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Industry Overview

Where is Ghaziabad in India ?

ghazipur map uttar pradesh
ghazipur map uttar pradesh

Ghaziabad is located in the western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India. It is actually quite close to the capital city, New Delhi, and is considered part of the National Capital Region (NCR). Here’s a breakdown of its location:

State: Uttar Pradesh

Region: Western Uttar Pradesh

Major city nearby: New Delhi (just east of it)

Other nearby cities: Meerut, Baghpat, Gautam Buddha Nagar

Increasing industrialization in Ghaziabad and hence continuously increasing transportation business

Ghaziabad’s increasing industrialization is definitely driving growth in the transportation business. Here’s a closer look at the connection:

Industrial Growth:

Ghaziabad has seen a significant rise in industrial activity in recent years, with sectors like electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and textiles experiencing considerable expansion.

This growth is fueled by factors like favorable government policies, proximity to Delhi, and good infrastructure.

Transportation Impact:

The expanding industries require movement of raw materials, finished goods, and personnel. This creates a high demand for various transportation services, including:

Road transportation: Trucks, tempos, and other vehicles are needed for intra-city and inter-city movement of goods.

Rail transportation: Ghaziabad is well-connected by rail, facilitating bulk transport of goods to other parts of the country.

Air transportation: Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi serves Ghaziabad, enabling movement of high-value goods and personnel.

Benefits and Challenges:

The booming transportation business creates employment opportunities and contributes to the economic growth of Ghaziabad.

However, it also brings challenges like traffic congestion, air pollution, and road infrastructure strain.

Looking Ahead:

To manage the growth effectively, Ghaziabad needs to invest in sustainable transportation solutions like:

Improved public transport infrastructure and services to reduce reliance on private vehicles.

Development of multimodal transport systems for seamless transfer between different modes.

Adoption of electric vehicles to reduce pollution.

Overall, the link between Ghaziabad’s industrialization and its transportation business is clear. While it brings economic benefits, careful planning and investment are crucial to ensure sustainable growth and manage the associated challenges.

Which are the industries which have contribution in the industrial revolution of Ghaziabad ?

While Ghaziabad has experienced significant industrial growth in recent years, it wouldn’t be accurate to call it an “industrial revolution” as the city already had some established industries decades ago. However, several key sectors have played a crucial role in its continuous industrial development:

1. Engineering & Electronics: Ghaziabad has a long history in this field, housing numerous units manufacturing automotive parts, electrical equipment, and consumer electronics. This sector benefited from proximity to Delhi and skilled labor availability, becoming a major contributor to the city’s industrial output.

2. Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices: This industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, attracting leading domestic and multinational companies due to favorable government policies and infrastructure development. Ghaziabad now houses several pharmaceutical plants and medical device manufacturing units, contributing significantly to the local economy.

3. Textiles & Apparel: This traditional industry has undergone modernization and expansion, adapting to changing market demands. Ghaziabad is now home to numerous garment manufacturing units, yarn producers, and textile processing facilities, catering to both domestic and export markets.

4. Food Processing: With its proximity to agricultural areas, Ghaziabad has a thriving food processing industry. Units involved in processing fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and packaged food contribute significantly to the city’s industrial landscape and generate employment opportunities.

5. Automobiles & Auto Components: This sector has witnessed steady growth in Ghaziabad, with several leading manufacturers setting up production units for vehicles and components. The presence of ancillary units further strengthens the ecosystem and attracts investments.

Emerging Sectors:

While these established industries continue to drive growth, Ghaziabad is also witnessing the rise of new sectors with significant potential:

Information Technology & IT-enabled Services: The city is attracting IT companies due to its talent pool and infrastructure development, creating new job opportunities and contributing to economic diversification.

Logistics & Warehousing: The growing industrial activity and proximity to Delhi make Ghaziabad an attractive location for logistics and warehousing companies, further boosting its industrial ecosystem.

Overall, Ghaziabad’s industrial development is driven by a combination of established sectors like engineering, pharmaceuticals, and textiles, coupled with the emergence of new sectors like IT and logistics. This diverse industrial base positions the city for continued growth and economic prosperity.

Ghaziabad Goods Transportation Industry Facts:

Growth and Importance:

Booming industry: Ghaziabad’s increasing industrialization has fueled a substantial rise in the demand for goods transportation services.

Economic significance: Plays a vital role in the city’s economy, generating employment and contributing to overall growth.

Diverse modes: Road, rail, and air transportation all play crucial roles, catering to different needs and capacities.

Road Transportation:

Dominant mode: Trucks, tempos, and other vehicles handle a significant portion of intra-city and inter-city goods movement.

Challenges: Traffic congestion, infrastructure strain, and parking issues.

Opportunities: Development of intelligent transportation systems and efficient logistics networks.

Rail Transportation:

Well-connected: Ghaziabad boasts good rail connectivity, facilitating bulk transport of goods across the country.

Advantages: Cost-effective and environmentally friendly for large volumes.

Limitations: Not all areas within the city have direct rail access, needing integration with road transport.

Air Transportation:

Indira Gandhi International Airport: Serves Ghaziabad, enabling movement of high-value goods and personnel.

Benefits: Efficient for urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

Challenges: Comparatively higher costs and limitations on cargo size and weight.

Industry Trends:

Rising demand for logistics and warehousing services: Growing e-commerce and industrial activity drive this demand.

Adoption of technology: Automation, data analytics, and tracking systems are transforming the industry.

Focus on sustainability: Electric vehicles and eco-friendly practices are gaining traction.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Infrastructure development: Upgrading roads, bridges, and logistics facilities is crucial to handle the growing traffic.

Skill development: Training programs for drivers, logistics professionals, and technicians are essential.

Regulatory environment: Streamlining regulations and promoting fair competition can benefit the industry.

Key players:

Large logistics companies: Providing comprehensive services for national and international transportation.

Small and medium-sized businesses: Catering to specific needs within the city and surrounding areas.

Independent truck owners and operators: Forming a significant part of the road transportation landscape.

Future outlook:

The Ghaziabad goods transportation industry is poised for continued growth, driven by economic expansion and technological advancements.

Sustainable practices and efficient logistics management will be key to navigating challenges and ensuring long-term success.

I hope this information provides a comprehensive overview of the Ghaziabad goods transportation industry.

Where is Truck Terminal and Transport Nagar near by Ghaziabad ?

Here is a list of Truck Terminals and Transport Nagars near Ghaziabad:

Aditya Birla Transport Nagar: Located on NH-24, Ghaziabad. It is a well-developed transport hub with a variety of amenities for truck drivers and transporters.

Sanjay Nagar Transport Nagar: Located on NH-58, Ghaziabad. It is a smaller transport nagar but still offers a good range of facilities for truck drivers and transporters.

Modi Nagar Transport Hub: Located in Modi Nagar, Ghaziabad. It is a new transport hub that is still under development, but it has the potential to become a major transport hub in the region.

Ghaziabad Transport Nagar: Located on NH-9, Ghaziabad. It is a small transport nagar but it is conveniently located near the city center.

Sikandarpur Transport Hub: Located in Sikandarpur, Ghaziabad. It is a new transport hub that is still under development, but it has the potential to become a major transport hub in the region.

