Kenworth truck manufacturing company startup story and case study.

Trucks are one of the most important vehicles in the current generation. Due to the introduction of trucks, it has given very great ease to the transportation department. The trucks have helped a lot during the transport of heavy goods. The best thing about transporting from trucks is that they are very pocket-friendly and can easily go to remote areas. Taking about the Kenworth truck, it is the eldest truck company globally as we all know that the trucking business is very much famous in America. The Kenworth also comes from the house of America. They changed the whole trucking structure of the world, and everyone started to switch to trucking. 

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In America transporting through the trucks is very much famous and in trend. Every people prefer to ship their goods by truck. The trucks are very much convenient as compared to any other vehicle. You can easily ship the goods to the most remote part of the country with the help of trucks. The truck can reach to some extent where railways and airplanes are also not connected. The most important thing is that transporting through trucks will charge you less than other mediums of transport. If you try to transport your goods with the help of railway or airplanes, you have to pay almost like 50-60 grand’s where in the same case, for trucks, you can do it in just a couple of thousand bucks. 

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Kenworth Founder

Taking about the foundation of Kenworth truck then it was founded in America. In 1923, the world got the chance to see the Kenworth truck for the first time. If you want to know more about Kenworth, then let me tell you that Kenworth is the successor company of Berliner motors. Berliner’s motors were already present there, but the founders wanted a separate company where they can only produce heavy industries vehicles such as trucks, busses, cranes, etc. when they have opened the company in the name of Kenworth, it instantly gets a quick boost just because the success of the previous company which is Berliner. The trucks started to become very popular among all Americans, and then the founder decided to sell the truck globally. 

Kenworth Truck Founder

Taking about the founder of the company then the company was first founded by George T, Mr.Berliner. The headquarters of the company is located in the central city of America, which is Washington. There are several other company offices, but all the production orders are given from the Washington office only. The company then produced many of the heavy industries vehicles, and surprisingly, all of the vehicles got sold in a very good number. People have built trust from the company from before the opening of this particular company. Every person very much loved the built quality and all kinds of safety features. The company was very much a successor in making the heavy industries vehicles. 

Startup story

Kenworth Truck Startup story

Taking about the startup story of Kenworth company then it was previously Berliner’s company as we all know that Berliners was one of the best automobile companies of its time. The company was doing very well and almost left all of the other companies behind, which competed. The Berliners have set the standard of the company in a very high position. The best thing is that many people throughout the world loved the company. They provide all the vehicles at pure value for money price. The main time they decided to start up a company named Kenworth was when they were selling every product at the same place. The founders wanted to grow their company in a great manner. They wanted their company to make heavy industries products as well. 

At this point, they thought of establishing a company. The main objective of the company was to sell only heavy industries products. They produced different types of heavy industries products. Producing trucks, cranes, and other types of digging and lifting machines was their main motive. People loved their products very much. Even the company founders have not expected that they will get this much amount of fame overnight. Many people have booked many of their products in a very less period. They sold the machines and trucks in a very good number, and then the founder of the company decided to sell their products globally. 

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Manufacturing plants

Kenworth Truck Manufacturing plants

We all know that Kenworth is one of the best truck companies. The designs made by Kenworth Company are always to the point. Every person loves how the truck is made. Taking about the Kenworth truck’s manufacturing and production, let me tell you that they have many production plants. Taking about the manufacturing plant, then their manufacturing plant contains many kinds of subdivisions. Starting from the chassis of the truck, they have a separate plat. They make the engines of the truck in a different plant. If you are thinking about the assembly of the trucks, let me tell you that the whole truck is assembled with the help of robots. The robots are programmed for the assembly of the engine with the chassis only. There they install the engines and weld every necessary part of the truck. 

After the complete production of the truck, which includes its paint job and the windshield installation, the trucks are sent for testing. The trucks have a proper amount of test there which ensures that it is completely ready to hit the roads of a different part of the country and then it is distributed to all the showrooms. Taking about the manufacturing plants, the plants are located in many different types of the country such as Renton, wash, Chillicothe, Ohio, ste, Therese and last but not the least Quebec. These are the most top-rated manufacturing plants of Kenworth trucks where they are made. 


