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Sidhi – Singrauli Transportation and ABCC Company Contribution:

Singrauli Transporter ? Singrauli is a district in Indian state; Madhya Pradesh. It is the Commissionaire of Rewa. Singrauli is in the eastern part of state Madhya Pradesh and adjoining southern part of Sonebhadra district in Uttar Pradesh collectively called as Singrauli . On 24 May 2008, Singrauli was eminently declared by Madhya Pradesh government as its 50th District by separating it from Sidhi accompanied with three tehsils i.e. Singrauli, Chitrangi and Deosar.

On 1 April 2 new tehsils were added, Mada and Sarai. This has led to rise in population in the area. This ultimately led to growth in economic development of the state ABCC Company is the leading name in the field of trailer transportation. We have been working day and night so as to serve our customers with optimal services.

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

Singrauli has a good connectivity with other states and towns. This has helped in fast growth of the area. The growth in import and export business has also increased over the years.Singrauli has many caves which includes Vivad Mada, Ganesh Mada and Sankar Mada, Jalajalia and Ravan Mada. Besides rock cut caves Singrauli is famous for its rock shelters. Ranimachi, Dholagiri and Gora pahad are some of rock shelters example. They depict the Mesolothic age of microlothic and depict their culture.

The import export business in Singrauli turns out to be at a very large level. ABCC Company has tie ups with many small and big companies. This has led the growth of the area to a large extent.

ABCC Company offers ODC Cargo (Over Dimensional Cargo) trailer transportation services. ODC refers to the cargo that protrudes outside the loading deck of the vehicle and is used for transportation of goods. ABCC Company knows its responsibilities and has ODC permission. This makes our vehicles to be legal for transportation of goods. We do not any kind of risk with our customer’s goods and provide top level services to our customers.

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

Industries in Sidhi Singrauli and ABCC Company:

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

Singrauli has a major centre for the Indian energy industries. The company includes mining of coal for power generation. Recently many private companies have also joined the league to lead to urbanisation in Singrauli district.  Major companies operating in Singrauli are:

  1. NTCP Limited
  2. Coal India Limited
  3. Reliance Power Limited
  4. Essar Power Limited
  5. DB Power Limited

Also the railway department is planning to expand their network. This has all led to more and more development of the Singrauli district. ABCC Company has proved to be best in every field.

Our professional services have attracted many people to join us. ABCC Company provides 24×7 services to their customers. We ensure that our customers should not face any kind of problem. If there is little problem also ABCC Company is always there to sought it out.

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

Singrauli is hub of many educational institutions. People from nearby states and towns come here so as to get good education. There is more employment opportunities in Singrauli because of many industries located over here.

Central Government has also proposed new institutions opening in the Singrauli District. As there are huge coal reserves in Singrauli so Indian School of Mines (ISM) was introduces by the government. ABCC Company deals with many special services which includes truck transportation. Trucks are considered to be best medium for the transport of goods. They are fast and easy method for the transport of goods. The goods are loaded as per the size and weight of goods; the size of truck is decided.

The container trailer trucks transportation services are also among the special services that are provided by limited companies. So we are here to bring you the container transport services within a reasonable price. Our Company also provide services in flat rack containers transportation which are the containers without the walls. We provide special transport of big goods from one place to another. The size of the flat rack container depends on the item and the number of items to be transported.

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Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

Know more about Sidhi Singrauli and ABCC Company:

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

Singrauli has district headquarters which are approximately 30 kilometres from Singrauli Morwa station. Singrauli is well connected to major cities like delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, Jhansi, Ujjain, Prayagraj, Mirzapur, Katni and Bareli. Connectivity with these states has led to overall increase in the development of the Singrauli district. ABCC Company has a huge amount of contribution in import export of goods in Singrauli district. The low boy trailer trucking services are also provided by ABCC Company. This offers the ability to carry legal loads up to 12 feet which other trailers could not. We provide this facility at genuine cost.

ABCC Company also provides with the Plain Flatbed high bed trailer transportation facilities. They are special trailers that are specially designed to carry heavy load. They are widely known for their quality and durability. We assure safe transport of goods. Transport to sidhi singrauli to all India metro rural & remote location is our prime duty.

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP
Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

It is because of their hard work and dedication towards their work that has made the name of the ABCC Company to be called among one of the top level Transport industries.

ABCC Company is a logistic company. We guarantee the foremost services to be provided to our customers. We provide logistic services to our customers at a very minimal rate. We take special care of goods from the point of loading, unloading and storing. Several checks are made to ensure quality of goods is maintained. ABCC Company also provides its customers with the facility of Modular hydraulic Multi axle trailer . This has helped a lot to increase the business. The demand for this trailer is increase because of industrial development. These are among the best technology and we offer this facility to our customers.

ABCC Welcomes Customers Sidhi Singrauli Madhya Pradesh :-

Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP

“Hard work and responsibilities we are not afraid of”.

ABCC Company has always worked hard to maintain its reputed name in market. Our service is our pride. Collaborate with us and you will never go anywhere. We have always been successful in our every project. We have always fulfilled our responsibilities at top level.

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Singrauli Transportation Services Company Sidhi MP