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Knowing Kutch- Bhuj in Gujarat:

The district of Kutch is also called Rann of Kutch. This signifies a shallow wetland which submerges in water during other seasons. Kutch is a district that is located in the Gujarat state of India to its west. Bhuj is a Municipality and District headquarters of Kutch District in Gujarat, India.

Kutch has a population of about 2,092,200. Kutch has 10 Talukas, 939 villages and 6 municipalities. Kuch comprises of home for Kutchi people who speak the Kutchi language. ABCC

Industries in Kutch and ABCC Company:

Company is top level name in the field of transport industry. It has built its prime name in market.  ABCC Company has ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) permission Kutch-Bhuj  which allows vehicles to transport goods to any place. It is the guarantee that we provide to our customers that there goods are in safe hand.

Online Kutch-Bhuj goods transportation service company

ABCC Company also provides flat rack container services Kutch-Bhuj :-

Kutch-Bhuj These are the containers that are open from the top and are used to transport heavy vehicles from one point to another. They make the transport work easy and hassle free. This service is provided by only few of the companies and ABCC Company provides that service.

Rann of Kutch is famous for its marshy salt water lakes. Salt water lakes become snow white after shallow water dries up each season before monsoon. Kutch is famous for its economically important Banni grasslands. Kutch also has its seasonal marshy wetlands which form the outer belt of Rann of Kutch.

ABCC Company is famous for its optimal services. We work day and night very hard so as to serve our customers with hassle free experience. ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) Kutch-Bhuj refers to the cargo that protrudes outside the loading deck of the vehicle transporting the cargo. So in order to maintain the road safety Ministry of Road and Transport have made some rules and regulations which are obediently followed by ABCC Company.

Online Kutch-Bhuj goods transportation service company

Tourism and Kutch- Bhuj:

Kutch district is surrounded by Gulf of Kutch and the Arabian Sea in the south and west. The Kutch has rapidly been seeing massive development. Industrial development is moving on a fast rate. This led to economic development of the place. ABCC Company is an unbeatable company in transportation. The services provided by them are top class. They are available 24×7 at service.

Kutch is very well connected to other cities and towns. The district is well connected via roads, railway and air. There are four major airports in the district:

  1. Naliya
  2. Kandla
  3. Mundra
  4. Bhuj

These have led to economic development of the area to optimal level. Increase in urbanisation has led to its rapid growth in all life aspects.

ABCC Company name is among the top companies in transport field. This has led to the overall industries growth in Kutch. ABCC Company provides transportation service Kutch-Bhuj Gujarat to  all India Remote & metro expected locations . This is the speciality of the Company that our work is of A+ grade every time.

Kutch-Bhuj Industrial development and ABCC Company:

Kutch district is the largest district in India. The administrative quarters lies in Bhuj which is geographically in the centre of the district. Other towns of Kutch are Ghandhidham, Rapar, Nakhatrana, Anjar, Mandvi, Madhapur, Mundra and Bachau. Kala Dungar is hightest point in Kutch. We believe in customer satisfaction. We provide professional services to our customers. ABCC Company has many special services which are among the top level services.

The truck transportation service Kutch-Bhuj provided by ABCC Company is significant in itself. Trucks are the easy carrier of goods. For fast delivery of goods   truck transportation is supreme. ABCC has a well-being truck transportation network over a wide area. The container transportation Kutch-Bhuj services are chief speciality of ABCC Company. We transfer container goods over wide area. This makes the distribution of the goods over far-off places. This ultimately led to more profit earning in every aspect.

Online Kutch-Bhuj goods transportation service company

Kutch peninsula is the reason for great tourist attraction over this place. There are ninety-seven small rivers in Kutch District, most of which flow into Arabian Sea and some in Rann of Kutch. Twenty major dams and several small dams are built.

ABCC Company is among the foremost company which has built a prime reputation in transportation industry. The modular hydraulic axle trailer Kutch-Bhuj transportation services are also provided by our company at nominal price. This service is provided by very few companies. Our ABCC Company is among one of the prime service provider in this field.

Low bed trailer services Kutch-Bhuj are provided at best price by our ABCC Company. We also provide with the facilities of semi-low bed trailers. These are considered to be fast and easy way of transporting goods from to long distances.

Kutch thirst for water is satisfied by the Narmada Rivers flowing from Sardar Sarovar dam. ABCC Company has helped a lot so as to increase the overall industrial development in the region of Kutch.

Online Kutch-Bhuj goods transportation service company

Know more about Kutch- Bhuj and ABCC contribution:

The Kutch is divided into four zones:

  1. Wagad
  2. Kanthi
  3. Banni
  4. Maghpat

This has led to great population expansion in the city of Kutch and Bhuj. All this ultimately led to industrial development.Bhuj has various economically rich and wildlife conservation area of the Kutch.

ABCC Company is primer in all services. The high bed trailer services are also provided by the ABCC Company. The Company turns out to be best among the high bed trailer services provider.

Kutch is also termed as education hub as it has many Universities and educational institutions. There are a large number of migrant populations in the district in search of employment. Kutch- Bhuj people usually speak Kutchi language, Sindhi and Gujarati. The script of Kutchi language is lost somewhere. There is increased use of Gujarati because of its being a medium of instructions in school. ABCC Company is considered to be best in transport services Kutch-Bhuj . We provide regular checks on the quality of goods so as to ensure safe transfer of goods.

Kutch- Bhuj district is inhabited by various groups and communities. We can find various nomadic, semi nomadic and artisan groups living. Gujarati Ahirs comprises of large population in Kutch. The majority of the population is Hindus and Jains, who are vegetarian. Muslims population is also there though less in number. They eat chicken, mutton and occasionally camels. In the villages the staple food is kadi-khichdi, bajra and milk, bajara na roti with curd and buttermilk is very common food of all Gujrati people.

ABCC Company provides chief services in import and export of all kinds of goods. ABCC Company has collaboration with many small and big industries and provides services to them.

Tea is most important food in region and enjoyed widely. The logistics service  Kutch-Bhuj of the company is an example in itself. We look forward to our responsibilities at every aspect until the whole transportation process is completed. Kutch has been fast developing state because of fast development by the state government as a part of 2001 earthquake relief.

Kutch is famous because of its two major ports that are Kandla and Mundra. This has led to increase in import export to be thrice. ABCC Company also deals with oversize cargo Kutch-Bhuj .  Our company is famous for providing all kind of facilities. We choose proper vehicle as per the need of the goods to be transported.

Kutch is backbone of trade between Gujarat and Sindh . Kandla port is considered as Gateway to India’s North. It is managed by Kandla port trust. ABCC Company is among the optimal company which provide excellent services.

The logistics service Kutch-Bhuj of the company is an example in itself. We look forward to our responsibilities at every aspect until the whole transportation process is completed. We recheck the goods again and again while loading, unloading and storing of goods.

ABCC working rules :

“Our service, our pride”.- No Mistake By Mistake

ABCC Company has always proved to be on top level. This is because of the optimal services it has been providing to its customers. Our hard work is the result of this achievement. Give us a chance and we won’t lead you down. We promise our customers to not to give any chance of complaint.

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