Difference between sales and marketing



Definition of Sales and Marketing in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India
difference between sales and marketing in India

Marketing is related to the process of selling or promoting the products to the customer’s view.

A sale is something which is related to the selling of the products/ goods in a specific time period. Sales involve the direct contact with the buyer during the point of sale. Marketing is an overall activity happening in the organization whereas a sale is the part of the overall marketing. Sales and marketing are completely different.

Different types of Sales in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India
difference between sales and marketing in India

There are four different types of sales available in the market. They are

  1. Aggressive selling
  2. Transactional selling
  3. Consultative selling
  4. Collaborative selling
  5. Letter of credit
  6. Proforma

Each and every type has the beautiful definition. Let us see those definitions and understand the concept behind each and every type.

Aggressive selling:-

In this type of selling, the sales person should not say no for whatever the customer ask.

Transnational selling:-

Sales will be done quickly in this type of selling and the salesperson will not have the long-term relationship with the client. Only simple transactions will be done by the client’s end.

Consultative selling:-

This type of selling tends to build a long-term relationship with the customer. Salesperson will get to know the customer needs and sell products accordingly. Here client makes larger transactions. They buy products of more worth.

Collaborative selling:-

This goes one step forward and builds a partnership with the customer.

Finally, a good salesperson will sell even the products which are outdated to the customers.

Sales and Marketing management in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India
difference between sales and marketing in India

Sales and marketing management is related to the business. Sales Management mainly deals with managing the sales of the company. This team is also responsible for meeting the targets provided for them, preparing the reports, hiring the staffs for sales and train them and some more activities is also carried out by this team.

Marketing management mainly deals with meeting the customer demand, meeting the deadline and it focuses on the application of marketing techniques.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Marketing a business in today’s world :-

Marketing a business in today’s world will be bit challenging. So, we have to gain more knowledge regarding the how to start the business and which market to be chosen for our business. We have to choose the market in such a way that it should be booming and it should also have bright future. I have provided few points on how to market a business in today’s world.

  1. We can look upon the tips shared by the old businessman/ new entrepreneurs through online. By reviewing we might get some idea.
  2. We can make use of email marketing for the business marketing. Email marketing is nothing but some of the clients will hardly come out for shopping. Once they come, the marketing people should get their email address. So, through email the business marketing can be done. This is called email marketing.
  3. By creating the web page for our business, people start looking into our websites if they are really in need of our product. Also, they might look into our webpage if we present our company’s advertisement in an attractive way through the social media. By the end, our motto is to increase the online reviews.
  4. Also, by meeting new persons in the get together/parties, we can expand our business in one way. This is also one kind of business marketing which is done indirectly.
  5. There is no end or leave for the marketing. Wherever we go we can do marketing irrespective of the spot/people. By this way also we can do marketing.
  6. We should not feel shy for asking for the referrals to the customer. Some of the customers will volunteer themselves in giving the reference. This will be helpful in doing the business marketing.
  7. By offering coupons, we can attract people and make them visit again. This way we can build customer relationship and this is also one way we can do business marketing.
  8. Give a free trail when customers visit the shop for the first time. In today’s world, people want everything a free trial before they buy. Also, they expect the first usage of any products should be free of cost. By giving these offers, we can attract the customers and do business marketing.
  9. There is also other method through which we can do business marketing. It had been mentioned below for the clear understanding.
  10. Network: Networking is the better way to enhance our business than to get out and meet people. Everyone started to have account in the social networks and whatever they wanted to communicate they leave it as a message/ comments to the respective persons.
  11. We should be active in all the community created in the social networks like face book, twitter etc. to grab the people attention.
  12. Building a strong network will be helpful in the business perspective.
difference between sales and marketing in India

Relationship between Sales and Marketing in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India
difference between sales and marketing in India

Definition wise Sales and Marketing are different but work wise sales and marketing people will work in the same organization. A company will have both these teams. They both in some way or other is related to each other in the business activities. Sales person will have a direct contact with the higher officials in the organization. Whereas the marketing person will work according to the sales person’s advice. The target and the rules are being formed by the salesperson for the marketing people. The marketing people will simple plan themselves to meet the target given by the sales people.

Salesperson will get in touch directly with the customer and payment should be done to the salesperson. Marketing people will just tell about the products to the client. Once the client is satisfied with the product, the further steps will be taken care of by the sales people. A company/ industry will have both sales and marketing division. Marketing people will be reporting to the sales team.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Difference between Market and Marketing in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India
difference between sales and marketing in India

Market is nothing but a place where we place our products for the customer’s view whereas marketing is nothing but promoting the products. Marketing is also simply be explained as building the good relationship with the customers by promoting our products to them.