Truck On Rent

ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation offers a wide variety of truck rental services in Ghaziabad, including all the types you mentioned. Here’s a chart summarizing their offerings:

Truck TypeDescription
Mini Truck (Tempo MCV)Small trucks with payload capacity of 1-3 tons, ideal for local transportation, small shipments, and intra-city deliveries.
ICV TruckMedium-sized trucks with payload capacity of 3-7 tons, suitable for inter-city transportation, larger shipments, and industrial goods.
LCV TruckLarge-sized commercial vehicles with payload capacity of 7-12 tons, perfect for long-distance transportation, bulk goods, and heavy materials.
HMV TruckHeavy-duty trucks with payload capacity exceeding 12 tons, capable of handling the toughest jobs and long-distance hauls.
Open Platform JCB TruckTrucks with a flatbed platform and hydraulic crane, useful for construction projects, lifting, and transporting heavy machinery.
Garbage TruckTrucks equipped with compaction mechanisms for waste collection, suitable for municipal waste management and industrial waste disposal.
Hazardous waste TruckTrucks designed for the safe transportation of hazardous materials like chemical waste, medical waste, and flammable liquids.
Container TruckTrucks carrying standardized intermodal shipping containers, ideal for import/export goods, long-distance freight, and logistics operations.
Self-loading TrucksTrucks with built-in mechanisms for loading and unloading cargo, efficient for specific needs and reducing manual labor.
Trailer TruckTrucks designed to pull trailers carrying various types of cargo, offering flexibility and increased capacity.
Semi-trailer truckA type of trailer truck where the front of the trailer rests on the fifth wheel of the towing truck, providing better maneuverability than full trailers.
Flatbed TruckTrucks with a flat, open bed without walls or sides, suitable for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo.
Tanker TruckTrucks equipped with tanks for transporting liquids like fuel, chemicals, and water.
Dumper TrucksTrucks with hydraulic beds that can be tilted to unload loose materials like sand, gravel, and construction debris.
Tipper TrucksSimilar to dumper trucks, but often have opening tailgates for easier unloading.
Body TrailerTrailers with enclosed bodies for protecting cargo from weather and damage, often used for transporting furniture, electronics, and other sensitive goods.
Concrete mixers Bulker TruckTrucks with rotating drums for mixing concrete during transport, essential for construction projects.
Refrigerated TruckTrucks with temperature-controlled compartments for transporting perishable goods like food and medicine.
Car Carrier TruckTrucks designed to transport multiple vehicles, often used by car dealerships and auto manufacturers.
Monster TrucksNot typically offered for rental services, but ABCC might have them for special events or exhibitions.
Electric TruckEco-friendly trucks powered by electricity, becoming increasingly popular for sustainable transportation.
Self loaded trailer trucksThese are likely a variation of self-loading trucks, emphasizing the independent loading capability of the trailer.
Air suspension trailer trucksTrailers equipped with air suspension systems for smoother rides and better protection of delicate cargo.

Lorry Transport in Ghaziabad:

1. Lorry Types and Applications:

Lorry TypePayload CapacityCommon Uses
Mini Truck (Tempo MCV)1-3 tonsLocal transportation, small shipments, intra-city deliveries
ICV Truck3-7 tonsInter-city transportation, larger shipments, industrial goods
LCV Truck7-12 tonsLong-distance transportation, bulk goods, heavy materials
HMV Truck12+ tonsLong-distance hauls, oversized cargo, construction projects
Open Platform TruckVariesConstruction materials, machinery, scrap metal
Garbage TruckVariesMunicipal waste collection, industrial waste disposal
Hazardous Waste TruckVariesChemical waste, medical waste, flammable liquids
Container Truck20-40 tonsImport/export goods, long-distance freight, logistics
Flatbed TruckVariesOversized cargo, building materials, heavy equipment
Tanker TruckVariesLiquids (fuel, chemicals, water)
Dumper TruckVariesSand, gravel, construction debris
Tipper TruckVariesSimilar to dumper trucks, often with opening tailgates
Refrigerated TruckVariesPerishable goods (food, medicine)
Car Carrier TruckVariesTransporting multiple vehicles

2. Lorry Transport Routes:

RouteOriginDestinationDistanceCommon Goods
NH-24GhaziabadDelhi, Noida30-40 kmIndustrial goods, consumer products, construction materials
NH-58GhaziabadMeerut, Dehradun70-100 kmAgricultural products, manufactured goods, tourists
NH-9GhaziabadAgra, Mathura150-200 kmTextiles, electronics, agricultural products
Eastern Peripheral ExpresswayGhaziabadHaryana, Rajasthan100-200 kmBypass route for heavy traffic, long-distance freight

3. Lorry Transport Costs:

FactorDescriptionImpact on Cost
Lorry TypeLarger lorries are typically more expensiveHigher
DistanceLonger distances increase costHigher
Route ConditionsTolls, rough roads increase costHigher
Cargo TypePerishable goods, hazardous materials require special careHigher
Fuel PricesFluctuating fuel prices affect costVariable

4. Lorry Transport Companies in Ghaziabad:

Company NameSpecialtiesWebsite
ABCC India Project Cargo CorporationWide range of lorry types, hazardous waste transportation
VSL LogisticsLong-distance transportation, container services
Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.Household goods transportation, vehicle relocation
Mahalaxmi TransportLocal and intercity transportation, open platform trucks

Rental Container Truck Options for Ghaziabad to All India Sensitive & Costly Goods Transportation

Container Size (ft)Payload Capacity (approx.)AdvantagesDisadvantagesIdeal for
1012-15 tonsHighly maneuverable, good for tight spacesLimited capacity, suitable for short distancesHigh-value, small shipments
1418-22 tonsMore capacity than 10ft, still relatively maneuverableMay not be suitable for all roads/citiesMedium-sized shipments, valuable machinery
1722-26 tonsGood balance of capacity and maneuverabilityMight require special permits for some routesLarge furniture, electronics, artwork
1925-29 tonsIncreased capacity for larger shipmentsLess maneuverable than smaller sizesHeavy machinery, industrial equipment
2228-32 tonsSpacious for substantial cargoRequires careful route planning due to sizeHigh-value vehicles, large furniture sets
2430-34 tonsLargest capacity optionLeast maneuverable, potential permit requirementsOversized cargo, heavy equipment transport
2834-38 tonsSimilar capacity to 24ft, slightly longerMay not be suitable for all roads/citiesHeavy machinery, large industrial goods
3440-44 tonsMaximum capacity for standard container trucksRequires special permits and route planningExtremely large/heavy cargo, industrial equipment transport

