Causes of road accident problems with 99% Solutions

road accident
road accident

Road Accident ? Accidents are a very common and serious problem in big cities where there are so many traffic (population) is increasing day by day and modes of transport and roads are becoming narrow and over-crowded. We hear of the accident and read about them in newspapers almost daily.


The number of deaths because of road accidents in the Asian nation is so a cause for worry.

The state of affairs is incredibly dismal with quite one, 37,000 people succumbing to injuries from road accidents.

This figure is quite fourfold the annual toll from the act of terrorism.

Reports show that an individual dies during a road accident every four minutes.

At least five deaths are according to because of road accidents every day in the city and sixteen youngsters die each day in India owing to constant reason.

road accident
road accident

The reports also show that while two-wheelers account for 30% of the accidents.

“Accidents are killing a lot of individuals in India than the act of terrorism or natural disasters and nevertheless we tend to ne’er observe them,”

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Industry Overview

About Road Traffic

road accident
road accident

Traffic issues are increasing day by day due to heavy increase in number of vehicles. This is going to create more problem in coming few years of proper action is not going to take by the government.

When traffic demand is nice enough that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this ends up in some congestion.

While congestion may be a chance for any mode of transportation, this text can specialise in automobile congestion on public roads.

What is Main Traffic problem with solution ?

There are many problems, but we will understand from the example of a country that the country of Singapore has increased its vehicles and their taxes so much that even rich people also use public transport, due to which the traffic and accident work of the country is regular down and regular increased as well as economic profit earning.

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Road traffic increase day by day

road accident
road accident

The number of motor vehicles on the road is constantly and rapidly increasing. In the modern and busy world of today, people are impatient and everybody always rushes. People do not plan their trips properly, and they tend to drive in a hurry. The people driving or riding do not adhere to the set rules and regulations of traffic. Nobody is ready to adjust with others driving or riding on the roads, and there is no co-operation in using the roads with many limitations.

These accidents are going down because of many reasons.

  1. Some of these are poor road lighting,
  2. Increasing encroachments,
  3. Not following the traffic rules by drivers,
  4. Absence of safety procedures
  5. And the lack of traffic educations.  

Why Traffic Increase Regularly ?

People have started taking more vehicles than necessary to maintain false pride.Due to this, there is minimal use and benefit of public transport, as a result they do not look good, useful, accessible and safe.

Road infrastructure condition of India

road accident

India is one of the fastest developing countries. Although India is doing well in fields like industrialization, education, and fashion still India is lagging behind in some areas.

India’s road network is vast, but one of the conditions of the roads are not so good. As we know roads contribute to the economic growth of the country. India is the place which has several bad roads be it the metro cities or the villages. Bad road conditions are not new to India and the problem is being raised since the last more than 74+ years.

road accident
road accident

The quality of roads and highways of India is poor

Although India has more than fifty national highways and the sad thing is most national highways are only two lanes or even less than that. This is also one of the major reason for road accidents in India. and it proves the condition of the road of India.

Road Transport condition of Rural Areas

road accident
road accident

As we know India is an agricultural country so it has a large rural population. Most of the village areas in India don’t have a good condition of roads, even no better connectivity is provided due to bad conditions of the roads. Due to the bad condition in monsoons, the road is not at all in condition to travel.

How are the roads in rural areas and are there more accidents ?

Roads in rural India are short and narrow on an average, but the use of vehicles is also high, due to novice drivers and neglect of safety, the incidence of accidents in rural India has increased.

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Road Transport condition of Urban Areas

road accident
road accident

Road Traffic is one common problem in most of the metro cities today. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are extremely congested during pick office hours. This is mainly because of no proper road or the management of traffic and the rise in the number of vehicle ownership over the last 10 years. If India wants to have better road and traffic condition then the Indian government need to construct more expressways almost over 150000 Km in the upcoming few years.

Why have accidents increased in urban areas?

Due to lack of time, availability of highly individual means of transport, flexible government policies, the incidence of accidents in cities is increasing by 15% every year.

Reason of Road Accident

road accident

Crashes are due to human errors. We are elaborating some of the common behavior of humans Road accident is the most unwanted thing to happen to a road people, though they happen quite often.

The most unfortunate issue is that we do not learn from our mistakes on the road.

