Ford Truck Manufacturing Company Startup Story and Case Study

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The trucking industry has helped many sectors of industry in their work. Mostly work like transportation and shipping products are done by the trucks only. Ford motors have helped many companies by providing the best trucks to them. Ford trucks have a great built power to overcome every load. There are many uses of trucks as per truck size, small trucks are used to transport light things, and big trucks are used to ship heavy loads. Some of the trucks are made especially for transporting large containers, and the distance for travel should be from one state to another. The truck manufacturer keeps many things in their mind while they think to produce a new truck which will help to increase their worth, and the customer will be happy as well.

Some small truck owner operator works a little bit and put the load on the driver to finish it before time. Works for truck drivers are different from other jobs; they have to handle many things while trucking and shipping products. The story behind this success is a very long journey. Let the following details will help to get in short.

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Henry ford is the founder of ford motors, and he is well popular in many countries. Henry had built his first experimental car in a workshop without knowing it to anyone. After some years, in 1908, the highly successful Model T was introduced in the market. It was in great demand in the market after the demand rises to the peak. The company had decided to produce a large number of production methods. Then in the year 1913, he had improved the labour productivity; he had promised to pay $5 daily wage to every worker who will work for 8 hours per day. This was far better than getting $3 for 9 hours, so many employees were ready to work in the ford motors.

Ford was selling cars only at the time of the initial stage. There were many people who wish to work for ford. In the year 1989-90, Ford acquired Jaguar company and Land Rover as well. After some years, the company started getting losses, so in the year 2008 company had sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors Ltd. of India. Ford started the production of heavy haulage trucks, heavy-duty trucks, small trucks, and etc.  These trucks main leading work is to transport goods and products to the customer. These trucks come in many varieties of engine and body colours.

Startup Story

Ford company started the journey of success with an accidental car. Once Henry ford thought to start a company, but he was which sector will be best for the business, so he thought to go for the car industry. One day he had started making the car, and it was a surprise for everyone that Henry Ford had done this without anyone’s help. It was a huge success for every worker present in the Henry company. After some years the production of these cars was increased, and many new workers were asked to join them. As the policy for all the workers was good enough to make anyone join the ford company, people asked their relatives and friends to join the company.

After the production of trucks in the Ford company started, it was divided into many parts where different parts of the truck were made, in some places the dashboard parts coming up and in some parts, tires, frame, and other parts of trucks were manufactured. Ford company have three different types of truck models- Ford f-150, Ford Ranger, and Ford Super Duty. These trucks were having the capability for becoming the best trucks or most loved by people trucks. Heavy haulage trucks are one of the most successful units of Ford company. In the truck, most of the things come with an attractive design which was the old cars designers designed, but still, that looks better. Cars were the first production of Ford company, and after cars, ford produced trucks to help much small company’s.

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Total Manufacturing Plant Units (local and global)

Ford trucks are well popular in United States, Argentina and many such places. Ford trucks are made with strong parts which are going to remain for a longer period of time. Many people like to purchase ford trucks because trucks have better durability than any other company’s truck. Manufacturing units in Argentina have more than 4,000 employees. In this place, mostly Ford ranger production is done. This unit was developed in 1961. This site is around 323 acres, and regularly it produces around 5000 trucks per year. The production unit of Canada practices the assembly unit only. In this unit, more than 3,700 employees work, and 3,500 employees of the unit remain active in each hour.

After the production of truck parts, other units send the material to this plant, and workers start the work. In this unit, 3,500 trucks are assembled and shipped to the company per year. The plant unit in China is divided into six parts, Changan Ford automobile co. Ltd. Assembly plant and others. In the plant, the size of the site is 113 acres; this was inaugurated in the year 2014.  Changan Ford Harbin plant present at china, this was inaugurated in the year 2016. This is one of the major plants which focuses on producing ford Focus 4drs. Every year the manufacturing unit plans to complete and ship more than 6,000 trucks with proper ability. Germany production plant has more than 6,200 employees in their unit. This unit was developed in the year 1970, and the size of this plant is 296 acres. Here more than 11,000 tracks are produced and shipped to selling units of Ford motors.


Ford trucks have different categories of trucks. The main three categories of ford trucks are Ford F-150, Ford Ranger, and Ford super duty models. In this model’s ford have included some more trucks under it which are made for heavy loads, long space for large loads, some trucks for more man power. Ford trucks are famous for having strong durability and excellent performance on every route, whether it is rainy, snow or mountains. The sleek design is made for having an efficient cargo with a centre high mounted stop lamp; the rear can be open for 170 degrees space for the driver and helpers convenience.  The headlamps and mirror are designed very well to make the driving experience better. The lights can be changed with the official store if the truck owner wants to install any other light, as the lights are very powerful still anyone wants to change, then the team can do this.

