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Trailer Truck ? Choosing the right trailer for your truck not only complies with federal and state regulations but can also mean the difference between profit and loss. Much of the decision-making process sound common sense, but the problem is much more complicated than you might think. In fact, it’s a good idea to calculate the total cost of ownership for different trailer configurations before making a final service purchase decision.

Industry Overview

What and Why Trailer Trucks

Trailer Truck

The process begins by matching your needs to the capabilities of your trailer. What kind of luggage do you usually carry? What is the average duration of your trip? You also need to determine the size of the trailer based on the average amount of cargo had. Consider how much the trailer will load and unload and the load dock settings you will use. Take into account the expected growth of your business. Do you plan to carry different luggage, or do you have different needs in the future?

Save money on your business by choosing the right trailer for your cargo and learning about different types of trailers based on load capacity and purpose. Trucks are the most widely used means of transporting goods. Currently, more than 80% of the total land cargo is transported by truck. Ground transportation not only lowers transportation costs but also creates millions of jobs in the process.

What is Trailer Truck in the meaning Trucking Industry?

Trailer Truck

Trucks need trailers to transport cargo. A trailer is an additional transport vehicle that you must have seen attached to a truck while driving on the freeway. There are many types of trailers, each with a different load capacity and other purpose.

Ideal for cargo that needs to be protected from the weather, both vans and refrigerators can hold about the same cargo amount. However, the freezer container extends the van’s functionality to include all cargo that requires temperature control.

However, the additional functionality comes at a cost. Refrigerated containers require more maintenance than dry cargo vans and have higher fuel costs due to the trailer’s refrigeration unit. When using refrigerated containers for general cargo tours, be careful not to lose general cargo’s profit margin.

Platform trailer

Flatbed trailers are the most widely used type of trailer. They are so versatile. That is why they are so common. Flatbed trailers can be used to transport almost anything from steel coils to wood.

The flatbed trailer is open on all sides, and there is no box to cover the cargo being shipped. As a result, loading and unloading are much more accessible. Luggage can be picked up with a crane from above or with a forklift from the side.

Dry van or sealed trailer

As the name implies, the enclosed trailer is a trailer with a container for enclosing luggage. It’s like a flatbed trailer with a box to hold the material to be transported.

Sealed trailers are fairly affordable compared to other types of trailers. In addition, they provide additional security for the materials being shipped. Store your contents in a container to protect them from weather factors and other security threats. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the additional cost of tarpaulins.

Refrigerated trailer

In some cases, it may be necessary to keep the material to be transferred cold. These items include frozen foods, ice cream, or medicines. These products cannot be exposed to warmer temperatures. This is where refrigerated trailers or reefer appear in the photo. They look like dry vans or sealed trailers, but they only have proper insulation and a cooling system inside to maintain the temperature.

Lowboy lowbed trailer

Trailer Truck

Lowboy trailers are also known as lowbed, low-loader, float, or double drop trailers—a semi-trailer with a drop deck. There are two drops on the deck, one just behind the gooseneck and the other just in front of the wheel. As a result, these types of trailers are very close to the ground. Drops allow the transport of very large items such as heavy construction machinery, which is usually heavier than the maximum weight limit for other types of trailers.

Step deck trailer

Step-deck trailers are very similar to flatbed trailers. The flatbed trailer is about 60 inches above the ground, but the step deck trailer is even closer to the ground, with a bit of margin to carry loads higher than 8 feet like a flatbed trailer. These are mainly used to transport luggage that flatbed trailers cannot be transported due to their height.

Expandable flatbed trailer

The expandable flatbed trailer is an expandable flatbed trailer. They are precisely the same as flatbed trailers. The only difference is that their lengths are not fixed. The 43-foot-long flatbed can be extended to a maximum length of 80 feet. Like a flatbed trailer, it is an open trailer with no walls or roof (no containers).

Stretch single drop deck trailer

As the name implies, a stretch single drop deck trailer is similar to a step-deck trailer with an expandable bed. These are especially suitable for loads that are too large for a regular step deck trailer. Not only do they allow for much longer shipments, but they also provide additional support.

Detachable gooseneck trailer (RGN)

If you need to move a large amount of luggage, it can be difficult and tedious. Considering the additional permits required for more extensive and heavier loads, it can be stressful. Moreover, the heavier the load, the more technical the transport. This is where the RGN trailer becomes Savoie.

The RGN trailer allows you to bring your luggage closer to the ground, allowing you to carry higher items. You don’t have to worry about height permits on the RGN trailer.

Special trailer for gasoline transportation

Special trailers are made for specific purposes. They are built to specifications and are not available in any other way. How a special trailer is built depends on the purpose. For example, the special trailers for moving large amounts of liquid are different, but the special trailers built for medical or food services are entirely different.

Trailer Trucks vehicles use

You may have seen a large trailer carrying gasoline, diesel, oil and other dangerous goods and flammable materials. These trailers, which maintain large amounts of liquid, are cylindrical rather than the usual rectangular. The same trailer is also used to deliver chemicals to the industry. These are special trailers designed to transport certain liquids.

