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Efficient Trustable OOG- ODC Trailer Transportation Service in Namchi (Namtse) Sikkim

odc transport over dimensional cargo vehicles for oversized load
odc transport over dimensional cargo vehicles for oversized load

What is Sky High?

Gangtok Nearest Namchi is the capital of the Sikkim. Namchi means “Sky High” in Sikkim’s. It is situated at an average elevation of 1315 meters. The scenic beauty of the mountains over Namchi is lovely. People from all around the world come here to feel the warmth and peace of nature at this place.

It is situated at an altitude of 1675m above sea level. Namchi has its capital as Gangtok. It is 78 kilometers from Gangtok. Siliguri is 100 milometers away from Namchi. It lies off the road between Melli and Jorethang. Namchi is an industrial developing town so import export business is done at vast rate over here. ABCC Company is a top class company in the field of transport of goods. We are among the leading transport companies of the country. We had worked for years with full dedication and hard work so as to achieve foremost position in market. ABCC Company also provides ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) Gangtok transportation Namchi Sikkim facilities to our customers. Indian government defines the height limit for all mechanical trucks and trailers at 3.8 meters from the surface. We follow all the government laws. This has made the name of the company to rise to more heights.

Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim

Namchi Gangtok Sikkim Connectivity :-

Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim
Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim

Namchi is well connected to other towns in Sikkim and West Bengal. It has a well developed network of transport. Transport of goods from one place to another is done at unrivalled level by ABCC Company. We take our every project with 100% sincerity and complete the project with full responsibility. Approval for ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) permission Namchi Gangtok Sikkim is not provided to every company. ABCC Company has ODC approval. This adds stars to the company reputation. This is the proof of the company sincerity and duty.

Transport of goods from one position to another is revised and checked at every position. Checking and rechecking of goods are done so as to ensure the quality of goods. ABCC Company provides Oversize cargo Movement Namchi Gangtok Sikkim  facilities also. We guarantee to provide supreme service to our customers. We know that transfer of goods can lead to dismantle of goods. We take all responsible measures and assures that nothing that kind happens.

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ABCC trailer transport and industrial development Namchi Gangtok Sikkim :

Namchi is famous for its Bauxa Formation Mamley. Dolomite Limestones has been declared as the National Geological Monument by the Geological Survey of India (GSI). GSI look forward to the protection, maintenance, promotion and enhancement of ecotourism.

ABCC Company always looks forward for new opportunities and to serve new clients. ABCC Company always fulfils its responsibility at foremost level. We are 24×7 available for our customers. Our services are regarded as unbeatable in the market. For us our customer satisfaction is pre-eminent.  Namchi comprises of Hindus and Buddhists. Nepali is spoken widely in that area.

ABCC Company guarantees to provide logistic service to its customers. We provide excellent service in ODC Open Platform JCB truck transportation Service Namchi Gangtok Sikkim . Trucks can go everywhere. They are considered to be most efficient mode of transfer of goods. Mini-trucks, trolleys, etc, are different types of trucks. Depending on the size of the delivery product relevant truck size is chosen. Special Cube Office container transportation services Namchi Gangtok Sikkim  are provided by ABCC Company for special size costly goods. Our company deals with the easy and fast transfer of container goods.

Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim

Tourism Travel & Gangtok Transport Service in Namchi  sikkim:

Namchi is a hub of educational institutions. People from nearby places also come for education and employment. Namchi is developing town. The employment rate is high in this area. Tourism is considered to be an important industry.

Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim

Tourism along bring up new opportunities. ABCC Company provides prime services in flat rack container trailer transportation Namchi Sikkim .  Flat rack containers haven zero walls vehicles that are used for transport of big Out of gauge goods from one place to another are referred to as flat rack container. The size of the flat rack container depends on the item and the number of items to be transported. We give un parallel competition in this service.

Namchi has turned out to be an important tourist spot and supreme centre. Namchi is famous for the “Buddhist Padmasambhava” Statue. This statue is located in Samdruptse, Darjeeling. The Dham facilitates many tourists and is very famous pilgrimage place. The Dham has also won the National Tourism Awards in 2010-2011. It stood under the category of “Most innovative/Unique Tourism Project” by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. ABCC Company has been providing peerless services to its clients. Low boy trailer Gangtok transport service Sikkim refers to a transport vehicle used to carry legal loads up to 12 feet is termed as low boy trailer. We are one among the top companies in providing with this facility.

Places to visit in Namchi Gangtok Sikkim:

The tourist places of Namchi include The Namchi Monastery, Ralang Monastery and Tendong Hill. The Chief Minister Pawan Chamling had launched many projects. These projects have led to the development of the state at a more fast way.

Namchi is situated very close to Sikkim state. This facilitates the tea import export business to be at very high rate. The Temi Tea Garden over there is a great tourist attraction. The tea over here is considered to be a premium product all over the world. Namchi tea is famous for its colour and odour. Plain Flatbed High bed trailer transportation Namchi Gangtok Sikkim is also provided by ABCC Company. High bed trailer specialises to carry heavy load and are widely known for their quality and durability. We provide this facility at a reasonable cost.

Unbeatable beauty Namchi Gangtok Sikkim :

Namchi is famous for its flower valley. In the month of February, there is flower show organised by Namchi Garden. It is considered to be largest among the whole Sikkim. There are flowers of vivid colour and it is a prime attraction for the tourists. Orchids which are rarely found are special piece of attraction for tourists. Namchi also has a big Football Stadium. The Bhaichung Stadium which was built by Sikkim government was built in honour of footballer, Bhaichung Bhutia. The Gold Cup Football Tournament is held at The Bhaichung Stadium almost every year. This attracts a lot of crowd towards Namchi. During the tournament the rate of exchange of goods is increased to a large extent.

Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim

ABCC Company is a chief transport company among transport industries. Modular hydraulic axle trailer transportation Namchi Gangtok Sikkim is also provided by us. These are among the best technology and we offer this facility to our customers. We are very privileged to have this facility available to our customers. They are used to carry over bulky and heavy cargo. Efficient Excellent Transportation’s service Namchi Sikkim to all India Urban-Rural , metro & Remote location is our prime concern. This ensures fast and hassle free transfer of goods.

ABCC Gangtok Sikkim Transport service Company Welcomes customers :

Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim
Gangtok Transport Services Company Sikkim

It has been over decades our ABCC Company has been excellent in serving our customers. We will be highly delightful to serve you with our pre-eminent services. Our services are our pride. Give us a chance and we will be proving it to you.

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sikkim transport public faq
sikkim transport public faq
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