Transport Nagar and Transporters Useless Meaning less corrupted future

Transport Nagar issues and struggling life of transporters

transport nagar India

Transport Nagar is an essential one for all the industrial areas but nowadays there is a problem is happen for allotting a place for them. Transporters don’t have the salary increment and they are struggling for everyday life. Still, they don’t have any support from the media and government. There are so many people are involved in it and their lives are leads to the question mark.

They are having the children also and the life of their children is fed into darkness. Likewise, there is so many issues are involved in transporters life let’s see detailed about it. after reading this you will get the clear idea of the struggling life of transporters.          

transport nagar India

What is Transport Nagar?

  • Today’s transport nagar is the most for human, normally people use transportation for many different purposes. There are plenty of transport services are available such as air transport, rail transport, road transport and many more. Each type of services is used in different ways. Without transport services, you can’t do it anything because all the trading business and other import and export are runs with Transport Nagar only.
  • Each city has a unique transportation service manages. The management of transportation takes the whole responsibilities safe and secured. Goods Transportation services are common for all kind of small scale and large scale business and other people to move one place to another place. Do you know? Transportation gives major economic growth in the country.
  • Otherwise, the government is taking the necessary steps to improve the facilities of transportation today. There are already many flyovers and bridges are comes today because of the growing population. Therefore among the growing population, transport plays an important role among the economic development. The airports and seaports also need to be upgraded for easy transportation. There are more than a chance to transportation service enhance in the future because it is essential.
transport nagar India

Why Transport Nagar?

  • Without transportation, people are nothing because it is used for many ways such as business, work, connectivity, convenience, move one place too, etc. with cars, buses, trucks, train, rail you can move any heavy load goods easily. There are millions of peoples doing their business based on transportation only. Economically transport is the best choice. Most of the industries and companies need transportation for sending and receiving their goods and other raw materials.
  • Using this transportation you can complete your job quickly. It allows more trade, import, and export, etc. the main benefit is countries growth depends upon only transportation. Otherwise, there are many people use the transport facility for regular purposes such as train, bus, etc. many of the transport helps to control the traffic that’s why it is essential. Then with the help of transportation, you can maintain your location properly.
  • There are so many roads and bridges are coming today because transportation is enhanced. It is one of the easier ways for all kind of purposes. Transportation value is important for the entire world. It helps highly in-between businesses and consumers because you can reduce the travel cost by best transportation services.
transport nagar India

Transport Nagar advantage:

  • Road, rail, water and air transport is essential today. This entire transport mode covers all area easily. Then reach the destination with on time because of its speed. The other main reason is it assists to develop the country. Using this transportation you can get flexibility and you can change your route easily in any situation. It is the cheapest one. Rail transports economically worth for long dictation transportation.
  • For any kind of heavy haulage oversize load goods, it can handle easily. It is less polluting transportation and also consumes less electricity when the train operated by electric. Water transports most wanted for long-distance travel. And it plays an important role among import and export transportation. This water transport facility not available in all the countries. Civilized countries are only having this type of transportation.
  • It is also used for transfer goods from one country to another country with on time. It is high-level capacity ODC transportation. This transportation only develops the industries today. Without transportation & Transport nagars , all face difficulties every day. Effective transportation is a must for all types of business. It does not only improve the industries it majorly helps to enhance employment.
transport nagar India

Transport Nagar disadvantage:-

  • The main disadvantage of transport Nagar is it will be more traffic at the same time most of the people are struggling to cross the rods. There are so many accidents canned be happen to the public. The air pollution will be increased for day by day. Likewise, there is some disadvantage are involved in transport Nagar. Still, there are so many people are struggling to handle this transport service.  
  • At the same time there so many benefits are also involved in it to use the transport Nagar . Day by day the number of transports is increased and that is the main reason for more traffic. It only can control by the transport corporation. They are also taking more steps to control the traffic and pollution and noting useful. Every day the pollution is increased at the same time the traffic is also increased.
  • It is not possible to control the traffic because it will take more time to control the traffic. The school students are struggling with this transport because they can’t able to reach the destination place on time. Unfortunately, the kids are lead to danger with this traffic. So the government only can deal with these problems and find a solution for it.
transport nagar India