These trailers require additional permission. In addition, the cost of shipping goods is high for them. The risk of injury, damage, and spills is so significant that there is no way to find a way around these trailers’ strict regulations.

Event marketing trailer or exhibition trailer

Event marketing previews are also known as exhibition previews. This allows businesses to display ads on mobile trailers to reach the masses. Showcase trailers attract more customers. With promotions, demonstrations and sales, more and more customers will know the company and its products. Event marketing with specialized trailers has become very popular these days as it is one of the most efficient marketing methods.

Food service trailer

The Food Service Trailer is a sealed trailer that houses a full kitchen inside. They provide food service to people on the go. They can be found at conferences, gastronomic carnivals, catering conferences and more. These new trends are that many food chains are opening branches in closed mobile trailers to reach more customers.

Vending trailer

Many companies believe that if a customer does not contact them, they should go to the customer. This gave birth to a new concept of vending trailers. These enclosed trailers are like outlets for mini vendors on the go. This allows businesses to reach more customers and sell their products to people without customers’ need to go to significant sales locations.

Side kit trailer

Imagine a flatbed trailer with removable sides and a tent-like top deck for a clearer picture of the side kit trailer. It’s a side kit trailer for you.

Side kit trailers are used to transport materials that do not need to be packed in containers or materials that cannot be loaded. For example, granular materials such as powder, crops, coal, and gravel are so irregular that they cannot be placed in closed containers or crates. They are handy for necessary materials such as crops.

Of the various types of semi-trailers on the market, link trailers are the most common choice for transporting large quantities of goods. They are traditional trailers-eg curtains, boxes, freezer containers, container chassis-equipped with specific links on the back and can be combined with additional trailers. As a result, truck tractors can simultaneously carry link trailers connected to different trailers. Several advantages result from the combination of multiple trailer modules.

Trailer Trucks vehicles advantage

Trailer Truck
  1. Higher load capacity
  2. Long combination vehicles can carry more goods per trip/km.
  3. Reduction of emissions
  4. Less total fuel consumption.
  5. Financial profit
  6. Reduce costs per ton/km.
  7. Reduced congestion
  8. Fewer trucks with the same amount of goods. The same braking ability as each axle brakes with its load.
  9. Efficient logistics support

The above benefits contribute to more efficient and cost-effective logistics and transportation systems.

Trailer Trucks vehicles disadvantage

Trailer Truck

• Refrigerating truck drivers have additional responsibilities such as cleaning the trailer on a per-load basis, controlling thermometers and chillers, and filling a second gas tank with fuel.

• There is constant noise from the motor.

• Long waiting times in the shipping dock for loading or unloading are common.

• Failure leads to inevitable product corruption.

Facts about trailer truck vehicles

Trailer Truck

The material must be covered with a tarpaulin, as there is no container to protect the fabric from being transferred adequately. You can’t just drape the canvas over your luggage. Covering the flatbed trailer with a tarpaulin can be difficult. There are certain things to consider, mainly the material of the tarpaulin and the correct safety precautions.

Cover the flatbed trailer with a tarpaulin

Before proceeding to the correct way to cover the flatbed trailer with tarpaulin, let’s take a look at the types of tarpaulin used for this purpose.

Steel truck tarp

Steel tarps are used when the load contains steel cargo such as steel coils. In these situations, the tarp must be of high quality, sturdy and cost-friendly. They are the best type of tarp to use. This is especially true if the material being carried is crafted and requires additional protection.

Timber tarp

Wood tarps are ideal for luggage such as wood wallboards and trim mouldings. Protect your bags from dust and rain. They are hanging 7 feet on each side.

There are two types of wood tarps—a lumbar tarp with a flat front end and a lumbar tarp with a box end. The first type is suitable for protecting the material from dust and dirt and preventing parachuting as the wind enters under the cover.

Smoke canvas

The trailer smoker tarp is rectangular and smaller in size than other types of tarps. They protect the luggage from the front from the exhaust produced by the truck. These are suitable for small loads such as PVC and steel.

If you don’t organize your luggage correctly, it can tear or damage the tarpaulin and incur unnecessary costs.

Choose the right type of tarpaulin for the type of cargo you are carrying.

Tarps are usually heavy (about 80 pounds). Therefore, you may need a forklift to move the tarp over your luggage.

Use the ladder to climb to the top of your luggage.

Spread the tarp forward until your luggage is covered from end to end. Secure the tarp to the trailer bed with the tarp D-ring.

In this way, you can safely transport your cargo with a flatbed trailer!