Most of the road users area unit quite cognizant of the final rules and safety measures whereas victimization roads however it’s solely the laxity on apart of road users that cause accidents and crashes.

Rushing and Tailgating

road accident
road accident

 A larger speed for sure offers a sense of rush to the driving force however at an equivalent time will increase the danger of his vehicle touching another vehicle. The old men were wise to say that being late is better than never. Driving habits such as tailgating only augments the chance of the tailgater colliding with the vehicle in front.

Talking on Phone

road accident
road accident

When you talk on a phone while driving, your one hand gets engaged in operating the phone whether it’s dialing a number or listening to the caller. Even more alarming is texting on the phone while driving, as it not only takes off your hands of the steering wheel but also your eyes off the road. Moreover, the conversation distracts your mind. Always avoid using a phone while driving.

Drunk Driving

road accident
road accident

Fireplace and water will still go along, but drinking and driving can never be mixed.

Alcohol interferes with the terribly basic components of driving like vision, reflex, and sense of judgment. It is always advisable to request one of your friends or acquaintances to drop you to your place when you feel you are too drunk to take on the steering wheel.

Riding without Helmet

road accident
road accident

Most of the children think driving without a helmet as cool stuff. This is far from the truth; a biker looks cooler when he is all geared up with safety knee caps, rider’s jacket, and a sturdy helmet. Wearing a helmet is as vital for the seated rider as for the biker. Head is most liable to injuries throughout a fall. Protecting it with a helmet substantially reduces the chances of fatality.

Not Wearing Seat Belt

road accident
road accident

People feel like wearing seat belt will cause uncomfortable but they forget that they are putting themselves in danger zone. It has been scientifically proven that during a head to head collision, a driver wearing a seat belt has a far better chance to survive, without having

Why wear a helmet?

In a country like India, people wear helmets not for personal protection but to avoid police.

Breaking Traffic Rules

road accident
road accident

Breaking traffic rules is one thing is straight forward as breaking a red light keep you in danger and you may fall and get injuries. Ignorance of road signs can prove to be a breakneck too. So do follow traffic rules to have a safe ride/drive it’s for your own sensible.

Poor Road Infrastructure

road accident
road accident

 This is often a really common reason for accidents in the Asian nation. Unlike different factors, the driver here has to suffer without a fault of his own. A bad road is distinguished by signs like piles of rubbish, spilled oil, pits, and defective highway lamps.

Accidents are increasing due to weak infrastructure?

In a country like India, toll is collected after every 35 kms, yet the excess of corruption and lack of nationalism is seen through the rates, which kills people as a result of accidents.

Driving in Fog

road accident
road accident

Fog reduces road visibility to a fatal extent. In the case of dense fog, you should always consider putting a halt to your trip. But if it’s an officer or emergency trip, do bear in mind to use the fog lights and dippers. No matter, how petty they seem to be, they go a long way to save you from collisions and accidents.

Effects of Road Accidents

road accident

Traffic accidents will cause physical, monetary and mental effects for everybody concerned.

Drivers and passengers can suffer from minor cuts and bruises to broken limbs, whiplash, back and spinal injuries, paralysis and even death.

Physical Accident Injuries

road accident

The area of most concern following Associate in Nursing an accident is that the head, specifically the brain, the neck, and the spinal column.

Brain swelling is a serious after-effect of head trauma, and even the slightest spinal cord injury can leave a victim paralyzed.

Another area unites that may sustain serious injuries are your face, your back, your limbs, and even your chest from airbag detonation.

Depending on the force of impact, these injuries may be barely noticeable, if noticed at all, over time, but others can be permanent reminders of the accident that changed your life.

Collision Emotional Impact

road accident

Personal injury lawyers often invoke emotional responses when litigating a personal injury claim, but there is a whole other side to the emotional effects of an accident that gets little recognition.

Some automobile accident victims expertise fervent terror of the thought of driving following a heavy vehicle collision, and if they do regain the nerve to drive, they will often

Fear the scene wherever the accident occurred, and avoid it as much as possible.

Some may even have a fear of the motion they were making when the accident occurred, such as a left-hand turn or driving through an intersection while the light changes from green to yellow.

Others are also deathly petrified of the sort of auto that livid them, such as a commercial freight truck.

Impaired Mental Clarity

road accident

While rare, mental injuries may be a facet result of great road accidents.

