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In the Indian commercial vehicle (ICV) industry, LCVs and ICVs are two essential categories of transportation and logistics solutions in short to medium term. The LCV is known in India as a light commercial vehicle rated at 3.5TGVW and 7.5TGVW. ICV is known as ICV class from 7.5TGVW to 16TGVW.

ICV Intermediate commercial vehicle

commercial vehicles
commercial vehicles

The intermediate vehicles are more significant than the “compact” but smaller than the considered “standard”. Find out what to expect when you book one of them.

The rental houses renew their fleet constantly. In addition to replacing old vehicles with new models, they often give others a break to carry out repairs, cleanings or tune-ups.

If you decide on a vehicle considered “intermediate”, you do not have to receive the exact model you selected, but you will always enjoy one considered within that category. Thus, you will always drive a model with more or less the same size, the same type of transmission, number of seats, doors, etc.

The intermediate vehicles are more significant than the “compact” but smaller than the considered “standard”.

So you can easily compare intermediate vehicles.

Each Intermediate vehicle has slightly different characteristics, and they are also a little extra on the outside. Still, they are all a similar size, with a very similar engine and can accommodate, more or less, the same number of passengers and luggage.

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ICV full form

ICV stands for Indian commercial vehicle

The truck industry

The development of new technology trucks will impact a 47 per cent decrease in freight transport costs by 2030, according to a study named “Global Truck Study 2018 “by the international consulting firm PWC.

What is ICV in the meaning Trucking Industry?

As you can see, the truck industry is already a reality; behind was the astonishment to discover what these unscrewed trucks can do, and today they have begun to change the way of doing logistics. For this reason, below, is the phenomenon of these trucks and their influence on the transportation and loading of merchandise.

A brief history of best trucks

What was once just an idea came to fruition and became a reality, and it was in 2017.

In this case, a system called platooning controlled the driverless units, monitored through GPS and the connectivity between them, to a piloted vehicle driving ahead. This system could turn the engine on and off, engage the parking brake, turn, accelerate and decelerate, brake make gear changes, lock and unlock the differential, turn on the lights, among other functions.

From there, a battle for the development of trucks began between the assembly and software companies, a struggle that today is at its highest point, as several companies work incessantly to develop efficient trucks that plough our roads.

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Trucks for logistics efficiency

New trucks are a reality. It is estimated that by 2030, this type of transport will lower logistics costs by up to 47 per cent, thanks to the replacement of drivers and the efficiency of the shift towards digitization and elimination of human errors.

According to the PWC study, the use of autonomous trucks will also reduce companies’ expenses due to greater efficiency in deliveries since trucks will travel 78 per cent of the time compared to 29 current per cent.

The savings will be mainly because there will be no breaks for drivers, and leaves will be reduced thanks to technology.

Change of the chip change to digital

The change towards new vehicles also implies a difference in the administration of a fleet since everything can be organized from a computer. Thus administrative matters will be in a digital ecosystem or the cloud.

Simultaneously, according to the PWC study, this evolution in supply chains will bring savings of up to 41 per cent for companies since partial deliveries of products will be more efficient, mainly due to the automated allocation of freight and digital platform solutions.

A digital platform will have the following benefits for companies:

  1. Savings in additional administrative costs
  2. They help inventories to be done in less time
  3. Reduce insurance costs
  4. Decrease the percentage of human errors

Trucks and their efficiency

Commercial vehicles have a higher potential in intensive freight and public transport operations by improving efficiency and uptime. According to expert’s estimates, the cost reduction can be as high as 45% in cases where vehicles can operate autonomously 24 hours a day.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers are also on the rise, moving towards driving as a priority alongside reducing gas emissions and improving mobility.

It seems that it will not take long for you to see autonomous trucks transporting merchandise from one place to another since this modality is emerging as a solution to current logistics’ challenges.

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Fact about ICV Trucks vehicles


Industrial vehicles are essential for every business—these large must-have dimensions as the main character to be able to transport society’s utensils in question.

Vehicles are essential in the life of every business. Regardless of what each company is dedicated to, these are always essential to transport from specific packages to a heavy load. Before knowing the characteristics that they should have, it is also necessary to understand many types of these means of transport that are on the market.

And it is that industrial vehicles can be divided into many types:

ICV Trucks Intermediate commercial vehicle


Among these are commercial, light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy and mixed.

Road trains:

They can have trailers up to 4 axles.

Articulated trucks:

From 3 to 5 axles and can even incorporate special transports.


Urban, grand tourism, minibus and 4-axle articulated bus.

Special vehicles:

Tanker trucks, concrete mixer or those that transport bulk enter here.

So once you know the main types of industrial vehicles that you can find in the market, these are the main characteristics that they must have to function correctly.


This is the main characteristic that every self-respecting industrial vehicle must-have, because every company need a vehicle with a large capacity to store and transport the materials from one place to another. And also, there is a wide range depending on what the society in question is dedicated to. The fleet can be made up of commercial vans, light trucks, trucks, trailers or even buses.