Market is a place where two people exchange their goods/products for money. A buyer will pay money to the seller to buy his/her product. Any business is considered to be in competition in the market place. If the buying ratio of the specific product is high in the market then all the credit should go to the marketing persons.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Difference between Sales and Fraud in the Business in India :-

Fraud is not only happening in the business but also everywhere it is happening. Here fraud happening in the sales team is discussed. The sales person will maintain the records of the stock available in the organization. Based on the quantity of the stock, the sales person will estimate the pricing and inform the team. Sales team will have full access to the inventory items and the security will be appointed to monitor.

The records will be manipulated if there is any theft of the products. These causes a financial loss in the business and it is more commonly happening in these days in all the business. As far as business is concerned, fraud will happen only with the products. The sales person will take those items if there is no physical security and rewrite the records mentioning the false number.

difference between sales and marketing in India

New Businessmen in India :-

People aged over 35 are said to be under the category of new businessmen. This is the correct age to start a successful business and also they will have the good stability. People also will look upon the products which are owned by the company of the new entrepreneurs. The main reason behind it is the youngsters will have good knowledge and technology wise they will be updated.

Energy is also important for the businessman. So that energy will be high for these youngsters. Innovation is very important in all the industries. Whatever work we do there should be some innovative ideas from us rather than doing the same work which our senior people have done. These innovative ideas will be more for the young entrepreneurs.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Old Businessmen in India :-

There are also several old businessmen present in the world. The new businessmen will take advice from the old business to build and run their business in a successful way. Nowadays the businessmen transfer their business to their son/ one of their family members instead of looking whether they are capable in handling their business.

Some of the famous old businessmen from India had been mentioned here :-

  1. Shree Ratan TATA
  2. Shree Laxmunivas mittal
  3. Shree Kumar Mangalam Birla
  4. Shree Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry
  5. Shree Mukesh Ambani

Worldwide they both are very famous and we have to learn a lot from them in business perspective. Nobody in this world be able to beat these two businessmen. All over the world everybody talks about these two famous businessmen. The most highlighted one is, they both are from India.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Bad payment credit policy in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India

This is nothing but a policy set for the salesperson defining the company rules, target, how to open an account, setting credit limit, recovering the bills, business strategy etc. which is related to the organization is available in the document. It should be strictly followed by the sales team and also entire organization. Department wise the points may be varied. But everybody should stick onto the policy mentioned in the document. It is mandatory.

The credit policy should be in favor of the employees and for the organization. Both should be benefited simultaneously. There are also certain bad policies which will be specifically designed in favor of the organization.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Bad law policies in India :-

Bad law is nothing but the laws framed by the government against the organization. But it will be in favor to the people. Few bad laws have been mentioned here for better understanding .

difference between sales and marketing in India

Tax Code in India :-

All the businessmen should pay taxes for whatever the amount they get in return in their business. Based on the returns, the tax is calculated. Tax itself has different types

  1. Income Tax
  2. Estimated Tax
  3. Employment Tax
  4. Excise Tax
  5. GST

Labor Law in India :-

difference between sales and marketing in India

This law is also framed in favor of the labors. Under this law, the following points will be tracked and action will be taken against an organization by the government.

  1. Wages and Hours
  2. Safety in the workplace and healthy environment
  3. Employee benefits
  4. Unions
  5. Equal opportunity
difference between sales and marketing in India

Advertising Required in India:-

difference between sales and marketing in India

If we promote marketing advertisement for the product which is outdated/ banned by the government then immediate action will be taken against an organization. Also, the advertisement should convey good message to the people. This is also very important in business marketing.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Will there be increase in sales and marketing after a good work :-

difference between sales and marketing in India
difference between sales and marketing in India

If we do a good work, then definitely there will be increase in the sales and marketing. Once our work satisfies the customer they will buy the products more and the product will be reached to more people. This is also one way of marketing. People are the best source in marketing. If people feel the quality of the product is good then definitely they will share to all of their friends, families and the connectivity will go on. Thus our product will reach the best place in the market. If that happens, surely there will be increase in the sales and marketing.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Choosing a good platform for marketing :-

It is important to choose a good platform before we start planning for a business/ marketing. We have to choose a platform which is very trending in today’s world and we also have to think about the future growth. Most importantly we have to choose a platform which we like most because if we choose a platform in which we don’t have interest then surely we will not shine and loose interest in a certain period.

difference between sales and marketing in India

Choose a good platform and enhance your future in marketing field.

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