Escort cranes manufacturing company Startup Story and case study

Construction is a sector that is never stagnant. It is constantly changing due to the significant demand for Indian homes, shops, and other retail outlets. A study found that construction grew 27.4% at the end of 2021, the highest growth in three years. This is evidence that construction plays a vital role in today’s society. However, it requires extensive equipment to complete any work.

However, purchasing cranes, trucks and machinery can be costly and out of reach for some businesses. By hiring crane and machine rental companies is an excellent alternative to making the work profitable. They have high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. You can also get storage, transportation, and insurance to ensure that you don’t invest large sums of money.

Escorts Construction Equipment, a division of Escorts Limited, is an engineering conglomerate in India with diversified interests in construction equipment like Crane machine, agricultural tractors, railway parts, and railway equipment. 

The crane company is constantly adding products to its product portfolio to offer its customers a wide variety of value-engineered and innovative solutions.

Escort Founder and Startup Story

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The Wheel Loaders range includes 3T-5T with dump heights 3 meters and motor graders with an operating range of 15T-17T and engine power of 175-240hp. ECE’s extensive network of 104 offices in the country will help with sales and support.

He stated that ECEL was the pioneer in India’s Construction & Earth Moving Equipment sector and planned to consolidate its position as a leader in this area. The arrangement with Manitou BF and XGMA will give ECEL a boost in its future growth. These products will also be added to ECEL’s existing product ranges in material handling and earthmoving.

You can also find the big crane as well as the all-terrain truck and truck cranes.

 Escorts and Tadano will form a 51:49 joint venture. Initial investments will be Rs 60 crore. The company will then expand by increasing its volume.

This joint venture will increase Escorts technology leadership and a market presence in the material handling industry.

The joint venture will use the cost-effective, frugal Indian engineering expertise of Escorts and world-leading Japanese technology from Tadano to serve an expanding market for heavy-duty  and efficient Truck and small crane. It will also cater to a growing demand for sophisticated truck-mounted and rough terrain cranes with 20 to 80 tons.

The businesses can significantly contribute to the nation’s growth and development goals by being involved in core economic sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, construction, and railways. They have focused efforts to create enduring value for the nation by combining efforts to develop an agile, responsive, and dynamic enterprise.

The forecast of above-average and spatially distributed monsoons in the current year is expected to drive the revival of farm incomes, spur economic growth, lower inflationary pressures and boost the overall rural demand across various consumption categories. They see a detectable level of uniformity across India’s vast agricultural landscape. The farmer community is increasingly recognizing mechanization as the only way to increase crop yields.

An escort also sees the country’s infrastructure as at an attractive inflection point. This is based on the renewed Government focus on Smart Cities and other growth-stimulating Infrastructure.

This can drive economic transformation and help to restore the momentum of their construction equipment company that includes a variety of high-efficiency equipment.

Escorts Construction Equipment (ECE). Increasing infrastructure investment will result in a growing construction market. India’s construction industry is expanding rapidly, with a significant contribution from infrastructure development. The market will be driven by various power, transportation infrastructure, real estate, and urban infrastructure. Further growth will be possible with the support of a stable government and a better macroeconomic environment.

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Founder and Startup Story

Escort Founder and Startup Story


Visionaries Mr. Yudi Nanda and Mr. H. P. Nanda set the foundation for Escorts


They began the production of brand tractors in collaboration avec URSUS, Poland

Rajdoot motorcycles are now in high gear


The manufacture of shock absorbers was initiated by Boge, Germany, for passenger coaches.


Training and Development Department was established Centre at Bengaluru


Started producing their construction equipment

Introduced the concept of PnC cranes


To develop new technologies, a separate R&D center was established


Powertrac brand of tractors launched


Farmtrac brand of tractors launched


In India, developed bogie-mounted brake systems.


Launched India’s first electric tractor concept, Farmtrac 26E, as part of the New Escorts Tractor

Series (NETS), at Agritechnica, Germany

Recipient of the prestigious IRIS Certification for design, development, and manufacturing of railway components.

Escort Founder and Startup Story

Total Manufacturing Plant Units

They have one large manufacturing plant unit.

The rental of equipment and cranes for construction is a crane rental services business that caters to companies. Industrial cranes are the most popular equipment rented. They can be used to move parts or maneuverable materials from one place to another. This is a benefit because it reduces crane transportation and maneuvering time as well as costs.

Escort Manufacturing Plant Units

The crane availability is not an issuethat it can be easily rented. They preserve energy and allow for the execution of the work. It is also possible to rent the tractor or scaffolding to purchase them, which reduces storage costs and maintenance.

It is also essential to rent transportation for construction and machinery. It allows you to transport the required parts at the right time. This allows for the organization of the work and money savings without the need to invest in machinery.


Escort Specialization

A crane is a machine that uses discontinuous movement to lift and distribute loads. The crane operator suspends from a hook. These devices generally have simple mechanisms such as counterweights and sheaves. To create mechanical advantage and to move large loads.

There are many types of cranes available, each designed for a particular purpose. From the most miniature jib cranes used in workshops to the largest tower cranes used for tall buildings to floating cranes used to help stranded vessels and build oil rigs, there are many sizes to choose from.