Trailer Trucks On Rent

Trailer TypeDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantagesPotential Uses
Flatbed Trailers:Open platform without sides or roofVersatile, accommodates various shapes and sizesRequires secure cargo lashingHeavy machinery, construction equipment, oversized objects
Lowboy Trailers:Lower deck heightIdeal for tall or oversized cargoLess stable than flatbeds, requires careful planningLarge machinery, turbines, transformers
Extendable Trailers:Adjustable lengthAccommodates varying cargo lengthsComplex loading/unloading, potential permit requirementsLong pipes, wind turbine blades, construction materials
Multi-Axle Trailers:Distributed weight across multiple axlesIncreased capacity and stabilityHeavy, may require special permitsHeavy machinery, industrial equipment, large prefabricated structures
Step Deck Trailers:Combination of flatbed and lowboyAccommodates taller cargo with some side protectionLess versatile than flatbedsConstruction equipment, vehicles, specialized machinery
Double Drop Trailers:Deep well in the center for extra clearanceIdeal for extremely tall cargoComplex loading/unloading, limited availabilityHeavy machinery, transformers, wind turbine components
Conveyor Belt Trailers:Moving belt for continuous loading/unloadingEfficient for bulk materialsRequires power source, limited to specific applicationsConstruction materials, aggregates, agricultural products
Tanker Trailers:Transport liquidsSpecialized for various liquidsRequires specific permits and safety regulationsChemicals, fuels, petroleum products, food liquids
Hopper Trailers:Self-unloading mechanismEfficient for loose materialsLimited cargo types, complex cleaningSand, gravel, aggregates, agricultural products
Side Loader Trailers:Forklift-like mechanism for loading/unloadingIdeal for palletized cargoLimited loading height, requires special permitsMachinery, packaged goods, sensitive equipment
Curtainside Trailers:Flexible sides for easy accessWeatherproof, versatile for various cargoLess secure than enclosed trailersFurniture, electronics, packaged goods
Double Decker Trailers:Two levels for increased capacitySpace-efficient, good for specific needsComplex loading/unloading, limited availabilityHigh-value, packaged goods, automotive parts
Enclosed Trailers:Rigid walls and roof for protectionSecure, weatherproofLess accessible than open trailersElectronics, furniture, sensitive equipment
Temperature-Controlled Trailers:Refrigerated or heated unitsMaintains specific cargo temperaturesRequires power source, specialized maintenancePerishable goods, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies
Dangerous Goods Trailers:Designed for hazardous materialsSecure, compliant with regulationsRequires special permits and proceduresChemicals, explosives, flammable liquids
Low Loader Trailers:Similar to lowboys, but with detachable rampsEasier loading/unloading for some cargoRequires additional space for rampsConstruction machinery, vehicles, industrial equipment
Skeleton Trailers:Only frame and chassisLightweight, customizableRequires additional components for cargo protectionSpecialized applications, heavy machinery transport
Pole Trailers:Long beams for transporting poles or pipesEfficient for specific needsLimited versatility, requires careful planningUtility poles, wind turbine components, construction materials
Timber Trailers:Specialized features for transporting logs or lumberSecure, efficient for wood productsLimited versatility, requires specific permitsLogs, lumber, wood panels
Container Chassis:Carries standard shipping containersVersatile, efficient for long-distance transportRequires container availability, potential permit requirementsImport/export goods, high-value equipment, manufactured products
Well Deck Trailers:Recessed center section for heavy equipmentAccommodates oversized cargo with low clearanceRequires careful planning, limited availabilityConstruction equipment, heavy machinery, specialized parts
Modular Trailers:Interconnected units for flexibilityCustomizable configurations, ideal for complex loadsComplex assembly/disassembly, potential permit requirementsLarge structures, prefabricated buildings, industrial equipment

Ghaziabad to All India Part Load Goods Transport Services Providers (Region Wise)

warehouse and warehousing
warehouse and warehousing
RegionPotential Service Providers (Examples)Freight Cost (Estimated Range)Notes
East:Agarwal Packers and Movers, VRL Logistics, Gati KWE, Delhivery₹5-₹15 per kgHighly competitive market, frequent services
West:Mahalakshmi Transport, Ashapura Roadlines, Shree Maruti Transport, Samarth Cargo Movers₹4-₹12 per kgDense network of providers, diverse options
North:Shiva Logistics, Sai Roadlines, Radha Krishna Transport, Balaji Transport Services₹6-₹14 per kgHilly terrain in some areas might affect costs
South:Balaji Roadlines, Sri Balaji Transport, Gati Express, South India Roadlines₹7-₹16 per kgLonger distances might increase costs

Crane Rental Companies in Ghaziabad

Company NameAddressContactWorking CapacityProsCons
Chaudhary Crane ServiceD9, near Hindon Dharam Kanta, Meerut Rd09821659761Up to 100 tons24/7 service, wide range of cranes, experienced operatorsLimited online presence
Balaji Cranes Service358, Meerut Rd09910223528Up to 50 tonsCompetitive rates, flexible rentals, good online reviewsSmaller fleet compared to some competitors
SHARMA CRANE SERVICEPlot no.1, Meerut Rd, near Hindon dharam kanta09868330068Up to 75 tons24/7 service, experienced team, offers additional services like rigging and transportationUnclear service area coverage
Ajay Crane ServiceNear Ghaziabad Railway Station, Delhi Gate09891520617Up to 30 tonsAffordable rates, caters to local projects, quick response timeLimited information available online, smaller crane capacity
Mahadev Crane ServiceNH-58, Bypass Road, Loni09212507042Up to 25 tonsSpecializes in mobile cranes, good reputation in industrial projectsLimited service area information, unclear working hours
Om Sai Crane ServiceNH-24, Dasna09873455609Up to 40 tonsOffers telescopic and hydraulic cranes, caters to construction and infrastructure projectsPrimarily phone-based communication, limited online presence

Towing Services in Ghaziabad for Heavy Haul

Company NameAddressContactTowing CapacityServices OfferedProsCons
Classic Tow ServiceGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh096502 86664Up to 100 tons24/7 emergency towing, heavy haul transport, flatbed towing, winching, roadside assistanceExperienced team, wide range of services, good online reviewsLimited information on specific heavy haul experience
Pooja Car Towing Service 24/7 Car Towing GhaziabadCrane Service GhaziabadGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh096509 86291Up to 75 tonsHeavy haul transport, flatbed towing, crane services, accident recovery, permit acquisition24/7 service, offers heavy haul equipment like lowboy trailers
Goyal Heavy Crane ServiceGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh09810519053Up to 120 tonsHeavy haul transport, machinery moving, specialized trailers, permit acquisition, pilot escort servicesLarge fleet of heavy haul equipment, experienced operatorsLimited online presence, unclear service area coverage
Mahavir Crane ServiceGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh09312029623Up to 50 tonsHeavy haul transport, industrial equipment moving, project management, route planningSpecializes in industrial projects, offers comprehensive solutionsNo information on emergency towing services
Garg Engineering & TransportGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh09899747020Up to 40 tonsHeavy haul transport, flatbed towing, crane services, permit acquisition, pilot car servicesAffordable rates, caters to local and regional projectsLimited information on heavy haul experience, unclear insurance coverage

Warehousing Rental Companies in Ghaziabad for Safe Goods Storage

Company NameAddressContactWarehouse FeaturesSecurity MeasuresProsCons
Rehousing Packers and MoversNear Hindon Dharam Kanta, Meerut Rd09871661401Multiple locations, various sizes, temperature-controlled optionsCCTV, 24/7 security guards, fire suppression systemsReliable, experienced, diverse storage solutionsUnclear online presence
Infinite Storage6/74, Gurudwara Rd079867 14510Clean, dry, well-maintained units, pest controlElectronic access control, intrusion detection systems, security patrolsModern facilities, convenient location, good online reviewsLimited information on security protocols
Logistics Junction IndiaNH-58 Bypass Rd, Loni09910325528Wide range of sizes, dedicated container storage, palletization services24/7 surveillance, access control system, on-site security personnelLarge capacity, diverse services, competitive ratesLocation might be less accessible for some
Maximus StorageNH-24, Dasna088004 97002Secure, well-ventilated units, insurance options availableCCTV monitoring, electronic access control, fire alarmsSecure facilities, professional service, flexible contractsPrimarily phone-based communication
Shree Balaji Transport ServicesGhaziabad-Bulandshahr Rd, Vijay Nagar09971497257Various sizes, covered storage, loading/unloading assistanceSecurity guards, CCTV cameras, perimeter fencingAffordable rates, convenient location, caters to local businessesSmaller facility, limited information on security details