Trucks have 4×4 hooks for front towing and four hooks for cargo boxes. A driver can choose the two-wheel drive or four while the drive for driving. F-150 XLT comes with 3.3L Ti-VCT V6, and it is powered with 290 hp. Just imagine what will be the power of this truck. This truck is having a length of 209.3 inches to 227.9 inches which makes it completely different from super duty models. In this truck driver will get a tailgate LED and a big mirror to assist the driver while driving the truck. In the truck, it comes with an FM radio, CD player, and means of entertainment. This truck makes the trucking life easier as these trucks can be mentioned as reliable trucks.Container trucks cost more than normal trucks are they have more power, and large containers are shipped in these trucks only.

Truck vehicle advantage

Truck vehicles have many contributions to the development of this world. Without the trucking industry, it might not be possible for everything which humans use on a daily and regular basis. Trucks are made for the door to door service, which helps to deliver any kind of product. The trucking industry was made to deliver the products on a means that may take time, but it should reach with safety. The truck company started using new means of technology to develop the trucks, which will help drive and carry more loads. Many businessmen think that trucks are the best mode of transportation. This is actually correct if we will think about it. Using a small vehicle for a long-distance does not make any kind of sense.

It won’t be taking a long well, and it will take more time to deliver the goods as well. But if using a truck instead of the small delivery vehicle then it will help to deliver more amount of goods in less time as it will car the whole load at a single time. Using this as the mode of delivery large products from ships and trains are possible nowadays. Many companies do this to get more returns with less amount of expense. Some truck mileage falls between 10 to 15 KM/L. Courier services company uses the truck as their main transporting agent as it will deliver more amount of courier in less amount of time. This helps many customers to get their courier and parcel quickly—the fastest means for transporting goods and heavy loads to the customer. Heavy haulage trucks are specially designed for this purpose only to make the customer relax and wait for getting the product delivered.

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An important contribution in trucking and logistics industry

In every country, demand for truck drivers is increasing as the major people don’t want to join this profession since they think it is not a safe job and salary is not well.  Road haulage is the most important thing which is delivered by using trucks only. It is determined by the truckers that in this job, there is no certainty where will be the next place to stop. Due to the rapid expansion of road networks, trucks can easily travel long distances in a short region. People may join this trucking career because it will be a great journey to travel to a far place and enjoy the scenario as well. The storage of drivers is from the past 25 years. The increasing shortage of truck drivers is making many truck business owners worry about it. Road freight is considered the most expensive model for freight carrying. It is one of the more time-consuming items, as people say.

The trucking industry is the backbone of the transportation sector and the holding economy in a good manner. There are no other means of transportation for carrying out any cargo except trucks. The logistics industry is one of the major industries that is producing goods and other essential needs and ships to other industries. In this transportation major hand is of trucks only. Without container trucks, this might not be possible to ship everything in a short period of time with huge loads. It sounds like a long time but working in this industry will give me a new experience and new skills for the future.

Resale market class

Ford trucks are much famous in the trucking industry as well. Not just their cars but trucks have a good fan base, and people love to purchase Ford ranger to travel long tours and keep their essential things in the storage place. This is one of the companies in which people won’t take seconds to pay the amount for trucks. Yes, might after some years, customers might take a new Ford truck and exchange the old one or sell it. It might be some of the people who will sell it who have some other purposes for trucks. So the reselling will be 50 to 60%. People will pay a good amount for the ford trucks.

Customers who are willing to pay for second-hand ford trucks can check out in the official store of ford trucks. Their people will get value deals for the trucks according to the criteria of the engine and other major parts. Ford trucks will serve the customer in every manner to make them happy. Ford trucks are well known for having great power and stability at high speed as well.

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Ford trucks are specially designed for providing the best trucks to the transport sector. Many young generations want to join this transport sector to help the economy of the country. Truckers lifestyle is not easy; they have to do many things in their life to deal with the road. Sometimes sudden rainfall and sometimes heavy traffic jams. This things every trucker have to deal with to reach the customer place. Truckers lifestyle gives a wide range of possibilities to explore new states and meet with new people. While travelling to new places, truckers can eat new things which are not available in their nearby. 

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