Some drivers for good lose their memory entirely, or even just lose memories of the details leading up to the incident.

Regardless of the severity of mental harm, the aftermath of Associate in a nursing accident may be a hard time for automobile accident victims and their admired ones.

This is why we will fight for your rights, your medical costs and pursue a personal injury claim settlement for you!

Types of road accident

road accident
  1. Car Accident
  2. Crane Accident
  3. Child Accident
  4. Cyclist Accident
  5. Dental Negligence
  6. Fatal Accident
  7. Holiday Accident ( mostly happens at year-end during Christmas holidays)
  8. Lifting and Handling Accident
  9. Medical Negligence
  10. Motorbike Accident
  11. Needlestick Injury
  12. Other Accidents
  13. Slip & Trip Injury
  14. Stress at Work
  15. TVT Mesh Claims
  16. Road Accident
  17. Work Accident Claims
  18. Construction Accidents
road accident

Hospitality Problems After Accidents

road accident

India incorporates a world image of a rustic enclosed by financial condition, questions of safety, political instability and, diseases. This creates an awfully negative image of each the building and commercial enterprise business.

The main problems plaguing the building business in Asian country is that the lack of practiced professionals and retentive a similar.

If an associate persona, the fault might belongs to your lack of security precautions.

Dangers embody easy accessibility to your venue by unauthorized personnel, poorly lit parking heaps,

Stairwells or hallways, lack of employees identification, broken locks, and absence of security guards.

Working with a security company, you’ll confirm if you would like measures like exaggerated door security, video cameras or skilled security personnel to enhance the protection of your

Guests and decrease your potential liability.

Public duty injured

Causes of road accident problems with 99% Solutions 1
road accident

The public duty INJURED system provides that a governmental entity cannot be control chargeable for a private plaintiff’s injury ensuing from a governmental officer’s breach of a requirement owed to the

Truck Accidents In India

road accident

Trucks are one of the common transport media in our country’s highways and interstates. Trucks are an important part of our country economy, carrying goods from one place to another to fulfil the demands of intercity population or adjacent cities population.

Due to bad road condition, this heavy transport medium is getting affected badly almost daily we get some news of the truck accident in India either in newspaper or television news.

Why are truck accidents increasing?

Trucking fares have not increased on average over the past decade, while expenses have increased 80% extra fold. Excessive and untimely work is taken from the drivers by placing the entire load on the driver. which is the root cause of the accident.

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Truck Accidents in India has few reasons:

road accident
  1. Overloaded trucks
  2. Condition of truck (not well maintained)
  3. Overtaking
  4. Over Speed
  5. Driver mistakes ( less expertise, rash driving,)
  6. Road condition

Conclusion and Our Opinion

road accident

Road accident is one of the major problems in India these days. Which has multiple issues, few among them are bad road condition, Rash driving, Drink and drive, overtaking and overloading.

To overcome this issue along with the Indian government we also need to take care of these this to avoid road accidents in India.

road accident
road accident

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ :-

road accident
road accident

what is the punishment for road accident in India ?

Due to too much laxity, people come out of their enmity with the accident, the evidence of which is increasing.

Is the increase in accidents even related to bureaucracy?

In order to avoid the robbery of bureaucracy, the drivers stay awake for more than 18 hours and probably accidents are increasing due to their pathetic condition.

Road accident
Road accident
Road accident
Road accident

What are examples of accidents?

Physical examples of accidents include unintended motor vehicle collisions or falls, being injured by touching something sharp, hot, dropping a plate, accidentally kicking the leg of a chair while walking, unintentionally biting one’s tongue while eating, accidentally tipping over a glass of water .

What is the main cause of accident?

Over-speeding or driving in excess of prescribed speed limits. Not wearing helmets or not using seat belts – more than 80% of road accident deaths are due to the head injuries. Drunken driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Over loading of vehicles.

What is road safety?

Road traffic safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. Typical road users include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, vehicle passengers, horse riders, and passengers of on-road public transport (mainly buses and trams).

What are the effects of road accident?

Traffic accidents can cause physical, financial and mental effects for everyone involved. Drivers and passengers can suffer from minor cuts and bruises to broken limbs, whiplash, back and spinal injuries, paralysis and even death.

How do you write an accident?