Transport Nagar city corruption each city reason local politicians :-

  • Transport Nagar city plots is in danger because of the politicians involved in corruption. They will never give any fund for the transport service and they will never take any methods of control the traffic. Likewise, there is so many disadvantages are happened by the local politicians who involved in corruption.
  • Once you started to follow the traffic rules it is not a simple thing to follow it on the transport Nagar. So all the people are requesting the government to control the traffic system. after a long time, they are introducing the new methods but it is can work in the current situation. It was looking like a dangerous place for all the public.
  • So the government has to take care of the traffic system then only the transport service will be the safe one forever. media are also don’t care about the transport nagar service they need the trending news only. within two years, it will become a great disadvantage to all the states. Transport is must ant the same time the maintenance is also an essential one.
transport nagar India

New Transport Nagar plot allotment problems

  • It is very difficult to allot the plot for the transport Nagar because the transport Nagar should be placed in the center of the city. But there is no enough place at the center of the city that is the main reason for it is not possible to allot the plot of the transport Nagar.  Every year people are suffered about this enormous development.
  • All the credits go to the government because the government should take care of this transport service and maintain it regularly. Then only they can plot the place for the transport Nagar. If the transport Nagar is placed apart from the city it will take more time to reach the destination place. The transport growth is very important at the same time it is necessary to watch out by the government.
  • Day by day the death of the people is increased and that is the reason for media also involved in this issue. It will take more time for understanding the transport service because there are so many politicians are there but they are not taking the immediate action. If they are taking any necessary action for controlling the traffic You will be more comfortable about this.
transport nagar India

Land corruptions Transport Nagar :-

  • transport nagar land corruption land corruptions are the main disadvantage of the transport service because if they don’t have the place for parking their vehicle so that they are doing it on the roadside. This will be the reason for most of the accidents. Likewise, the government should take care of this traffic service. people pay the road tax but they don’t ask for the secured transport service.
  • most of the people are thinking that it is the unwanted one and it depended upon the transporters. It will affect all the environment at the same time. the salary of the drivers will not be increased in both the public and private sectors. They are struggling more in every day. The government doesn’t care about their lives and they will never get any insurance from the company also.
  • This is indicating that everyone misusing the transport service. they are also the human and they also have the family. it will take more time for the interrupt the solution for it. it will never be the optional one because all the people are suffered about it. the government should get the suggestion from the transporters and public’s.
transport nagar India

Old transporter Nagar plot use for high commercial politicians malls factories & other projects :-

  • Old transport Nagar is transformed into malls and factories because of the politicians involved in corruption. They will never understand the transporters life and the simple things are there are so many transporters are attempt suicide for this. All the actions are taken by the transports are not comes to the media because they need to provide only the movies songs like that.
  • In a short time surely it will become a big issue because their transporters don’t have any job offer and they don’t know any other works also. These are all the main kind of disadvantage in traffic issues. So government should concern about the transports life and their family. there are so many transporters families are suffered from this one man corruption.
  • So share this critical situation to all the people then only they are giving their support for the transporters. They will never have the chance to show their criticalness. Media is only for showing the people who are suffered from the issues but the media likes to show the actress dance. It will be the perfect one for all and everyone don’t have the time to share this issue in social media also.
transport nagar India

Truckers transporters meaningless life with blind future :-

  • most of the transporters are living the meaningless life and nobodies can understand their current situation. Everyone having Important work like having fun with their friends, spend time with their loved one. is this important than some life is fed into darkness? Youngsters only can help them by sharing about this issue in all the social media.
  • transporters don’t have the educational knowledge so that they are created by everyone. There is no unique council for them and the government is also approved. likewise, there are so many drawbacks are involved in it. it will be the perfect one for all the people. if you don’t have any option to control the corruption then it will become the ultimate issue.
  • Is someone asks the question against the government they are sentenced in jail? Likewise, there are so many issues are involved in it, so please youngsters should globalize this issue then only everyone can understand how the transporters are struggling in everyday life.
transport nagar India

Transport Nagar Conclusion –

  • the main solution to solve this issue is the government should take care of the transport nagar service and the transporters. The transporters are not beg anything but they are struggling for getting the basic rights. Youngsters should be with them for exposing this issue to the world. This will never be the optional one because in some days it will happen to you.
  • so it is better to take care of this issue with more concern. Transporters children life it leads to the question mark. So consider them as your brothers and sisters and help them to get their rights. They don’t have the educational knowledge that is the main reason they are trusting the youngsters.            
transport nagar India
transport nagar India

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transport nagar in India
transport nagar in India

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