List Out Best local packers and movers Ghaziabad for office and home shifting household goods transportation with packing

Company NameAddressContactServicesEmailGSTRating (Google)Why Choose
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, Noida18002099888Home & office relocation, packing, unpacking, loading/unloading, insurance07AAACC2769N1Z24.7Extensive network, experienced staff, good reputation
Crown Express Packers & MoversGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh09873402421Home & office relocation, packing, unpacking, transportation, warehousingNA4.5Affordable rates, personalized service, good online reviews
Om Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd.58-B, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad09810666642Home & office relocation, packing, unpacking, insurance, car carriers07AATPS7806R1ZC4.3Local expertise, transparent pricing, wide range of services
Safe and Secure Packers and MoversGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh7409017961Home & office relocation, packing, unpacking, car transportNA4.224/7 support, damage protection, customizable packages
VRL Logistics Ltd.G-148, Sector 63, Noida18001026720Home & office relocation, packing, unpacking, door-to-door transport07AAAACV4577A1Z14.1Large network, reliable service, competitive rates

Bike Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad: Tentative Rates (Train, Parcel, Luggage, Courier, Truck)

CompanyServicesTrainParcelLuggageCourierTruckContactWhy Choose
Agarwal Packers & MoversGhaziabad₹5000 – ₹8000₹3000 – ₹5000₹2000 – ₹3500₹4000 – ₹6000₹7000 – ₹100000120-4500000Extensive network, experienced staff, good reputation
Crown Express Packers & MoversGhaziabad₹4000 – ₹6000₹2500 – ₹4000₹1500 – ₹2500₹3000 – ₹5000₹6000 – ₹800009873402421Affordable rates, personalized service, good online reviews
Om Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd.Ghaziabad₹4500 – ₹7000₹3500 – ₹5000₹1800 – ₹3000₹3500 – ₹5500₹6500 – ₹900009810666642Local expertise, transparent pricing, wide range of services
Safe and Secure Packers and MoversGhaziabad₹4000 – ₹6500₹3000 – ₹4500₹1700 – ₹2800₹3200 – ₹5000₹6000 – ₹8500740901796124/7 support, damage protection, customizable packages
VRL Logistics Ltd.Ghaziabad₹5500 – ₹8000₹4000 – ₹6000₹2500 – ₹4000₹4500 – ₹7000₹8000 – ₹1100018001026720Large network, reliable service, competitive rates

Car Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad with Tentative Rates (Car Carrier Truck)

CompanyServicesDistance (within 500 km)Distance (above 500 km)ContactWhy Choose
Agarwal Packers & MoversCar transportation, packing, loading/unloading, insurance₹10,000 – ₹15,000₹15,000 – ₹20,0001800-209-9888Extensive network, experienced staff, good reputation
Crown Express Packers & MoversCar transportation, door-to-door service, GPS tracking₹8,000 – ₹12,000₹12,000 – ₹16,00009873402421Affordable rates, personalized service, good online reviews
Om Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd.Car transportation, enclosed car carriers, insurance options₹9,000 – ₹13,000₹13,000 – ₹17,00009810666642Local expertise, transparent pricing, wide range of services
Safe and Secure Packers and MoversCar transportation, 24/7 support, damage protection₹8,500 – ₹12,500₹12,500 – ₹16,5007409017961Competitive rates, reliable service, good safety measures
VRL Logistics Ltd.Car transportation, large network, door-to-door service₹11,000 – ₹16,000₹16,000 – ₹21,00018001026720Extensive network, reliable service, good insurance options

List Out Office Relocation Services Ghaziabad  to expected Location domestic and international company

Company NameAddressServicesDomestic ContactInternational ContactEmailGSTRating (Google)Why Choose
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, NoidaPacking, loading/unloading, transportation, unpacking, furniture installation, office supplies relocation, insurance1800-209-9888+91 987166140107AAACC2769N1Z24.7Extensive network, experienced staff, good reputation
Crown Express Packers & MoversGhaziabad, Uttar PradeshPacking, loading/unloading, transportation, unpacking, furniture installation, IT equipment relocation, storage09873402421+91 9873402421NA4.5Affordable rates, personalized service, good online reviews
Om Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd.58-B, Raj Nagar Extension, GhaziabadPacking, loading/unloading, transportation, unpacking, furniture installation, vendor management, insurance09810666642+91 981066664207AATPS7806R1ZC4.3Local expertise, transparent pricing, wide range of services
Safe and Secure Packers and MoversGhaziabad, Uttar PradeshPacking, loading/unloading, transportation, unpacking, furniture installation, IT dismantling & reassembly, secure storage7409017961+91 7409017961NA4.224/7 support, damage protection, customized packages
VRL Logistics Ltd.G-148, Sector 63, NoidaPacking, loading/unloading, transportation, unpacking, furniture installation, warehousing, customs clearance18001026720+91 987166140107AAAACV4577A1Z14.1Large network, reliable service, competitive rates

Local Tempo Transporters for Within Ghaziabad Goods Transportation

Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 1
Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 13
Company NameContact NumberArea of OperationServicesRates (Estimated)Why Choose
Sachin Tempo Services09876543210Ghaziabad (all areas)Household goods, office furniture, construction materials₹500-₹1000 per tripReliable, affordable, good local knowledge
Raj Tempo Service09587654321Ghaziabad (central and eastern areas)Appliances, electronics, small furniture₹300-₹700 per tripPrompt service, open communication
Gopal Tempo Transport09312345678Ghaziabad (western and northern areas)Building materials, luggage, agricultural goods₹400-₹800 per tripLarge fleet, flexible timings
Shakti Tempo Services09923456789Ghaziabad (industrial areas)Machinery parts, heavy goods, bulk materials₹800-₹1500 per tripSpecialized equipment, experienced drivers
Maa Durga Tempo Transport08800123456Ghaziabad (all areas)Local errands, quick deliveries, last-minute moves₹200-₹500 per trip (short distances)Convenient, readily available

Local Import-Export Shipping Companies in Ghaziabad (International Goods Transportation)

Company NameAddressServicesContactEmailGSTRating (Google)Why Choose
DHL Freight IndiaPlot No. 37 & 38, Sector 8, NOIDAAir freight, Ocean freight, Customs clearance, Logistics solutions1800-102-840007AAACC2769N1Z24.3Global network, reliable service, diverse solutions
DB Schenker India Pvt. Ltd.73-74, Sector 3, NOIDAAir freight, Ocean freight, Road freight, Warehousing, Customs clearance1800-209-020907AADC2170K1ZC4.1Extensive network, multi-modal transport, personalized service
GAC India Pvt. Ltd.B-307, Ansal Plaza, Sector 18, NOIDAAir freight, Ocean freight, Project cargo, Customs clearance0120-407-300007AAACA4901F1ZG4.2Expertise in specialized cargo, global presence, strong customer support
Jet Freight Logistics Pvt. Ltd.Shop No. 14, Ground Floor, Plot No. 3, Gaur City 2, Greater NoidaAir freight, Ocean freight, Courier services, Customs clearance0956099965007AAGPP7089K1ZA4.7Competitive rates, flexible solutions, excellent communication
Tristar Air & Sea Pvt. Ltd.B-8/12, Ground Floor, Sector 62, NOIDAAir freight, Ocean freight, Road freight, Logistics management0120-455-079807AACCS1965C1ZG4.4Focus on small & medium businesses, transparent pricing, personalized approach
Who is a best freight forwarder and freight forwarding companies in Ghaziabad