Steps for Writing an Effective Accident Report
Date, time and specific location of incident.
Names, job titles and department of employees involved and immediate supervisors.
Names and accounts of witnesses.
Events leading up to incident.
Specifically what the employee was doing at the moment of the accident.

Why must we avoid accident?

If a potential problem or threat exists, and no action steps are taken to prevent an accident, the outcome will fall on you. Prevent downtime. The second reason for preventing accidents is because accidents and occupational illnesses limit efficiency and productivity because of downtime.

How is first aid for road accidents?

Here are a few contact numbers you can use during such emergencies. Make sure that the victim’s head, neck and back are treated with great care and are not jerked around. Place wooden blocks on either side of the neck. If this is not possible, make sure that nobody moves the victim by shaking them to stay awake.

Who is responsible for road safety?

Local government is the main delivery agent of road safety; local authorities have a statutory duty under section 39 of the 1988 Road Traffic Act,8 to “take steps both to reduce and prevent accidents”.

What is the most common type of accident?

Rear-end collisions and angle collisions are the most common type of accidents.

What is the most common accident in all settings?

Slips and trips are the most common accidents that can occur and make up for one third of all accidents. Slips can result in broken bones.

How common are car accidents?

Over 37,000 people die in car crashes each year. Every 16 minutes, a car accident occurs that results in death. Nearly 8,000 people are killed in crashes involving drivers between the ages of 16 and 20. Over 1,600 children under the age of 15 die in car accidents each year.

How can we save roads?

Don’t use your private vehicles extensively. Try to use public transportation whenever possible. Remove extra BOOT weight in the car. Unwanted items like a flat tyre, unwanted luggage in the vehicle, especially heavy ones, can reduce the vehicle’s mileage.

What are the road safety rules?

Never Drink & Drive.
Always Wear Seat Belt.
Keep a Safe Distance from the vehicle ahead.
Always Avoid Distractions.
Never Break Red Signal.
Always Drive Within Speed Limit.
Avoid the Drowsiness While Driving.
Watch Out For Drivers On the Road.

How would you describe a bad accident?

unfortunate and rather mysterious, occasional fortunate, large, marvelous, serious biotech, big, nearly-fatal, fifth bad, horrendous on-board, trivial, temporal, unfortunate fatal, regrettable, unfortunate, impossibly fortuitous, impetuous and unforeseen, natural and indifferent,

What is the first aid for accident?

apply and maintain pressure to the wound with your gloved hand, using a clean pad or dressing if possible; continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops. use a clean dressing to bandage the wound firmly.

How is road safety important?

Road safety is the safety of people from road side injuries and accidents. It is the prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. Every person going on the road has a risk of injury or death. Such as pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, passengers, etc.

Why is road safety?

It is very important to be aware that road traffic injuries remain an important public health problem. When road safety products are utilized correctly or efficiently, they can help save lives, prevent accidents and injuries, and keep a society functioning in the most optimal way.

What is the rules of traffic?

Rules of the Road. General Rules Keep Left on a two-way road to allow traffic from the opposite direction to pass on your right and on a one-way road to allow vehicles behind you to overtake from your right. When Turning Left keep to the left side of the road you are leaving as well as the one you are entering.

What is the golden rule of the road?

The golden rule of driving is to treat other drivers the way you want to be treated. Obey traffic laws, drive responsibly, and avoid taking unnecessary risks that may put you and others in danger.

What is the most important rule of the road?

There’s no point in causing an accident when it’s avoidable as you could end up injuring yourself or someone else. So, the most important rule of using the road is to drive to avoid accidents or harm to other road users

What is another word for car accident?


Where do most accidents happen?

It may sound surprising, but the majority of car accidents happen close to home. In fact, a Progressive Insurance study from 2004 found that approximately 52% of all accidents occur within just five miles from a person’s home. Generally, we’re more likely to crash in our own neighbourhoods than anywhere else.

What is importance of road?

Roads make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits. They are of vital importance in order to make a nation grow and develop. In addition, providing access to employment, social, health and education services makes a road network crucial in fighting against poverty.

What are the risks of road safety?

Some risk factors that increase the occurrence of crashes were:
driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
unsafe roads (potholes, thin roads, blackspots etc)
driver’s experience of particular road conditions.
distractions in the car while driving (talking on the mobile phone)

How many types of roads are there?

Roads are classified into two types considering topography they are Hilly roads and Plain roads.

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