ODC Trailer Transportation service for Siliguri West Bengal Northeastern India Region

What & Where is Siliguri?

Siliguri referred to as the “Queen of the Hill”. It spans its area in Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri. It is the northernmost district of the West Bengal in eastern India. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas. The administrative division of the region is Jalpaiguri.

Darjeeling map west bengal
Darjeeling map west bengal

Siliguri lies in a total area of 2,092.5 km square. It has a total population density of about 760 km square. The three major towns of the district are Kurseong, Siliguri and Mirik. They are the sub divisional headquarters of the district.  Kalimpong was one of the sub divisions but on 14 February 2017, it got separated as Kalimpong district.

Jalpaiguri map west bengal
Jalpaiguri map west bengal

Know more about Siliguri- Jalpaiguri West Bengal and ABCC Company:

Siliguri can be divided into two divisions that are the hills and plains. Transportation of goods plays an important role in the economic development of any region. It refers to delivery of goods from one point to another. ABCC Company deals with the transportation business. ABCC is seen as top level choice for transport services. Years of hard work and passion towards this work has lead to the unbeatable name of ABCC in market.

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) Siliguri transportation services West Bengal are also provided by our company.  We make sure that the safety of the good are maintained.  All our transportation work is done under the guidelines generated by the Ministry of Road and Transport Highway.

ABCC Company has ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) permission Siliguri . We are among the registered companies of the government. All the transport work done by ABCC Company is legal. We believe in precaution is better the n cure. So we never take any kind of risk.

We understand our responsibility to transfer the foods without any kind of damage . Oversize cargo transportation Siliguri is handled in special way by ABCC Company. Load that exceed as per-axle limits is considered into special load and then special arrangements are made for the security of the goods.

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Siliguri- Jalpaiguri West Bengal diversity:

The entire hilly region of the Siliguri region comes under the Gorkhaland Administration. The city comprises of the district headquarters. There is increase in the development opportunities as it is a developing city. For any industry to be set up there is need of proper infrastructure, vehicles and operations. ABCC Company being a responsible logistic company Siliguri West Bengal understands the customer needs. We try our level best to provide our ultimate services to our clients.

Industries in Siliguri- Jalpaiguri West Bengal :

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal
Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Siliguri has a booming economy. It is because of its industrial development. Migrant people come from Bihar, Jharkhand, and North Bengal, North East, Sikkim and other parts to Siliguri in need of employment. Siliguri has a large population of varied variety. Tibetans and a notable number of Bhutanese are permanently settled in the city. ABCC over the years had achieved unparallel name in market. We came out as an emerging company and maintaining its status to be matchless through our pre-eminent services.

Siliguri has beauty as well as resources. This makes it to be more productive and economically richer than other states. Siliguri is a metropolitan city.

The transportation services over the siliguri city are very advance. There are well developed modes of transport of goods via roads, air or rails. Bagdogra Airport serves Siliguri city. Siliguri comprises of A+ grade of transportation facilities. ABCC is known to provide fast and efficient services to its customers. We believe in the motto of customer satisfaction is our top priority. In case of any queries we have 24×7 available our professionals. ABCC are always available to serve its clients. Day or night we are always for the service. Our dedication towards our work has helped to raise the name of the ABCC Company to a great extent.

ABCC Company ultimate Siliguri- Jalpaiguri West Bengal Transportation services:

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Siliguri is famous for its tea, transport, tourism and timber.The import export business is done at a very high scale. The Coronation Bridge is main tourist attraction. It is just 20 km from city. It is the one of the alluring destination of tourists in Darjeeling. Tourism gave rise to more industries such as hotels, resorts and other related industries. ABCC Company is among the most trusted Company for transportation purposes.

Services provided by ABCC Company:-

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Our leading name in the market is because of the unbeatable services provided by our company. Our services are matchless. We assure complete customer satisfaction. Some special services provided by ABCC Company are:

Open Platform JCB Truck transportation Service:-

Trucks are considered to be best medium for the transport of goods. They are fast and easy method for the transport of goods. The goods are loaded as per the size and weight of goods the size of truck is decided.

Container transportation Service :-

These are among the special services that are provided by limited companies. So we are here to bring you the container transport services within a reasonable price.

Flat rack container Transportation Service : –

These are the containers without the walls. We provide special transport of big goods from one place to another. The size of the flat rack container depends on the item and the number of items to be transported.

Low boy trailer Transportation Service :-

This offers the ability to carry legal loads up to 12 feet which other trailers could not. We provide this facility at genuine cost.

Flatbed Plain Bed High bed trailer Transportation Service :

They are special trailers that are specially designed to carry heavy load. They are widely known for their quality and durability.

Modular hydraulic axle trailer Transportation Service  :-

This has helped a lot to increase the business. The demand for this trailer is increase because of industrial development. These are among the best technology and we offer this facility to our customers.

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Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Specialities of Siliguri- Jalpaiguri West Bengal and ABCC Company:

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Siliguri is the second largest city in the state. It is prime hub of transportation, educational and tourism activities. It works with four “T’s” that are Tea, Transport, Timber and Tourism. Siliguri is counted as one of the IT hub.  It is counted as the doorway to North East of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. ABCC Company tends to provide logistic services to its customers.

The city is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Tourism is at top level in Siliguri. The hill station markets which are Sevoke and Bidhan road are buzzing attraction place for tourists. Tourism effect the import export business of a place. Transport in subject location is also considered to be a prime duty for ABCC . We fulfil this duty with full perfection.

Siliguri is famous for its Salagura Monastery and fairs. It is among third largest city in West Bengal. Siliguri is most important commercial hub of the state. Recently it has been under the metro cites.

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

Hearty welcome by ABCC Company:

Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal

ABCC Company knows what are the customer aspires. We fulfil our responsibilities and try to provide our best services to our every customer. Once you get in touch with us it’s our promise we won’t choice to work somewhere else. It will be our immense pleasure to be working with you.

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west bengal transport public faq
west bengal transport public faq
Siliguri Transportation Services Company West Bengal