HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle Pros and Cons 99% Info


HMV ? Tata Motors have agreed to provide the Indian Army with 619 additional high-mobility (HMV) multi-axle trucks under a follow-up contract.

This is in addition to an earlier order for 1,239 units of Tata Motors’ 6X6 MMV, the company said in a statement.

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

Tata 6X6 HMV was built in-house to handle severe on and off-road loads and has undergone trials such as deep water-fording, cross-country terrains, and plains.

What is the meaning of HMV?

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

The HMV’s significance is also clarified earlier. You may have some idea about the acronym, abbreviation, or sense of HMV by now. What does HMV stand for? As previously explained You may also be interested in any similar words to HMV to read more about it. This website includes words relating to banks, insurance agencies, automobiles, finance, cell phones, apps, computers, travel, school, colleges, studies, health, and other topics.

HMV mining truck

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

Mining trucks continue to grow as miners want large trucks with greater operating productivity more and more. The Belaz 75710 has been launched recently and is by far the largest dump truck in the world with an astonishing weight of 496t. Based on their payload capacity, profiles the world’s largest dump trucks.

Belaz 75710

Belaz 75710 is the world’s largest mining dump truck with a payload volume of 496t. The Belarusian firm Belaz released the super heavy dump truck on orders from a Russian mining enterprise in October 2013. In 2014, it was expected to launch sales of Belaz 75710 cars.

The truck’s length is 20.6m, 8.16m, and 9.87m. The car’s vacuum weight is 360t. Belaz 75710 offers eight big Michelin pneumatic tubeless pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic tires. The car uses an alternating current electromechanical transmission. The truck’s highest speed is 64kph.

Caterpillar 797F

Caterpillar 797F, the world’s second-largest mining dump truck with 797 class dump trucks produced and built by Caterpillar. Since 2009, the truck is in operation. In contrast to its previous iterations 797B and the first-generation 797, it can bear 400 tonnes of payload, with a payload capacity of 380t and 360t.

The dump truck weighs a gross weight of 687.5t and has a length of 14.8m, a height of 6.52m, and a width of 9.75m. It comes with six radial Michelin XDR and Bridgestone VRDP and four-speed turbo-charged diesel engine Cat C175-20.

Terex MT 6300AC

The Terex MT 6300AC is also an ultra-class mining dump truck with a payload capacity of four hundred tonnes, launched in 2008 by American manufacturer Terex. Since acquiring the Terex mining equipment division by Bucyrus in 2010, this vehicle was rebranded as Bucyrus MT6300AC. Since Caterpillar acquired Bucyrus in 2011, Terex MT 6300AC became part of the Caterpillar Rig Line Unit.

The vehicle’s overall working weight is 660t. The truck has a height of 7,92m and a length of 14,63m. A four-stroke diesel motor with 20 cylinders is fitted with an AC electrical alternator, and the electric motor, fitted on either side of the rear axle, is supplied with electricity in turn.

The engine’s rated capacity is 3,750HP. At a speed of up to 64kph, the vehicle can travel.

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Types of trucks and trailers

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

The trucks are either fixed, rigid (short, moderate, or long), or short or multi-combined primary movers (tractor units). Check this post if you are looking for a job to drive a tractor. The load and trailer forms they transport are:

Automotive haulage: 

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

Cars transported on a carrier vehicle. The loading and running of this trailer require specific competencies. On the other hand, you might like to help valet your vehicles.

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

Boat haulage: 

Tiny boats can sometimes be carried by pulling them with a small truck or a vehicle, but larger boats require specialist low-trailer (lowboy’s), and a transport strategy might be required to prevent oversized low bridges.

Dry goods: 

Most cargoes are dry products carried by small or medium rigid trucks in a box or sider-curtain body or by a container truck or a semi-trailer with articulated sider-curtain.


HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

A flatbed truck often used for the transport of other vehicles or huge voluminous objects such as pipes of concrete or water tanks. For the forestry sector, specialized flatbed trucks. Any flatbed trailers are inclined to allow vehicles to move on from behind.