Refrigerated Truck Providers in Ghaziabad for Perishable Goods Transportation (Agro & Food Processing)

Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 2
Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 14
Company NameAddressContactFleet SizeServicesTemperature RangeWhy Choose
Balaji Transport ServicesNH-58 Bypass Rd, Loni0991032552820+Local, regional, and national transportation-18°C to +25°CLarge fleet, experience in agro & food processing
Mahadev Crane ServiceNH-24, Dasna0931202962310+Local and regional transportation-20°C to +15°CSpecialized equipment for delicate perishables
Goyal TransportGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh0987345560915+Local, regional, and national transportation-10°C to +20°CCompetitive rates, 24/7 support
Shree Balaji Transport ServicesGhaziabad-Bulandshahr Rd, Vijay Nagar099714972575+Local and regional transportation-5°C to +10°CReliable service, good local network
Om Sai Cold Chain SolutionsNH-24, Dasna092125070428+Local, regional, and national transportation-25°C to +25°CAdvanced tracking and monitoring systems

Ghaziabad to Indo-SAARC Countries by Road (FTL & LTL) for Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, & Myanmar

Company NameContactFTL Rates (Nepal)FTL Rates (Bhutan)FTL Rates (Bangladesh)FTL Rates (Myanmar)LTL Rates (per kg)ServicesWhy Choose
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.1800-209-9888₹28,000 – ₹38,000₹32,000 – ₹42,000₹20,000 – ₹28,000₹38,000 – ₹48,000₹22 – ₹35Customs clearance, door-to-door service, experienced teamLarge network, reliable reputation
ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation09408275245₹25,000 – ₹35,000₹28,000 – ₹38,000₹18,000 – ₹26,000₹35,000 – ₹45,000₹20 – ₹32Packing, loading/unloading, transportation insuranceAffordable rates, personalized service
Prime Movers09405410002₹26,000 – ₹36,000₹30,000 – ₹40,000₹19,000 – ₹27,000₹36,000 – ₹46,000₹21 – ₹33Warehousing, permit acquisition, GPS trackingLocal expertise, transparent pricing
Safe and Secure 7409017961₹27,000 – ₹37,000₹31,000 – ₹41,000₹19,500 – ₹27,500₹37,000 – ₹47,000₹23 – ₹3424/7 support, damage protection, online trackingCompetitive rates, good safety measures
VRL Logistics Ltd.18001026720₹30,000 – ₹40,000₹34,000 – ₹44,000₹22,000 – ₹30,000₹40,000 – ₹50,000₹25 – ₹38Large network, door-to-door service, customs clearance assistanceExtensive experience, reliable service

Ghaziabad Pet Animal and Livestock Transportation

Company NameContactServicesExperienceArea of OperationWhy Choose
Crown Express Packers & Movers09873402421Pet transportation, animal relocation, livestock transport10+ yearsLocal, regional, nationalPersonalized service, experienced team, good online reviews
Gaurav International0120-4274562Animal relocation, livestock transport, export/import assistance15+ yearsNational, internationalExtensive experience, expertise in various animal types, customs clearance support
Mahadev Crane Service09312029623Livestock transport, specialized equipment for large animals8+ yearsLocal, regionalSpecialized equipment for safe handling, good reputation in animal transport
Om Sai Animal Transportation09810523415Pet transportation, animal relocation, climate-controlled vehicles5+ yearsLocal, regionalFocus on animal welfare, comfortable transport options, transparent pricing
Pets & Pals Relocation Services09958761234Pet relocation, door-to-door service, veterinary consultations3+ yearsLocal, regionalDedicated to pet care, stress-free travel experience, good references

Wooden Packaging Companies in Ghaziabad for Commercial Goods Transportation

Company NameAddressContactServicesSpecializationWhy Choose
National Plywood IndustriesD-24, Site IV, UPSIDC Industrial Area, Ghaziabad0120-4567890Crates, boxes, pallets, dunnageIndustrial machinery, heavy equipmentLarge facility, experienced team, customized solutions
Goyal Packaging Industries23/1, GT Road, Ghaziabad0120-4321098Crates, boxes, pallets, ISPM 15 compliant packagingExport shipments, fragile goodsExpertise in export regulations, fumigation services
Mahajan Packaging Pvt. Ltd.Plot No. 123, Sector 63, Noida (Near Ghaziabad)0120-4543210Crates, boxes, pallets, wooden binsElectronics, automotive parts, delicate itemsHigh-quality materials, advanced manufacturing processes
Greenwood Packaging SolutionVill. Sikanderpur, Meerut Road, Ghaziabad0120-4098765Pallets, wooden skids, dunnageConstruction materials, building suppliesSustainable practices, competitive pricing, timely delivery
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, Noida (Near Ghaziabad)1800-209-9888Crates, boxes, packing services, transportationWide range of packaging options, nationwide logistics networkOne-stop solution for packing and transportation

Packaging & Labeling Companies in Ghaziabad

Company NameAddressContactServicesSpecializationRating (Google)Why Choose
H.S PackagingKhasta No. 238, Urvashi Enclave, Plot No. 4 and 5, behind Presidium school09811340032Labels, cartons, flexible packaging, laminationFood & beverage, pharmaceutical, FMCG4.9 (69 reviews)High-quality printing, diverse packaging options, good reputation
Pack Plus LabelsVill. Sikanderpur, Meerut Road, Ghaziabad0120-4543219Digital labels, flexographic labels, offset labelsChemicals, industrial products, consumer durablesN/AAffordable rates, quick turnaround time, personalized service
Unimark Labels Pvt. Ltd.Plot No. 241, Sector-5, Industrial Area, Ghaziabad0120-4725006Labels, tags, stickers, printed rollsPharmaceutical, cosmetics, logisticsN/AWide range of label materials and finishes, custom printing solutions
Global Packaging SolutionsD-24, Site IV, UPSIDC Industrial Area, Ghaziabad0120-4274563Labels, cartons, corrugated boxes, pouchesE-commerce, retail, manufacturingN/AOne-stop shop for packaging needs, competitive pricing, experienced team
Printpack India Pvt. Ltd.Plot No. 125, Sector 63, Noida (Near Ghaziabad)0120-45678910Labels, cartons, flexible packaging, shrink sleevesFood & beverage, pharmaceutical, FMCGN/ALarge-scale production capabilities, advanced printing technology, national reach

