Heavy Hauling ODC Trailer Transportation in Tanda Ambedkar Nagar district UP

Tanda Ambedkar Nagar district UP:

Tanda is a city in Ambedkar Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. It is also a part of municipal board. Tanda is famous for its Tanda Terricot clothes. The “Tanda Terricot” has been developed to a great extent. Tanda Terricot is now manufactured on powerful looms. Tanda city has a heritage in weaving using hand looms. With the advent of electricity things changed.

Industries and ABCC Company in Tanda:

Clothes manufacturing also advanced and started using power looms. Mentioning about the different kind of clothes manufactured in Tanda, they include lugi, gamcha, Arabian Scarf, Saris, Suit length, Shirting, Stoles, Dhoti, etc. ABCC Company has a leading name in the market. We have been on the top list among transport industries all over. ABCC Company has turned out to be on foremost position because of incomparable hard work of its members.

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ABCC Company is responsible to provide a large number of special services which include:-

1) Truck transportation: Trucks are the easiest way to transport of goods. Trucks are selected on basis of the amount of goods that are to be transported. The type of trucks includes two wheeler truck, mini-truck, trolley, etc.

2) Container transportation:  ABCC Company has special containers. That is used for special size goods. Our company deals with the easy and fast transfer of container goods.

3) Flat rack container: No walls vehicles that are used for transport of big goods from one place to another are referred to as flat rack container. The size of the flat rack container depends on the item and the number of items to be transported.

4) Low boy trailer:  Special kind of transport vehicle used to carry legal loads up to 12 feet is termed as low boy trailer. We are one among the top companies in providing with this facility.

5) High bed trailer:  High bed trailer specialises to carry heavy load and are widely known for their quality and durability. We provide this facility at a reasonable cost.

6) Modular hydraulic axle trailer: These are among the best technology and we offer this facility to our customers. We are very privileged to have this facility available to our customers. They are used to carry over bulky and heavy cargo.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh tanda ambedkar nagar North India to all india

Tanda also has much industrial development over the years. The major reason is the power plant run by National Thermal Power Cooperation and the Jaypee cement factory. National Thermal Power Corporation has installed capacity of 440 MW (4×110 MW). This power plant also houses a residential colony along with a hospital and educational facilities. This led to a very fast development of Tanda region. The import export business should be done at a very fast rate so as to ensure the development of any region. ABCC Company deals with import export business and helps small and big industries to exchange their goods.

Transportation and ABCC Company contribution:

Tanda is very well connected to other regions via different means which included road, railways and air. The rail connections are used primarily for goods transportation for power plant and cement factory. For passenger transportation the major junctions are Akbarpur Junction and Faizabad Junction. Tanda is about 182 kilometres from Lucknow.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh tanda ambedkar nagar North India to all india

Trade between any two places is an important aspect for the development of that area. ABCC Company ensures that transport of goods is done safe and secure. We take regular checks on the quality of goods. Our main concern is about transport of goods to subject location. ABCC Company considers customer satisfaction to be its prime duty. ABCC Company provides chief services to its customers.

Government has launched many frequently new buses to increase the quality of transportation. The nearest international airport in the area is the CCS international ( Amausi) Airport in Lucknow. ABCC Company is among the leading name in the market. We treat our customers as our family. This is the reason that our customers feel special bond and comfort while using our services.

Knowing culture of Tanda Ambedkar Nagar district UP:

Tanda includes the culture of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. They celebrate Durga Pooja and Eid. Datikandhava, Ramleela and Haroon Rasheed Mela, Govaing Sahib Mela and the Muharam are most important festivals that are celebrated in Tanda.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh tanda ambedkar nagar North India to all india

ABCC Company is a logistic company which has team of professionals to deal with any kind of challenges. ABCC Company has 24×7 helpline number for its customers. In case of any type of queries we are always there to seek it out.

Tanda has its connectivity which led to the industrialization over a very fast rate in the region includes:-

National Highway 233A

National Highway 232A

Tanda-Azamgarh Road

Tanda-Rajesultanpur Road

Tanda-Basti Road

Tanda-Farizabad Road

Tanda city Tanda Ambedkar Nagar district UP as recently achieved a huge increase in number of industries. This has lead to the increase in development of urbanization and overall economy development of city. ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) transportation is also a prime area upon which ABCC works. It comprises of the cargo that protrudes outside the loading deck of the vehicles transporting the cargo.

ABCC is an experienced company and we understand our responsibilities. We take full responsibility of the goods from the time of loading, stocking and unloading. Also we follow the all the rules and regulations generated by the government. This ensures that our company is unparallel as compared to other transport companies.

Tanda has a huge migrant population in it because of the industrialization and educational institutions over here. The Mahamaya Rajkiya Allopathic Medical College and Trilok Nath Postgraduate College are two prestigious Degree Colleges of the city. There are a number of private institutions in the Tanda region. Most of the schools are affiliated to U.P board and some on CBSE board. ABCC Company is considered to be a big name in the transport industry and provide huge competition to other companies. Our services are among the foremost services provided by any other company.

Education is considered to be the future of any place. More educated people more chances of development over that place are considered. ABCC Company is considered to be a logistic company as it understands the value of time and importance of goods. We take special check on the quality of goods at every point.

ABCC Company welcomes new customers:

As the majorly known quote goes on-“Work is worship” and ABCC Company follows the same. It is always working at its utmost calibre for its customers’ satisfaction. We are always there to provide our top services to those who are striving to get our amazing services. Give us a chance and we will be proving you the prime reasons which make us unique.

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uttar pradesh transport public faq
online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh tanda ambedkar nagar North India to all india