Any float trailers are designed to hold super heavy loads, oversized equipment including cranes and construction equipment.


These are box vans sometimes called Luton Peak Bodies with a part over the cab’s roof. There are several anchor points in the interior of these vehicles to tie up the furnishings. There are big and articulated trucks with furniture.


 Living animals like sheep and cattle transport lorries.

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

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Types of Heavy Hauling Equipment Vehicles

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

Heavy goods vehicles are being converted into a necessary tool for a broad range of industries. Since these cars are expensive, many businesses now opt to contract such specialized equipment instead of purchasing them themselves. Any of these cars can easily be hired from several businesses.


HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

The loader is also referred to by a broad variety and also is used for modern road buildings, including front end loaders, front loaders, bucket loaders, and scoop loaders, as well as for many other construction schemes and maintenance projects due to its overall flexibility.


A powerful railway forklift is highly useful for lifting and transporting heavy materials and items and can be fitted to a specific building project with a wide variety of load capacity and sizes. A general sight is in a huge warehouse; the forklift is ideal for transporting heavy supplies in these large warehouses and around them.


HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

A crawler, also known as a bulldozer, is basically a heavy big tractor complete with a dozer plate fixed on the front. A typical vehicle is mostly used for building roads but soil or supplies are often displaced on a construction site.


There is a range of cranes that are important in most large or high-rise buildings and are supplied with wire cables, a hoist, and sheaves to elevate and lower constructed materials. These are available as static or vehicle-assembled parts.


HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

A compact heavy vehicle with a large articulated arm with a drilling bucket at the end and operated by a rotating cab is the excavator. Many construction projects see an all-around car of this kind, which can assist workers in trenches, landscaping, forests, piloting, and demolition of homes, rivers, and general lift work.

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HMV Trucks vehicles advantage

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
  1. Its 15 configurations (cargo/troop carriers, arms carriers, ambulances, and shelter carriers) share a similar engine, frame, and transmission, as well as 44 interchangeable parts used in multiple positions.
  2. This ensures that the technicians who will operate it will need fewer training hours. Its streamlined procurement, servicing, and distribution structure — effectively a single collection of standard parts for 15 configurations — results in reduced life-cycle costs, which saves the government money.
  3. HMVs are easy to manage, dependable, and long-lasting. They follow both of these criteria while also setting new benchmarks for tactical vehicle durability. 

HMV Trucks vehicles disadvantage

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
  1. They meet or surpass the criteria and specifications for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Longevity (RAM-D). The new vehicle proved to be nearly twice as robust as the Army expected during initial development testing.
  2. Superior mobility necessitates a high ground clearance. The HMV’s 16-inch ground clearance is an engineering achievement given the vehicle’s height of just 72 inches. 
  3. The HMV is an impressive off-road vehicle with full-time, 4-wheel drive, independent suspension, steep approach and angles of departure, up to 60 percent climbing, and 40 percent side pitch.
  4. The M998 series is equipped with a weight of 5 200 kg, a payload of 2,500 kilograms (GVW 7,700 kb), and an automatic three-speed 6,2-liter V-8 diesel engine.

Some interesting facts about HMV Trucks vehicles

HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

HMVs are air transportable and droppable, and helicopters will sling-load them as a centerpiece of the Army’s vehicular force modernization. 

  1. Three HMVs can be transported in a C-130 Hercules transport plane and fifteen in a C-5A Galaxy. In fighting, the HMV can be supplied without requiring the aircraft to land via the low altitude parachute extraction system.
  2. The HMV has a low profile (six feet tall), a deep stance (seven feet wide), and a length of 15 feet. These proportions lead to a truck that is stable, road-hugging, and impossible to roll over. This is in contrast to the old M151 Jeeps, which were regarded as unreliable.
  3. The HMV is built on a steel frame with boxed frame rails and five high-grade alloy steel cross members. E-coating is added to the substructure after it has been installed to provide extra corrosion resistance.
  4. The aluminum body eliminates weight and provides corrosion resistance. To add power, aluminum body panels are riveted and glued together with technologically advanced adhesives. To accommodate off-road pressures, the body is built to stretch.