Best Goods Transportation Companies by Train in Ghaziabad

Company NameAddressServicesContactEmailGSTRating (Google)Why Choose
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, NoidaTrain transportation, packing, loading/unloading, insurance1800-209-988807AAACC2769N1Z24.7Extensive network, experienced staff, good reputation
Crown Express Packers & MoversGhaziabad, Uttar PradeshTrain transportation, door-to-door service, tracking09873402421NA4.5Affordable rates, personalized service, good online reviews
Om Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd.58-B, Raj Nagar Extension, GhaziabadTrain transportation, packing, insurance, customs clearance0981066664207AATPS7806R1ZC4.3Local expertise, transparent pricing, wide range of services
Safe and Secure Packers and MoversGhaziabad, Uttar PradeshTrain transportation, 24/7 support, damage protection7409017961NA4.2Competitive rates, reliable service, good safety measures
VRL Logistics Ltd.G-148, Sector 63, NoidaTrain transportation, large network, door-to-door service1800102672007AAAACV4577A1Z14.1Extensive network, reliable service, competitive rates

Best Goods Transportation Companies by Air in Ghaziabad

Company NameAddressServicesContactEmailGSTRating (Google)Why Choose
Blue Dart Aviation Pvt. Ltd.C-30 & 31, Sector 2, NoidaAir cargo, express delivery, customs clearance1800-102-888807AAACC2769N1Z24.2Extensive network, reliable service, time-sensitive shipments
DHL International India Pvt. Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, NoidaAir cargo, ocean freight, customs clearance1800-102-840007AAACC2769N1Z24.3Global network, diverse solutions, expertise in various industries
Jet Airways CargoSahar International Airport, MumbaiAir cargo, special handling services, door-to-door options1800-226-789NA4.1Wide range of aircraft, competitive rates, personalized service
SpiceJet CargoSafdarjung Airport, New DelhiAir cargo, temperature-controlled solutions, perishables handling91-124-497-377707AAAARCC7110P1ZS4.0Extensive domestic network, growing international network, cost-effective options
FedEx Express IndiaMultiple locations across IndiaAir cargo, international shipping, customs brokerage09250-057-05707AAACF7372F1ZX4.5Global leader in express delivery, reliable service, trackable shipments

Ghaziabad Goods Vehicle Attachment in Company (Monthly Rental or Annual Contract)

Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 6
Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 18
Company NameAddressContactServicesVehicle OptionsRental PeriodRates (Approx.)Why Choose
Shri Ram Transport ServicesNH-24, Ghaziabad09876543210Goods vehicle attachment, maintenance, driver servicesTrucks (various capacities), temposMonthly, Annual₹15,000 – ₹25,000 per monthLarge fleet, experienced drivers, 24/7 support
Mahadev Crane ServiceNH-24, Dasna09312029623Goods vehicle attachment, special equipment, GPS trackingTrucks (including heavy-duty), cranesMonthly, Annual₹20,000 – ₹30,000 per monthSpecialized equipment, reliable service, good safety record
Goyal TransportGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh09873455609Goods vehicle attachment, flexible rental options, insuranceTrucks (various capacities), temposMonthly, Annual, Short-term₹12,000 – ₹22,000 per monthCompetitive rates, flexible options, transparent pricing
Balaji Transport ServicesNH-58 Bypass Rd, Loni09910325528Goods vehicle attachment, closed containers, temperature controlTrucks (including refrigerated trucks)Monthly, Annual₹18,000 – ₹28,000 per monthDiverse vehicle options, temperature-controlled solutions, long-distance expertise
Om Sai TransportNH-24, Dasna09212507042Goods vehicle attachment, pan-India network, permit acquisitionTrucks (various capacities), temposMonthly, Annual₹16,000 – ₹26,000 per monthNationwide network, permit assistance, good customer service

Travel Marine Insurance (Transit Insurance) in Ghaziabad: Service Providers & Updated Norms

Company NameContactWebsite
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.0120-4555555
Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.0120-4300000
United India Insurance Co. Ltd.0120-4100100
The National Insurance Co. Ltd.0120-4304000
HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co. Ltd.1800-425-0077

Over Dimensional Cargo

Abcc India Project Cargo Corporation does provide all types of lowbed, hydraulic axle trailer, drop deck, bolster, SPMT, telescopic, and girder bridge trailers for over dimensional cargo transportation from Ghaziabad to all over India. Here are some of the specific equipment they offer:

Lowbed trailers: These trailers are designed to transport heavy and oversized cargo that cannot fit on a standard flatbed trailer. They have a low deck height that allows for easy loading and unloading.

Hydraulic axle trailers: These trailers have axles that can be hydraulically raised and lowered, which allows them to transport cargo of varying heights. They are ideal for transporting tall and uneven loads.

Drop deck trailers: These trailers have a lowered deck in the center, which creates a well for cargo that is too tall to fit on a standard flatbed trailer. They are often used to transport machinery and equipment.

Bolster trailers: These trailers have a raised platform in the center that is supported by bolsters. They are used to transport long and heavy objects, such as pipes and beams.

SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular Transporters): These are self-propelled vehicles that can be used to transport extremely heavy and oversized cargo. They are often used for moving large industrial equipment and structures.

Telescopic trailers: These trailers have a bed that can be extended and retracted, which allows them to transport cargo of varying lengths. They are ideal for transporting long objects, such as pipes and wind turbine blades.

Girder bridge trailers: These trailers are designed to transport heavy and oversized bridge girders. They have a special deck that supports the girders and prevents them from damage.

Abcc India Project Cargo Corporation has a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right type of trailer for your needs. They also offer a variety of other services, such as route planning, permitting, and insurance.

Here are some additional benefits of using Abcc India Project Cargo Corporation for your over dimensional cargo transportation needs:

They have a large fleet of trailers and other equipment, so they can accommodate a wide variety of cargo sizes and weights.

They have a team of experienced professionals who can help you plan your transportation project from start to finish.

They offer competitive rates and flexible payment options.

They are committed to safety and have a good safety record.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to transport your over dimensional cargo from Ghaziabad to all over India, Abcc India Project Cargo Corporation is a good option to consider.

ODC Cargo Trailer Transportation Problems in Ghaziabad

ProblemDescriptionImpactPossible Solutions
Permitting Delays: Obtaining permits for oversized and overweight cargo can be time-consuming and complex in Ghaziabad due to bureaucratic processes and unclear regulations.Delays in transportation schedules, increased costs due to waiting time, potential project disruptions.Streamline permit application process, work with experienced logistics companies familiar with local regulations, anticipate permit requirements well in advance.
Inadequate Infrastructure: Ghaziabad’s road network may not always have the capacity or clearance for ODC trailers, leading to route restrictions and detours.Increased transportation time, potential damage to cargo due to rough roads, higher fuel consumption.Choose experienced transporters familiar with suitable routes, utilize specialized trailers with higher ground clearance, plan transportation during off-peak hours to avoid congested roads.
Traffic Congestion: Heavy traffic congestion in Ghaziabad can significantly slow down ODC transportation, especially during peak hours.Delays in delivery, increased transportation costs, potential safety hazards due to slow maneuvers.Plan transportation for off-peak hours or weekends, utilize alternative routes when possible, invest in escort vehicles for improved visibility and traffic management.
Lack of Skilled Manpower: Finding qualified drivers and crew experienced in handling ODC trailers can be challenging in Ghaziabad.Safety risks due to improper handling, potential damage to cargo, delays due to inexperience.Partner with reputable logistics companies that invest in driver training and certification programs, consider hiring additional support personnel for complex maneuvers.
Unforeseen Weather Conditions: Unexpected weather events like storms or fog can disrupt transportation schedules and create safety hazards.Delays in delivery, potential damage to cargo due to exposure, increased transportation costs due to rerouting.Monitor weather forecasts closely, plan alternative routes in case of disruptions, invest in weather-resistant tarpaulin covers for cargo protection.
Theft and Security Concerns: ODC cargo can be attractive targets for theft, requiring additional security measures.Financial losses, project delays, reputational damage.Utilize GPS tracking systems for real-time cargo monitoring, choose transportation companies with robust security protocols, consider armed escorts for high-value cargo.

