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Advantages of road transport for regular all types material handling systems principles safety related functions

material handling systems
material handling systems

Material Handling ? According to the Ministry of Development, 94.3% of internal merchandise traffic is carried out by road transport: 24.3 million tons in the last year. If there is no effective delivery service, there is a risk of losing customers. What every expanding entrepreneur is looking for is a means by which their products reach their customers always on time, in excellent condition, and above all, at a competitive price. For this reason, road transport is the most effective means and is requested by most companies. The material handling systems quality of road transport is the best.

Quickly material handling

Quickly material handling
Quickly material handling

For express services of up to 2,500 kilometres, road transport is unrivaled. It is the fastest and most effective, therefore, in the short and the medium distance.

Door to door material handling service

Door to door material handling service
Door to door material handling service

The possibility of loading merchandise at the door of the company that wants to make the goods shipment and reach the destination company’s warehouse is a differential value.

Material Handling Flexibility

Material Handling Flexibility
Material Handling Flexibility

Is it necessary to make a delivery of a load whose order has arisen at the last moment? With just one person and one vehicle, that merchandise can reach its destination in just a few hours, without depending on pre-established routes. Nor does it affect whether it is a holiday or special dates. If merchandise has to be delivered, for example, in an industrial estate, and pick up another in another company in the estate, it can be done without difficulty. Thus, both schedules and prices always offer a wide margin for negotiation.

The most economical material handling systems services

Compared to other types of transport, its costs are much lower. One of the important reasons is that the acquisition of vehicles requires a significantly lower outlay. Also, public infrastructures are used whose growth and maintenance are not contributed directly, as is the railroad case.

Safety and adaptability. Unlike transport by plane, which restricts certain dangerous goods, wheeled vehicles adapt to any load and offer all the safety guarantees. Material handling is the advanced feature of road transportation over others.

Location and monitoring for material handling system

Location and monitoring for material handling system
Location and monitoring for material handling system

The new tracking systems using GPS and others allow you always to know where the merchandise is. This means that if an incident of any kind occurs, such as a breakdown, another vehicle can come and resume the journey.

How is road transport different from other forms of transport?

road transport different from other forms of transport
road transport different from other forms of transport

They are public transport those carried out by others through financial rewards. Private transports are carried out on their own, either to satisfy particular needs or as a complement to other main activities carried out by companies.

The types of authorization for the transport of goods

MDP: known as Discretionary Heavy Goods.

CDM or also Light Discretionary Goods

MDSL is the acronym for Discretionary Superlight Goods

MPC or Complementary Private Goods

Finally, the TD or Discretionary Tractor

The areas of authorizations for vehicles for the transport of goods


this type of authorization enables us to carry out transport throughout the State regardless of the Autonomous Community’s distance.



thanks to this type of permit, products can be sent and transported in the province where the authorization is domiciled. A higher also includes any territory or province bordering (regardless of whether the province is in another Autonomous Community).

Autonomous :


This authorization enables goods shipments in the Autonomous Community where said authorization is in force.

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