Kenworth Truck Specialization

Taking about the specialization of all Kenworth trucks, then the trucks are very much well made. You can easily drive the trucks on any kind of road without facing any kind of problem. The truck knows exactly that how to perform in different road conditions. During the production of the trucks, the truck is tested by traveling on different types of tracks, such as by driving it on most bumpy roads and different types of slopes so that they can see how the trucks perform. The truck is completely loaded with many kinds of safety features, which is essential compared to the current generation. Some of the truck’s features are very rare that you will not find the features in the cars also.

Kenworth Truck Specialization

 The truck comes loaded with different features such as abs, ebs, hill assist, rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, auto brake feature, and parking assist. The truck is made correctly and knows that what the need of the customer is. Talking about the safety features, the truck comes with a turn of it. The truck has EBS and abs. All these features are very much necessary if you are traveling a long distance. Talking about distance, you can easily travel a lot of miles in this truck. The truck is very comfortable, and one can travel up to his destination without any trouble. The truck’s suspension is very much on the softer side; hence, you will not feel any kind of jerk while driving on bumpy roads. 

Truck vehicle advantage

Kenworth Truck vehicle advantage

Talking about the loading capacity of the truck, the truck can lift too many tons, which you can’t even imagine. The truck is very much capable of traveling a long distance with all the weights in it. Talking about the tires, the tires are very well made, and the tire’s grip is very insane. You can easily climb anywhere you want with the block tires that they offer as standard. The breaks of the truck are very efficient as compared to the prize money. They come with all-disc brakes, which increases the stopping power of the truck. 

The truck also comes with an automatic braking system. In this feature, whenever an object comes in front of you. The truck will decrease its speed and come to a halt. Talking about the advantages of trucks, we all know that truckers are very much helpful. You can lift as many weights much as you want. The best thing is that trucks are very much affordable for transporting compared to other kinds of transport such as airplanes and railways. If you are thinking of transporting your goods with the help of a truck, then you will have to spend very less amount of money. 

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An important contribution in trucking and logistic industry

Kenworth Truck important contribution in trucking and logistic industry

The truck can easily go to remote areas where airplanes and railways are not connected. The truck’s big tires help the truck go anywhere without any kind of problem, and the ground clearance is so high that you will not have to worry about the bumps in the road. The headlights of the trucker are very much powerful, and it will give you clear visibility on the road so you will prevent having accidents. There are many other examples, such as truck can do it much weight with ease, and you can travel with that weight in no time. It has solved the problem of the industries they were facing for transportation of their products.

The truck’s fuel consumption is much less than any other transporting vehicle, so it is pocket-friendly also. If you are planning to buy a truck, then it will be your best decision because the maintenance of a truck is very less than you can even imagine. The best thing is that you can travel up to your destination without any kind of problem. And especially talking about the industries, they need a vehicle that can lift heavy weights without any issue. Many other vehicles are not capable of lifting a heavy amount of weight and traveling long distances. After the invention of the Kenworththe truck, the problem of transporting heavy materials was finally gets solved. 

Resale market class

Kenworth Truck Resale market

Taking about the value of the Kenworth truck, if you plan to buy a new one, it will cost you a huge amount of money. As it is a premium brand, you will have to pay a hell of a lot of money. Buying a new truck means that you will have to waste a lot of money on registration, insurance, and other stuff. Once you have planned to buy a new truck, you will sell the truck at some point. If you want to sell at that period, you will get a very good amount while selling it. If you are planning to sell, you can easily get up to 70% of the money you have paid while getting the new one. 

If you plan to get a used one, you can get the Kenworth trucks at a very good price. The best thing is that you don’t have to take all the stress of registration and stuff. All the Kenworth trucks are very much well-built, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The trucks are very reliable. You can change the minor things like tires and engine oil stuff by getting the used one, and you are ready to go. The best thing is that you will find different types of trucks, whether heavy-duty, medium-sized, or small. 

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Kenworth Truck Conclusion

Kenworth is an American truck brand. It comes in a different kind of size. The best thing is that they changed the whole trucking structure of the world, and the reliability is insane. It has helped a lot in the industries and logistics. The best thing is that you can carry anything and go anywhere. 

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