i.e., actual time condition of the routes.

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road route survey for over dimensional cargo

Route optimisation makes much more sense in the international arena for a simple logical reason the more kilometres we travel, the more possibilities we will have to optimise the road. In this sense, determining the approximate time it will take on an international route usually is very difficult since many aspects can upset the forecasts that we initially have.

Due to this, the most appropriate thing will always be to use a margin of time so that we always have a space that allows us to act before the different inconveniences that may arise along the way.

For the international transfer of goods, you should pay special attention to optimising your routes so that planning the time it will take for your shipment to arrive is much easier. In addition, you will ensure that your drivers will travel the fewest kilometres possible.

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