Worldwide Heavy Haulage Top Best Trailer Trucks Manufacturing Companies :-

  1. Ashok Leyland
  2. BharatBenz
  3. Cat
  4. Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz)
  5. Freightliner
  6. Unimog
  7. Western Star
  8. Fuso
  9. Isuzu
  10. Navistar International
  11. Dongfeng
  12. Tata
  13. Volvo
  14. Mack
  15. Renault
  16. UD Nissan
  17. Volkswagen Group
  18. MAN
  19. Scania
  20. Caminhões e Ônibus
  21. Hino
  22. Paccar
  23. DAF
  24. Kenworth
  25. Peterbilt
  26. Iveco


Trailer Truck

The trailer has wheels but no motor. For the trailer to work, it must be coupled to a vehicle with an engine. You can choose the right trailer depending on the type of cargo you are transporting. For example, if you need to carry cargo that needs to be protected from sunlight, the enclosed trailer is a good choice. Similarly, if you need to maintain an already containerized load, a flatbed trailer is the best choice. Different types of trailers have other uses.

Trailer Truck

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

trailer truck
trailer trucks
trailer trucks
trailer trucker
trailer trucker

When did trailer trucks come into existence?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 1

Before 1978, heavy machines were transported on trucks by making platforms of 20 or 30 feet. These truck vehicles were not suited for this task. Vehicle manufacturers understood this problem and in 1978 many vehicle manufacturers started making good prime movers. Which can be simplified and facilitated heavy transportation by connecting it to the required trolleys.

On an average, how many types of trailer trucks are used in each country?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 2

We will talk about those that are used a lot :- flatbed (Plainbed , Highbed) semi ,semilowbed ,lowbed ,lowboy,modular hydraulic multi axle ,Self-propelled modular transporter ,SPMT

Why are trailer trucks useful compared to other trucks?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 3

Trailer trucks work by connecting prime movers and required trolleys. Due to its length, there is no fear of the trailer being overturned in bad roads. Due to being small movers, it folds securely even in low space. Being fully open, it is only driven by skilled drivers.

In what proportion are trailer trucks able to operate on average?

Trailer Transportation service

You will have to read this page for detailed information on this question :-

Where are trailer trucks used the most?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 4

Excess trailer trucks are used for shipping container transportation at ports.

What is the biggest problem in trailer truck transportation?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 5

Advanced industrialisation is not possible everywhere, so the trailer truck does not get the return load from everywhere, which affects the rental.

What is the average freight fare for trailer trucks?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 6

The fare of the trailer is determined by taking into account the current and return load load, time, weather, government expenditure, labour, risk, and unexpected expenses.If you talk about India in the countries of Asia, where the image of the payment of customers is bleak and unbelievable, due to which the foreign companies give the product or service only after the prepayment.In such countries, Rs.15 per tonne per kilometre for general cargo transportation and Rs.25 per tonne per kilometre for over-size load and all types of permissions are charged keeping in mind the direction.

What is the use of flatbed high bed plane bed trailer trucks?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 7

Flatbed trailer trucks are used for 10 to 40 tonne of general goods such as cement steel rtc.. and 10 feet heighted but less than 15 tonne oversized load transportation.

Where is the box or side wall body trailer truck used?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 8

They are used as flatbeds but in the transportation of packaged goods such as cement, TMT bars,POP Powder, Marbel ,Stones, or separate packaged goods. They are used in the transportation of 30 to 45 tonnes of cargo .

Where are semi lobed trailer trucks suitable for use?

flatrack container transportation

Average mining work or other equipment like mining, agriculture, factories 8 to 12 feet wide and higher consignment cargo transportation .

Where is the low bed trailer used?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 9

Lowbed trailers trucks are used in the transportation of 10 to 15 feet wide and high , 10 to 35 tons of cargo. It is also called lowboy trailer in foreign countries.

What is 16 Wheeler Lowbed Trailer

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 10

A 16 wheeler lowbed trailer truck is used for the transport of 10 to 15 feet wide and high and 35 to 50 tons of cargo. It is also called lowboy trailer in foreign countries.

What is Modular Hydraulic Axle Trailer Truck ?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 11

Modular Hydraulic Axle Trailer Truck is used in the transportation of cargo between 15 to 20 feet wide and high and 50 to 300 tons. They are used efficiently in most inaccessible uneven and long distances of uninterrupted transportation work.It is added to suit the ratio and weight of the cargo and it is very suitable for inaccessible work, usually its availability is only near the ports.

What is SPMT Trailer Truck ?

Trailer Transportation service

SPMT meaning and full form in trucking industry Self-propelled modular transporter trolley trailer . It is an extremely useful but very expensive instrument used by remote control to transport cargo of more than 300 tons and a very unusual proportion.

Who is Best Trailer Truck Manufacturer ?

Trailer Trucks Vehicles Overview for your goods best transportation support 12

Giving priority to the maintenance, which is accessible is great but globally in truck manufacturing VOLVO and Trolley Manucturer Goldholfer .By the way, for the transportation of heavy and over size loads, we also complete the transport work by making a modified trolley.

Who is Best Trailer Truck Transporter ?

ABCC Company

offcours , ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation .Are you still confused and under consideration?