Premium quality parts

This is essential when acquiring an industrial vehicle. Without it, it incorporates top quality parts. It will make fewer trips to the workshop, which will impact the company’s accounts. Because one of these means of transport is a time in the mechanic, it supposes a cost both about the repair and what is stopped entering because the vehicle is not on the road.

Therefore, the better the pieces, the less time you will be out. If you are thinking of getting one of these vehicles, good advice is to take out car insurance, in which you can have a repair guarantee in one of its distinguished workshops.

Top-quality in lighting technology

Large size characterizes industrial vehicles. To have negative consequences on the road, they must have the best possible lighting so that it is obvious. This is also very important since trucks tend to travel long distances on many secondary roads at night.

Maximum safety for commercial vehicles

Introducing technological elements that provide maximum safety to the driver is essential that all commercial vehicles are must-have because they spend a lot of time on the road, which raises the possibility of having an accident, they must-have elements that provide maximum safety, such as driving assistants, GPS, or other features such as airbags that can reduce the impact of an accident.

High performance and low fuel consumption

Having a sound engine that consumes little is also crucial in industrial vehicles, because they do many kilometres and for this, it is essential that the car’s brain works perfectly and that it also consumes little gasoline or diesel. This will also affect the annual balance of any company.

ICV Trucks vehicles advantage

Buying a truck can be a good option, especially for new vehicle seekers who need a vehicle that can carry heavier cargo and heavy tow loads like boats. In addition to this, new car finders could also quickly get some of the car loans available to buy them. However, this type of vehicle also has its drawbacks.

If you are open to the idea of buying a truck, then you need to weigh the existing pros and cons. By doing this, you could easily find a way to maximize a truck’s benefits and figure out how to deal with its downsides.

Try reading some of the auto tips on offer online or talking to an auto expert. In addition to this, you can also do the proper car research to get the necessary information. However, this article provides some of the common advantages and disadvantages of a truck, including the following.



Trucks are offered in various sizes

Like any other type of vehicle, trucks are offered in various sizes. Because of this, you have more options to choose from. If you need a large truck, you can go for a full-size version. This version is considered the largest, while the smallest is known as the compact version. Since the trucks are offered in different sizes, you can easily select the best one for you.

Trucks are powerful

Another significant benefit you can get from a truck is its impressive power output. Trucks are generally equipped with larger engines that allow these vehicles to carry heavier loads. Other cars could also carry loads, but not as severe as trucks. In addition to this, the truck’s design could allow you to load bulky and oversized cargo that you cannot easily do on other types of vehicles.

A truck’s powerful engine also enables the vehicle to tow heavy loads and trailers like a boat. However, the towing capacity of a car depends on its size. A smaller or compact version has a towing capacity of approximately 3,000 to 7,000 pounds. A full-size truck, on the other hand, is capable of towing up to 12,000 pounds. Because of this, you can easily select a vehicle with a towing capacity that suits your needs.

Trucks are more substantial vehicles

Since trucks are potent vehicles and were designed to do heavy-duty, they are built with more robust components. Thus, they can be driven even in challenging road conditions and still provide the necessary performance.

ICV Trucks vehicles disadvantage

ICV Trucks Indian commercial vehicle Manufacturer Manufacturing Industry Overview 1
ICV Trucks Indian commercial vehicle Manufacturer Manufacturing Industry Overview 7

Trucks are not efficient

The biggest downside to trucks is their fuel economy. They consume more fuel since their engines are more significant, and the nature of the work for which it was designed is relatively heavy.

However, some trucks are equipped with more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines, which could be a good option if you are looking for a car with good fuel economy. The only problem with a four-cylinder truck is that it cannot provide the performance that the version with larger engines could offer.

Trucks have limited passenger space

Another disadvantage of a truck is the number of passengers it can accommodate. Although the larger trucks could allow up to 5 passengers, the legroom and shoulder room are not enough to provide comfort to the car’s occupants.

ICV Trucks vehicles use

Is buying a truck for your business a good idea? To make a correct decision, it is essential that you consider several aspects and thus be sure that your investment will be destined for the benefit of your business.

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ICV Trucks Indian commercial vehicle Manufacturer Manufacturing Industry Overview 2

Growing business

It may be that your business is growing, you have more demand, you have to supply shipments to more customers, etc. You should evaluate the cost of outsourcing this operation since many times the most advisable (and most profitable) is that you have your own trucks for transportation.

Buying a new truck is an investment that can bring many benefits for your company because you are ensuring that your money is used correctly, and you will have a better return on investment.

If you are looking for a new vehicle, remember that you have to work with an institution that gives you confidence and security to make the best decision. That is why we recommend CrediAuto from Banco Industrial, an agile and efficient way to acquire your vehicle with clear and understandable information that allows you to have security in your procedures.

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