Tesla Truck Manufacturing Company Startup Story and Case Study

Tesla has confirmed that Cybertruck is going to release nearby the end of 2022. Tesla is famous for having electric cars with good power and a beast engine. In the car, people will find every facility which they want to have in their car. After having success in cars, Tesla had decided to launch some cars as well. Before releasing the track, Tesla has a great booking for the truck. Those trucks will be shipped to the customer directly after launching in the market at the end of 2022. the company is working very hard and trying to give the trucks as soon after its launch. Tesla trucks have a great demand in the market. Tesla trucks are designed with the utility of a truck, but they will produce a sports car performance engine. 

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Truck manufacturers want to provide the best service to their customers to progress in the future. Truck companies aregiving many services to their client worldwide. As they wish to have their name and reputation in the market so that new customer will join. Trucks are an important part of construction sites. Truck size depends on its uses; if the truck is to be used for large delivery units of items from manufacturer to retailer, it will be big, the truck has some small works, then the size of the truck will be small. 


Mr. Elon Reeve Musk
Mr. Elon Reeve Musk

Tesla company founders are Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Traubel, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright. We all know about Elon musk as he is on the list of the world’s richest people. Elon Reeve Musk is an entrepreneur who had worked very hard to get success in his life. In the year 1995, musk had planned to start Zip2, was a web software company. They had got funds from angel investors. After that, Musk planned to start another company, and that was X.com and Paypal. This was musk’s problem that for any financial problem, his assistance had to pay by cash which took a lot of time, to save time. Musk had started this Paypal application. After working on new plans, musk presented SpaceX and then Tesla. Tesla came to the market in July 2003. 

Martin forest Eberhard is an engineer and inventor. He had an interest in sports cars, and his company, Silicon Valley, was looking for cars that will reduce global warming, which was only possible with electric cars. So in the year 2003, Tesla was launched with an electric motor. Jeffrey Brian Straubel is a famous businessman, and he joined Tesla as their fifth employee in 2004 and was called co-founder. In Tesla, he had designed many things from cell design, supply chain to the Gigafactory concept. Straubel has the responsibility for new technology evaluation with that mass production of the car. Marc Tarpenning joined Tesla Inc. In 2003, people had some big expectations from the team, and they had proved it as well.

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Startup Story

Tesla, Inc. was started in the year 2003. It is an American electric automobile manufacturing sector. It was founded by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and name Nikola Tesla. The company was deciding to start a new journey of sports electric cars. The company had many sources of funds, and PayPal was the main source whose co-founder Elon musk had given more than 30 Million to these new companies and later, at the beginning of 2004, he served as Chairman of the company. In the year 2008, Tesla motors released their first car, which was Roadster. The car was supposed to go 245miles on a single complete charge; no one had ever thought that this would be the first electric car. All these cars had shown power in their performance, compared with many sports cars that run on petrol and diesel. 

Tesla motors found that the car will have a huge success in the upcoming future, and it did. The roadster had Lithium-ion cells which are used in the laptop and computer UPS batteries. After that, in 2008, Eberhard had left the company, which was sad news for all, but he remained as a shareholder. In the same year, Elon musk took the place of CEO and built the company stronger and better. In 2012, Tesla started its new production for Roadster to concentrate on the Model S sedan, which was claimed for having the best performance and design. The battery car can only go for 60 miles per hour within four seconds, and the top speed is 130 per mile. 

Total Manufacturing Plant Units (local and global)

Mr. Elon Reeve Musk
Mr. Elon Reeve Musk

Tesla is planning for having their trucks which will help a lot many truck owners. Tesla is building these trucks in a very highly secured place, and they have placed their factory in Austin, Texas, to manufacture Cybertruck and an electric semi-truck. As per Elon musk, the construction of these factories has been completed, and it is around a 2000 acre site nearby the colorado River and close to Austin- Bergstrom international airport. This factory will be open to the public as well. People can visit this place to see how the trucks are manufactured from a little bit distance. However, they will not get permission to click any pictures inside the manufacturing area. This will be the fourth U.S. factory with the vehicle assembly part in California, a solar facility in New York, and a battery plant in the Nevada area. Tesla builds vehicles near shanghai, china, and the new factory will be in Berlin. 

The new plant is expecting that it will go to hire 5,000 full-time workers to produce Cybertruck. The expectation for Tesla is that the factory will produce at least 100,000 cyber tracks at the ending of 2025. Many customers have booked cyber track without asking for a single picture or configuration of the truck. Because they trust Tesla, this company will give them the best truck, which will help in their business. Some more factories will be opening soon to produce more trucks and ship them to the reserved customer. 

