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Terms conditions for heavy hauling general goods transport

terms and condition
terms and condition

Terms & Conditions: –

terms and condition
terms and condition
  1. Our Organisation offer free consulting for all type projects. We respect our customer’s expectations and constantly working to required Favorable Conclusion.
  2. Each material transfer / transportation will be essential for the work order (With 20% Advance). We give priority to members only work on the Pro-forma invoice.
  3. All vehicles at the loading point to see the validity of the documents, and submit it to the rigorous checking, counting goods and give the operator to provide full paper will be the responsibility of authorized loading supervisor.
  4. Loading / unloading site counting on making a sign to the driver with all the Material load and unload are inserted, otherwise a complaint will not be accepted.
  5. In order to make E WAYBILL, the photocopies of the vehicle number will be processed. The responsibility of paying the loss due to someone’s paperwork will be the customer’s responsibility.
  6. Safety will be the sole responsibility of the customer for transportation in all respects on the loading site. Ex – Packing, Welding, Shadel, Safety Belts. Insurance Copy. etc.….
  7. All goods are accepted subject to our conditions, which are, exhibited in full and available all our offices.
  8. All India oil, ghee, fresh fruit, liquid, vegetable fresh and fragile goods shall be carried at material owner risk only.
  9. Rate Quoted by us excluding loading/unloading and transit risk charges.
  10. The customer will be responsible for the removal and termination of local barriers (All type Obstructions & Local Publics Union Issue’s) to 100 kilometers of both the loading and unloading locations.
  11. If you want transit insurance, please pay 2% tax invoice value.
  12. Our Complete Payment should be made within Immediate from the date of booking. (100 %) Check, cash, DD, Card payment. If this is not the case – the Detention amount will be applicable. MISC Charges paid report vehicle at Unloading destination Before Unloading.
  13. In case of detention at any location, any reason Our Charges LMV- Rs.1500-, LCV-2000, HMV-2500, Platform truck- 2500, Normal trailor-3000, 40 Ft low bed trailor-5000, Special Mechanical trailer 10/20,000, Puller Prime Mover -25,000, Per Hydraulic Axle- 3800 ,Puller-25,000 will be charge per day Vehicle vise. (After five days, the expenditure will be doubled.)
  14. We are also charging Rs.250/- per CN as SC & ST charges.
  15. We do not accept any type debit.
  16. Loading Vehicles to reach your site or get out in the streets at that stage you have to cancel the order – you get 6,500 or more that 12% of the rental payment will then mandatory.
  17. GST paid by consigner /consignee. TDS Will Not Be Deducted from our Freight Amount.
  18. If any problem with the vehicle / object / damage or any objectionable behavior by the driver if the vehicle then the company should be sealed in the proper constitutional legal action.
  19. We not responsible any type leakage, brakeage, damage.
  20. Any reason miss unloading acknowledgment Copy please receive letterhead request and release our payment.
  21. Extra length, Height, width charges will be extra as per government penalty. Fine and 15% (Freight) per foot rental will also increase. Which will have to be paid on the loading site.
  22. Extra Heavy Hauling Consignment RTO, NHAI, PWD, Electric Board, Forest, Indian Railway, State & Central Government, Police, Defense all Type Permission Providing Your Responsibility.
  23. The Customers Will be Responsible for the Clearing Of all Type obstruction & Errors over Height Consignment & Check Post.
  24. The responsibility of paying the expenses incurred by the change of government rules will be essentially the hirer of the goods.
  25. We have rented you for your business contribution by trusting you. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle safely, as you face any problem in the vehicle due to the problem being solved.
  26. In the transport of being inaccessible place, the vehicle will be accessible only as far as the accessible route.
  27. In the obstacle of payment, the goods will be Unloaded into the warehouse whose responsibility and expenditure is of the consumer.
  28. You will have to deposit 10% of the Freight for any kind of route survey for transportation. You will be given a report in conformity with the distance. Whose validity will be of 45 days only.
  29. For monthly or annual contract of All Commercial Vehicles or crane, the advance amount of 2 months must be deposited essentially. Also, it is also mandatory to deposit the rent regularly on 1st day every month.
  30. The customer will have to arrange the living and eating of the driver on the working site.
  31. It is compulsory to insure the vehicle with the goods in the export transportation.
  32. This rate is applicable Only 10 days.
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