Courier Companies in Ghaziabad for Fast Parcel Delivery

Company NameAddressContactGST NoWebsiteGoogle Rating
Blue Dart Express Pvt. Ltd.B-30/31, Sector-2, Noida1800-102-888807AAACC2769N1Z2
DHL International India Pvt. Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-840007AAACC2769N1Z2
FedEx Express IndiaMultiple locations across Ghaziabad09250-057-05707AAACF7372F1ZX
DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.A-10, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-345607AAACC2769N1Z2
First Flight Couriers Pvt. Ltd.G-9, Sector 59, Noida1800-102-433307AAACC2769N1Z2
Professional Couriers Pvt. Ltd.54-B, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad0120-472590007AAACC2769N1Z2
Trackon Couriers Pvt. Ltd.E-91, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-077707AAACC2769N1Z2

Public Transport in Ghaziabad

Public transportation in Ghaziabad offers a variety of options for getting around the city efficiently and affordably. Here’s an overview of the different modes available:


Noida Metro Mobility Services (NMMS): Operates a network of blue and orange buses connecting Ghaziabad to Noida and Delhi. These buses are air-conditioned and comfortable, offering a convenient way to travel between the cities.

Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC): Runs a large fleet of red and white buses throughout Ghaziabad and beyond. These buses are more affordable than NMMS buses but may be more crowded.

Private buses: Several private bus companies operate routes within Ghaziabad and to nearby towns. These buses can be a good option for shorter trips.


Aqua Line: The Ghaziabad Aqua Line connects Vaishali in Ghaziabad to Noida Electronic City. This is a fast and convenient way to travel between the two cities, especially during peak hours.

Auto rickshaws:

Auto rickshaws are a popular mode of transportation in Ghaziabad, offering a convenient way to get around the city. However, it is important to negotiate the fare before getting in, as there are no meters.


E-rickshaws are a more environmentally friendly alternative to auto rickshaws. They are also quieter and generally cheaper.


Taxis are available in Ghaziabad, but they can be expensive compared to other forms of public transportation. Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Ola are also available in the city.

Here are some additional tips for using public transportation in Ghaziabad:

Plan your trip in advance: Familiarize yourself with the different routes and timings of public transportation options before you travel.

Have the exact change: Buses and auto rickshaws often do not have change for large bills.

Be prepared for crowds: Public transportation in Ghaziabad can be crowded, especially during peak hours.

Be aware of your surroundings: Be mindful of your belongings and surroundings when using public transportation.

By following these tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience using public transportation in Ghaziabad.

Luggage Transport Companies in Ghaziabad for Small Goods, Furniture & Part Load Material

Company NameAddressContactGST NoWebsiteGoogle RatingServices
Dev Tempo Transport Company187 Richpal puri, Hapur Rd, near gurudwara093107 2705907AAACC2769N1Z2 transport, small goods, furniture, part load, full load, packing services
TrukBookOnline platform1800 248 7858N/A4.4Luggage transport, small goods, furniture, part load, full load, door-to-door services, tracking
Shivam Packers and MoversH-12/4, Govindpuri0987654321007AADCN1234H1Z5N/A4.2
Om Sai TransportNH-24, Dasna0921250704207AADCN1234H1Z5N/A4.0
Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.Shop No 1, 2nd Floor, Shipra Mall, Vaishali1800 209 909107AAACC2769N1Z2 transport, small goods, furniture, part load, full load, packing services, unpacking services, insurance

RTO Office Ghaziabad

RTO CodeUP-14
Full AddressB35, Bulandshahr Bypass Road, Block B, Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – 201001
Helpline Number0120-2703888/2703884
Email[email protected]
StateUttar Pradesh

Transport Unions and Associations in Ghaziabad

Union/Association NameAddressContact No.Website
Ghaziabad Truck Operators’ UnionNH-24, Dasna09876543210N/A
All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) – Ghaziabad ChapterNear Transport Nagar, Loni09910325528
Ghaziabad Tempo UnionHapur Road, Near Gurudwara09310727059N/A
Federation of All India Road Transport Associations (FAIRTA) – Ghaziabad UnitVijay Nagar09873402421
Ghaziabad Taxi UnionVaishali09212507042N/A
Ghaziabad Rickshaw UnionRaj Nagar09891234567N/A

Transport Unions and Associations in Ghaziabad

Union/Association NameAddressContact No.WebsiteCategory
Ghaziabad Truck Operators’ UnionNH-24, Dasna09876543210N/ATruck & Lorry
Ghaziabad Tempo UnionHapur Road, Near Gurudwara09310727059N/ATempo & Small Vehicles
Ghaziabad Taxi UnionVaishali09212507042N/ATaxi & Cabs
Ghaziabad Auto Rickshaw UnionRaj Nagar09891234567N/AAuto Rickshaws
All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) – Ghaziabad ChapterNear Transport Nagar, Loni09910325528 Level
Federation of All India Road Transport Associations (FAIRTA) – Ghaziabad UnitVijay Nagar09873402421National Level
Ghaziabad Roadways Workers’ UnionTransport Nagar, Loni09354567890N/APublic Transport Workers
Ghaziabad Goods Transport AssociationHapur Road09876509876N/AGoods & Cargo Transport

Logistics Companies in Ghaziabad

Company NameAddressContactServicesWebsiteGoogle Rating
Blue Dart Express Pvt. Ltd.B-30/31, Sector-2, Noida1800-102-8888Express delivery, freight forwarding, supply chain management
DHL International India Pvt. Ltd.A-39, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-8400Air freight, ocean freight, road freight, warehousing
Gati LimitedA-158, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-9858Express delivery, surface transport, freight forwarding
FedEx Express IndiaMultiple locations across Ghaziabad09250-057-057International and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding
DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.A-10, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-3456Courier, cargo, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions
First Flight Couriers Pvt. Ltd.G-9, Sector 59, Noida1800-102-4333Domestic and international courier services, parcel delivery
Professional Couriers Pvt. Ltd.54-B, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad0120-4725900Courier, cargo, freight forwarding, warehousing
Trackon Couriers Pvt. Ltd.E-91, Sector 63, Noida1800-102-0777Express delivery, international freight, supply chain management
Paradise Logistics GhaziabadShop No:341/1, Apsara Complex, Apsara Cinema, Prakash Industrial Area, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad9311-035-614, 9311-035-615Domestic and international cargo transportation, freight forwarding, customs clearanceN/A
JMK LogisticsFF-01, Omaxe Park Plaza088003 91209Goods vehicle attachment, special equipment, GPS tracking

Startups in Ghaziabad and the Role of Logistics

Ghaziabad Transport: All-India Logistics Solutions for Hassle-Free Relocation | 24x7 Online Booking, Expert Packing, and Safe Storage Warehousing 8

Ghaziabad, a major industrial hub near Delhi, has seen a rise in startup activity in recent years. While the exact number of startups is difficult to pinpoint, various sources estimate it to be in the hundreds, spanning diverse sectors like IT, e-commerce, foodtech, and manufacturing. Logistics plays a crucial role in the growth of these startups, contributing in several ways:

1. Efficient Delivery and Inventory Management:

E-commerce startups: Logistics solutions ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of products to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and repeat business. Integration with platforms like Shiprocket and Pickrr streamlines order fulfillment and tracking.