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Cybertruck has great features which make it different from other trucks. The design of the cyber track is simple, which is a style in itself. Many people love this design and purchased the cybertruck. Elon musk wanted a revolution in the trucking career which for that, he had to choose this simple and creative design. Tesla had worked on the shape of the cyber truck that symbolizes the logo is another feature of cybertruck. Cybertruck is made with features of an exoskeleton, which means the outer shell of the cyber truck has ultimate safety for passenger protection. The durable stainless steel shell on the cybertruck can abide dents, damages, and even corrosion as well. Tesla had added ultra strong glasses with the cybertruck, if the truck hits any hard rock even, the glass will crack only, but it won’t break. 

As long you are in the cybertruck, you will remain safe. Cybertruck is having a capacity of 1587 payload and adjustable air suspension. Cybertruck is one of the most powerful took Tesla claims, built quality is extremely best. The storage in the cybertruck will fit one toolbox, a spare tire, and some other things. Tesla cybertruck can tow up to 6,350 kgs without any problem. Air suspension present in this makes the truck more special. The driver can raise or lower the suspension by four inches. A driver can run this beast in terrains easily. 

Truck vehicle advantage

tesla truck
tesla truck

Those who think that the trucking business cannot give anything much are still not aware of many things. This business comes under one of the most successful businesses in comparison with others. Some of the best advantages of using trucks in daily life, like trucks are used for the Hauling and towing process. Heavy haulage trucks help to pick up many heavy loads and reach them to the customer safely. After haulage, people purchase trucks to offer versatility which is not offered by any other vehicle. Some people love to travel long trips, so they long trucking which gives them satisfaction and their salary. Truckers life is full of adventure, fun, and difficulties but they don’t give up. While going for an outing in a truck, just spread a blanket in the rear seat and take a rest there. 

People purchase trucks for safety reasons. In some places, the most horrible climate is there. People take care of truck safety as well. If the trucks are not safe, they might be stolen, or cargo or things present in the container might be stolen. Reliable trucks are important for every businessman who is going to start with a trucking business. In trucks, people might not find comfort and luxury as it is not made for that, but they will find large space for storage. Anything can be placed in big storage. Moderns trucks are having double space than any sedan car’s storage. People can come a long way with the truckers lifestyle, which will help to learn any lessonNowadays, people can get custom trucks to get whatever they want to install in the truck. People can get features like a heated steering wheel, a quiet designer interior for peace of mind, and many more things. All these things help to transport the courier in less time with safe. 

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An important contribution in trucking and logistics industry

The logistics industry is a highly competitive place; many large companies invest in the company and get good results. Multinational firms try to get better facilities in the flow of goods in the world’s largest consumer market. In this market trucks are the most important part of good transport. The truck company wants to serve their customer efficiently in multinational and domestic firms providing logistics and transportation solutions to ensure coordinated goods. Logistic industries help a lot for producing, obtaining, and distributing products and goods as per requirements. Transport companies help in transporting these products to the retailers or wholesalers. As new technology is arriving, people can easily get the location of the truck. In the new technology, people can enhance the business process, which will greatly impact transforming both the transportation and logistic industries. 

The trucking industry improved a lot because of new technology upcoming. The tracking process is becoming easier than earlier. Sending goods to nearby or any long place is easy with these trucks. Logistics and transportation facilities are easy with a new form of modern technologies. Cargo containers can be transferred very easily with the new mode of transportation, which will help to reach the good before time to the delivery point. Logistics executives take care of many things like packaging, container, documentation for the product, storage space, claims if a truck accident occurs, and all other things. These are very necessary things that the logistic department should take care of to make the transportation of goods easier. 

Resale market class 

This cybertruck is one of the best trucks, which will be launch soon. This truck has great features which are not available with any other trucks. This cybertruck comes with many special abilities that make the truck different from others. Tesla is working very hard to provide all the orders of customers who have paid for the cybertruck before its launch. The production department is working with many employees who wish to produce at least 100,000 plus cybertrucks by the end of 2025. As cybertruck is still not released, so it cannot be referred to the resale value of these cybertrucks.

But as this is from the company Tesla, this will give the best amount for reselling value. Someone might sell the cybertruck, as it is one of the best trucks that can provide everything a trucker needs. Cybertruck will add some new changes to modern truckers’ lifestyles. Features like air suspension and ultra protected glass will help save the person inside the cybertruck. 

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Tesla is going to launch their new vehicle that is a cybertruck. People can get them on the market at the end of 2022. As many customers have already booked this cybertruck, they will get their first, and after that, others will get their cybertruck. In cybertruck, many features are included, which makes it like a car as well. It has the special ability to run on the terrains as well. Many people love the simple and creative design of this cybertruck. 

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