These cranes are common on construction sites, ports, industrial plants, and any other place where loads must be moved. There are many types of cranes available, each designed to perform a specific task.

It is made up of modular links, which allow for stable movement on uneven terrain. These links will enable the vehicle to spread its weight more evenly than it would with wheels. This means it can move on more surfaces without sinking because of its significance.

A crane truck is a truck that incorporates a crane into its chassis. This crane is used to unload and load material handling onto the truck or shifting them within the range of the crane’s action. A crane is incorporated into a truck to allow for greater autonomy in loading and unloading transported material.

Truck cranes.

These cranes are large and can be mounted on specially designed vehicles.

Fixed Cranes

These mobile cranes have greater mobility and can support heavier loads at higher heights. This increases stability. This type is permanently anchored to the ground or at the base of the main structure during its use. Some can be disassembled and assembled on-site.

Bridge cranes and gantry cranes. The forklift lifts the load using a beam that is supported rigidly by two or more legs. These legs can ride on horizontal rails on the ground. This type of rail is used in shipbuilding, industrial pavilions, and other places.

Derrick Crane. 

Crane consists of a mast with a lattice structure supported by winds and an arm of that same structure attached at the lower end to the mast. It is secured to it using cables at the upper end. A winch is located on the ground, and a cable is forwarded to the arm via pulleys.

A vehicle counterbalance is installed at the rear. It can transport and stack loads that are usually mounted on pallets or pallets. These forks are attached to a support that is linked to a lifting mast. This allows for the handling of pallets. To make it easier to drive and pick up pallets, the rear wheels can be turned. It’s intended for industrial and rough use. It can be used in self-service and warehouses to transport pallets or pallets with merchandise and place them on shelves. It can support heavy loads that no one person could lift. Additionally, it saves time by moving large amounts of weight instead of breaking them into sections or parts.

Crane Properties

They classify cranes based on their specific properties, regardless of whether they are fixed or mobile.

A hook suspended from a cable can lift loads to several meters in radius. It consists of a metal tower with rotating horizontal arms and motors for orientation, elevation, distribution, or translation of the loads. There is also a motor to translate the crane onto rails. The crane tower can be embedded into the ground or moved on straight or curving tracks. The building can be controlled from either the ground or from the cabin at its top.

Self-deploying crane.

These cranes can disassemble themselves and do not require another crane to assemble. It is made of one block and doesn’t require any additional structural elements to be installed. These cranes are faster and more expensive than tower cranes and have a shorter reach than tower cranes.

Telescopic crane.

 Telescopic cranes are made up of multiple tubes that are arranged one inside the other. The system can be extended or retracted by a hydraulic system or another mechanism. This compact system allows the telescopic crane to be easily adaptable for mobile applications.

Transports of pieces are planned according to the work progress and the assembly sequence. The work must be indicated to the workshop as to the shipping times according to the established order. Due to traffic regulations, a car with an accompanying driver must be used if the pieces exceed 4 meters in width or 18 meters in length. The parts are then stored on-site in an organized and systematic manner. The order of assembly is considered, and the pieces are placed with the corresponding identification visible, which was already done in advance in the workshop.

Important contribution in Heavy Hauling Material Handling industry

construction machineries
construction machineries

This revolution is supported by educated, progressive farmers who are well-aware of current global trends in agri-economics. They also want to use scientific best practices to increase crop yield per unit of land. Technology and mechanization are being looked at by farmers to improve stability and reduce risk in a sector that depends on good monsoons. Peripheral farmers, who have small landholdings, also view technology as the new de facto for crop transplantation. This is especially important in the face of risks arising from worker shortages or expensive labour.

They are proud to be able to offer cutting-edge technology that improves agrieconomics at Escorts. The products are world-class and help to promote mechanization on farms. This positively impacts the lives of the farmers. They nurture long-term relationships with their customers and farmers by connecting to them through a robust social network.

Escort Cranes Regular Reselling value (Good Or Bad)

heavy equipment machinery rental services
heavy equipment machinery rental services

The minimum selling price for an escort crane is Rs 1650000/Pieces. One thousand seven hundred cores are USD is the total value of the Escort Crane Company.

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Cranes Rental Services

Escorts Construction Equipment, a division of Escorts Limited, is a Crane Machine manufacturer in India with diversified interests in construction equipment, agricultural tractor, railway parts, and railway equipment. 

  1. Hydraulic Mobile Cranes – Pick N Carry and Rough Terrain Slew Cranes
  2. Loaders- Backhoe Loaders and Front End Loaders. Grab Loaders
  3. Vibratory Compactors –Soil & Tandem
  4. Haulage crane

The pioneers of material handling in India, Escorts has remained abreast with changing market demands. Franna was also in demand as Escorts sought out more advanced equipment that could lift heavier loads and had a more comprehensive range of lifting capabilities. This collaboration resulted in the Escorts F-15 Hydraulic Mobile Crane. It can raise 75% of the three axes’ tipping loads. The crane’s safety margin of 25% makes it one of the safest in its class. It can also operate in restricted spaces due to its versatility. The hydraulically-operated winch is equipped with safety brakes and a self-adjusting snatch block. You can choose from either 2WD or 4WD drive options and with or without outriggers. The heavy duty front and rear axles are high-speed/low creep drive lines. A default system protection valve ensures that it is safe.

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