The general AM-mounted hub mount for any wheel on the wheel hub doubled the torque. It also helps to appreciate the 16-inch clearance of the car, which is significantly greater than any other vehicle of its segment.

The HMV’s unrivaled versatility is due to the use of a double A-arm independent suspension front and back, coil springs, and hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers.

  1. Four-wheel disc brakes are mounted inboard against the sides of the differentials, which are also positioned up, between the frame rails, covering them from damage and debris. Torque-biasing differentials allow the vehicle to keep going forward as long as any of the wheels has traction.
  2. Along with the military of 37 x, 12.5 radial pneumatic tires with low-profile flat devices this one-off part construction allows the HMV to go into areas where no other wheeled car can use in or beyond US military service. Some HMVs have a central inflation system for central tires (CTIS).
  3. The M1097A2 series is powered by an AM General subsidiary, General Engine Products, with a 6.5-liter Optimizer 6500 diesel engine. 
  4. It is paired with a four-speed automatic transmission and a full-time four-wheel-drive transfer case to provide excellent output for the HMV. (Conditions apply.) The car has a top speed of more than 70 miles per hour.
  5. The truck has a 25-gallon fuel tank and a 12-volt/24-volt electrical system. Power-assisted hydraulic disc brakes and power steering are standard.

Depending on the model, the car has either 1 + 1 or 2 + 2 seating on each side of the drivetrain, which is elevated, allowing the differentials to be raised. The mixture of this and the geared hubs adds to the high ground clearance. The crew’s placement on either side of the drivetrain often results in a low center of gravity.

The HMMWV’s modular architecture enables it to be quickly reconfigured for a variety of applications.

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HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle
HMV Trucks Heavy Motor Vehicle

Tata Motors has been working with off-road defense and security services in the country since 1958 and has provided the Indian military and paramilitary forces with over 110,000 vehicles up to now. The business provides its goods and services which not only satisfy domestic consumer needs but are also able to meet the highest demands worldwide.

  •  Tata Motors is exporting to the SAARC, ASEAN, and African regions its range of advanced vehicles for defense. The company has started providing leading Missile OEMs in the world with its rich portfolio in multiple ranges like 12, 12, 8,8, and 6,6. 
  • The organization has also been a provider of UN peacekeeping advanced vehicles. Tata Motors offer a wide variety of off-road vehicles in the world, including GSA, KBR, Oxfam, RONCO, RA International, Riders, and others associated with AID & Development.
  • The largest automotive firm in India, Tata Motors Limited, is consolidated in 2014-2015 with a turnover of INR 262,769 (USD 42.04 billion) crores. Tata Motors operates in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Indonesia through subsidiaries and associated businesses.

 The corporation containing the two famous British brands, Jaguar Land Rover, is among them. In India, he also has a joint industrial business with Fiat. Tata Motors is the country’s industry market leader in commercial vehicles and one of the top passenger vehicles, with over 9 million Tata vehicles being pledged in India. 

In Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Australia, the CIS, and Russia tata vehicles, buses, and trucks are being traded.

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Public Frequently Asked Questions FAQ :-

What is HMV in Trucking ?

HMV Means Heavy Motor Vehicles

What is the difference between LMV and HMV?

LMV-TR (Light Motor Vehicle Transport) for commercial transportation including light goods carrier HMV (Heavy Motor Vehicle) -a person holding a LMV driving licence can only apply for heavy licence.

Can HMV drive LMV?

Yes a HMV licence holder can drive LMV. The definition of HMV given in the Motor Vehilce Act,1988 is inclusive of the definition of LMV. Moreover under the motor vehicle rules it is impliedly provided that a HMV licence holder is authorised to drive LMV.

HMV Vehicles Milage ?

1.5 To 3.75 KMPL

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