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UP jhansi map for all India transporters
UP jhansi map for all India transporters

 What is “Gateway to Bundelkhand”?

Jhansi also called “Gateway to Bundelkhand”. It is a historic city in Indian state Uttar Pradesh. It lies in the Bundelkhand region Jhansi is administrative headquarters of Jhansi District and Jhansi Division. Jhansi is situated between the rivers Pahuj and Betwa at an average elevation of 285 meters.

Jhansi is an industrial city. It is 415 kilometres from New Delhi and 99 kilometres south of Gwalior. The original walled city grew around the stone fort which crowns a neighbouring rock. The ancient name of Jhansi city was Balwantnagar. ABCC Company is among the best industry in the field of transport. The services provided by ABCC Company are among the top level services.

Oversize cargo Movement service Jhansi Uttar Pradesh is considered to be a big problem. ABCC Company has been a leading service provider in oversize cargo. We have the licence for oversize cargo and deals with all legal transport work.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh jhansi North India to all India

Know Jhansi and ABCC Company:

Jhansi Uttar Pradesh has a very well connected network with other cities and towns. It is connected via roads and railways. It is connected to many towns of Uttar Pradesh and others also. The development of National Highways Development Project has supported development of Jhansi to a great extent.

Jhansi has a very fast industrial, real estate and infrastructural development because of the Srinagar to Kanyakumari connectivity. The North- South corridor passes through Jhansi as does East-West corridor which led to immense development in every field. ABCC Company is a reputed company of the market. The services provided by ABCC Company are unbeatable. We believe in customer satisfaction and consider that to be our prime duty.

The services provided by our ABCC Company are among the unrivalled in the market. OOG (Out of Gauge) Transportation service Jhansi Uttar Pradesh provided by ABCC Company is considered to be best among Jhansi Uttar Pradesh market. ABCC provides excellent services in truck transportation. Trucks are the best medium for the transport of goods. They are fast and easy method for the transport of goods. The goods are loaded as per the size and weight of goods that decides the size of truck is decided.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh jhansi North India to all India

ABCC has been number one in providing prime container transportation services Jhansi Uttar Pradesh . These are among the special services that are provided by limited companies. So we are here to bring you the container transport services within a reasonable price.

The special flat rack trailer transportation services Jhansi Uttar Pradesh are also provided by ABCC Company. We provide special transport of big goods from one place to another. The size of the flat rack container depends on the item and the number of items to be transported.

Jhansi development and ABCC Company contribution:

Jhansi was awarded as the third cleanest city of Uttar Pradesh and fastest moving city in the North Zone in Swachhi Surekshan 2018 rankings. Construction of Greenfield Airport has led to increase in the development of Jhansi. On 28th August 2015, Jhansi was selected as among the 98 cities for small city initiative by Government of India. ABCC Company has worked very hard over the decades so as to come at top level in the area of transport. Our services are considered to be best in the market. ABCC Company is a trusted company.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh jhansi North India to all India

ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) permission Jhansi Uttar Pradesh acts as a proof of the administration of the company. ABCC Company are always ready to serve the customers and with full determination work for them.

Jhansi lies in the plateau of central India. It is located in an area which is dominant by rocky relief and minerals underneath the soil. Jhansi city has a natural slope in north as it is on the south western border of the vast Terai plains of Uttar Pradesh and elevation rises in the south. The slope is suitable for growing species and citrus fruits and crops like wheat, pulses, peas and oil seeds. Jhansi is dependent on the monsoon season for irrigation process.

The Jhansi government is initiating many canal projects which led to great development in the Jhansi region. ABCC Company provides 24×7 services to its customers. We believe customer satisfaction to be our prime motive.

ABCC Company comprises of very hard working and professional employees which work day and night to provide the customers with extreme transport services. ABCC Company is a leading transport company. We deal in transport of goods from one place to another. We deal with a number of excellent services.

online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh jhansi North India to all India

 ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) transportation Jhansi Uttar Pradesh is also provided by our company. We work under the norms made by the Ministry of Road and Transport Highway.

Jhansi city is famous for its trade and also import export of agricultural products (including oilseeds and grain) is of great economic importance. Jhansi is centre of Brassware manufacture.

ABCC Company also has special services so as to provide transport of goods and services at a fast and easy rate. We work for our clients with our best services. We are among the matchless service providers in the field of transportation.

ABCC deals with modular hydraulic axle trailer Transportation service Jhansi Uttar Pradesh . The demand for this trailer is increase because of industrial development. These are among the best technology and we offer this facility to our customers. They are durable and fast at transportation work.

Jhansi is a rocky plateau and experiences extreme temperature. This can be a challenge in transportation but ABCC Company overcomes its every challenge. ABCC Company also looks forward to face new challenges. We welcome new customers as our family members. . Logistic Services Jhansi Uttar Pradesh in trailer transportation Jhansi Uttar Pradesh is the speciality of ABCC Company. Our chain management in the whole process of loading, unloading and storing of goods is done efficiently.

Jhansi in the early 17th century there were many forts built by different rajas. One of them was Raja Bir Singh who made a fort on top of a hill known as Bangara as an army stronghold. The Karak Bikli cannon are also in the fort. Near to that fort is a museum which has a collection of sculpture and provides an insight into history of Bundelkhand. Extending over 15 acres, this fort is a great example of north Indian style of architecture.

ABCC Company is a logistic company Jhansi . ABCC Company takes full responsibility of safe and secure transport of goods from one location to another. ABCC Company has provided a lot of support so as to provide large number of import and export in the city. ABCC Company provides a large number of services so as to satisfy the customer at prime rate.

Plain flat bed  High bed trailer transportation service Jhansi Uttar Pradesh is among the non parallel services of ABCC Company. They are special trailers that are specially designed to carry heavy load. They are widely known for their quality and durability.

Tourism in Jhansi Uttar Pradesh:

This is a great place for tourists to visit. Other places of interest of Jhansi include:

  1. Government Museum and Rani Mahal
  2. Karguanji jain Temple
  3. Iskon Temple
  4. Christian churches
  5. Gangadhar Rao-ki-Chhatri
  6. Laxmi Bai Park, etc.

Jhansi is among a famous tourist place to visit. Jhansi is also very famous for its cultural activities which include Jhansi Mahotsav, Birthday of Rani Lakshami Bai, Craft Mela, Ayurveda Jhansi Mahoysav and also exhibition of state vegetables and flowers. All these activities help in the development of many industries and increase in import export business.

A large need of the city import and export facilities is fulfilled by ABCC Company. ABCC is very passionate for providing excellent services to our customers.

Low boy trailer transportation services Jhansi Uttar Pradesh are also provided by ABCC Company. This offers the ability to carry legal loads up to 12 feet which other trailers could not. We provide this facility at genuine cost. They are unbeatable in transport of heavy goods over long distances

ABCC Company gives a very warm welcome to its customers:

“Whether Day or Night ABCC at your service all time”. ABCC Company has always worked with its best services and proved to maintain its prime name in the transport market. We are always here to serve customers with our top level services.

Collaborate with us and you won’t go anywhere. ABCC a renowned name in market are always at your service.

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uttar pradesh transport public faq
uttar pradesh transport public faq
online goods UP transportation service Uttar pradesh jhansi North India to all india

Jhansi Pin Code – 284001