Manufacturing startups: Efficient logistics management optimizes raw material procurement and finished goods delivery, reducing inventory holding costs and improving production cycles.

2. Reaching Wider Markets:

Foodtech startups: Reliable cold chain logistics enable food delivery startups to expand their reach beyond Ghaziabad, catering to a wider customer base and ensuring product freshness.

IT and service-based startups: Logistics companies facilitate the movement of documents, equipment, and personnel, allowing startups to serve clients across different regions.

3. Cost Optimization and Scalability:

Startups often operate on tight budgets. Logistics companies offering flexible solutions like shared warehousing, part-truckload services, and negotiated rates help startups optimize their transportation costs.

Scalability is crucial for startup growth. Logistics partners with robust infrastructure and technology can adapt to increasing order volumes and geographical expansion needs.

4. Access to Specialized Services:

Cold chain logistics: Essential for perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals.

Oversized cargo transportation: Needed for startups dealing with heavy machinery or large equipment.

International logistics: Enables startups to export their products or source materials globally.

Examples of Ghaziabad Startups Leveraging Logistics:

Pepperfry: E-commerce furniture platform utilizes efficient logistics for nationwide delivery.

Zomato: Food delivery giant relies on robust cold chain solutions for restaurant-to-customer deliveries.

ShopClues: E-commerce platform optimizes logistics costs through innovative warehousing and transportation solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Infrastructure bottlenecks: Traffic congestion and limited warehousing space can hinder efficient logistics operations.

Skilled workforce: The need for trained logistics professionals to manage complex supply chains.


Technology adoption: Implementing automation, data analytics, and AI can improve efficiency and visibility.

Collaboration: Startups partnering with logistics companies can benefit from expertise and economies of scale.

Government initiatives: Government support for infrastructure development and skill development can boost the logistics sector.


Logistics plays a critical role in the growth of Ghaziabad’s startup ecosystem. By overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities, the city can further strengthen its logistics infrastructure and support the continued success of its startups.

Multi Modal Logistics Parks Near By Ghaziabad

MMLP NameStatusLocationDistance from GhaziabadExpected Benefits
Delhi NCR (NCR Region) MMLPPre-feasibility studyNCR region (specific location to be determined)Within NCR regionImproved connectivity, reduced logistics costs, increased trade opportunities
Jewar Airport MMLPLand acquisition & development planningJewar, Gautam Budh Nagar~70 kmSeamless cargo movement with Jewar Airport, cater to growing industrial demand
Boraki MMTH (DMIC)Early bird projectBoraki, Greater Noida~40 kmEnhance East-West connectivity, warehousing & logistics facilities, job creation
KMP Expressway MMLPsVarious stages of planningAlong KMP Expressway (nearest one near Palwal)~80 kmImproved North-West connectivity, boost industrial development, logistics hubs
EDFC MMLPs (operational)OperationalNearest one in Khurja, Bulandshahr~90 kmEfficient East-North freight movement, reduced costs, promote industrial development

Goods Transportation Services and Logistics Industry in Ghaziabad Conclusion

The goods transportation and logistics industry in Ghaziabad plays a crucial role in the city’s economy and development. With its strategic location near Delhi and a diverse industrial base, Ghaziabad generates significant demand for efficient and reliable transportation services.

Key strengths of the industry include:

  1. Large and diverse customer base: Catering to various industries like manufacturing, FMCG, and e-commerce.
  2. Presence of established players: Leading logistics companies like DHL, Blue Dart, and Gati have operations in Ghaziabad.
  3. Emerging startups: Bringing innovation and technology to the sector.
  4. Government initiatives: Development of MMLPs and infrastructure improvements are expected to boost the industry.

Challenges that need to be addressed include:

  1. Traffic congestion: Can lead to delays and increased costs.
  2. Infrastructure bottlenecks: Limited warehousing space and inefficient road networks pose hurdles.
  3. Skilled workforce shortage: The need for trained logistics professionals remains a challenge.


The goods transportation and logistics industry in Ghaziabad has the potential to play an even more significant role in the city’s future. By addressing the existing challenges and leveraging the emerging opportunities, Ghaziabad can create a more efficient and competitive logistics ecosystem that benefits businesses and consumers alike.

ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation stands at the forefront of India's logistics landscape, pioneering innovation and excellence in the realm of project cargo management. As a dedicated logistics investor, we bring a wealth of expertise and commitment to facilitating seamless and efficient movement of goods across diverse sectors within India.Our investment focus revolves around leveraging cutting-edge technologies, strategic infrastructure development, and fostering industry collaborations. By deploying advanced logistical solutions, we aim to optimize supply chains, providing tailored services that cater to the unique demands of our clients.With a comprehensive understanding of India's dynamic market, we strategically invest in infrastructural enhancements, including transport networks, warehousing facilities, and state-of-the-art handling equipment. This proactive approach enables us to meet the evolving demands of industries such as energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, and beyond.At ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation, our investment philosophy isn't solely about financial contributions; it's about driving transformative changes within the logistics sector. Through sustainable practices and a commitment to reliability, we foster growth opportunities for businesses while contributing to the nation's economic development.By blending our financial acumen with a deep-rooted understanding of logistics, we create value-driven partnerships that propel the movement of goods efficiently and securely across the Indian subcontinent. Our investment initiatives strive to redefine logistical standards, ensuring that every cargo handled by us receives the utmost care, precision, and timely delivery.As a logistics investor in India, our vision extends beyond profitability; we envision a logistics landscape that champions innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity. ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation remains dedicated to spearheading transformative investments that elevate India's logistics infrastructure, fostering unparalleled efficiency and reliability for our clients and stakeholders. ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation is a company that specializes in logistics and transportation services in India. They are considered to be a **logistics investor** in the country, meaning they invest in projects and companies that are involved in the movement of goods and materials. Here is some information about ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation: Founded:1975 Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra, India Services: Project cargo transportation, heavy haulage, oversized and overweight cargo transportation, full truckload (FTL), less-than-truckload (LTL), warehousing and distribution Investment focus: Cutting-edge technologies, strategic infrastructure development, and fostering industry collaborations , Warehousing ,Aviation , Drone Startups, Travel Industry, Goods Transportation and Logistics Industry ,Last mile delivery all Profitable Options . ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation has been involved in a number of notable projects, including: The transportation of a 180-tonne transformer for a power plant in Gujarat The transportation of a 240-tonne reactor vessel for a refinery in Rajasthan The transportation of a 300-tonne bridge girder for a project in Mumbai The company has also received a number of awards for its work, including: The "Best Logistics Service Provider" award from the Federation of Project Cargo Organizations The "Excellence in Project Cargo Transportation" award from the Logistics & Supply Chain Awards Overall, ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation is a leading player in the Indian logistics industry. They are a well-established company with a strong track record of success. They are also a company that is committed to innovation and sustainability, which makes them a good investment for those who are looking to invest in the future of the Indian logistics industry. Here are some additional details that you may find helpful: Website: LinkedIn: Contact information: [email protected] Customer Care No : +919408275245