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road transportation services
road transportation services

What is surface transport?

Surface transport is the movement of people or goods across the Earth’s surface, excluding air transport. It includes the following modes:

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  1. Road transport: This is the most common mode of surface transport, and it includes cars, buses, trucks, and motorcycles.
  2. Rail transport: This mode of transport uses trains to move people and goods over long distances.
  3. Water transport: This mode of transport uses ships, boats, and barges to move people and goods over water.
  4. Pipeline transport: This mode of transport uses pipelines to move liquids and gases over long distances.

Surface transport is essential for the movement of people and goods around the world. It provides a reliable and efficient way to transport people and goods over long distances. However, surface transport can also have a negative impact on the environment, and it can contribute to traffic congestion and air pollution.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of surface transport:


  1. Reliable and efficient
  2. Can transport large quantities of goods and people
  3. Relatively affordable
  4. Can be used in all weather conditions


  1. Can have a negative impact on the environment
  2. Can contribute to traffic congestion and air pollution
  3. Can be dangerous, especially in the case of road transport

Surface transport is a vital part of the global economy, and it is likely to remain so for many years to come. However, it is important to develop sustainable modes of surface transport that minimize their environmental impact.

Why Required surface transport?

Importance advantages of road transport
Importance advantages of road transport

Surface transport is required for a number of reasons, including:

  1. To move people and goods around the world: Surface transport is the most common way to move people and goods over long distances. It is reliable, efficient, and relatively affordable.
  2. To connect remote areas: Surface transport can connect remote areas to the rest of the world. This can help to improve economic development and social inclusion.
  3. To provide access to essential services: Surface transport can provide access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and employment. This is especially important in rural areas where other modes of transport may be unavailable.
  4. To promote economic growth: Surface transport can promote economic growth by facilitating trade and investment. It can also help to create jobs and boost productivity.
  5. To reduce poverty: Surface transport can help to reduce poverty by providing people with access to jobs and markets. It can also help to improve access to education and healthcare.

In addition to these economic and social benefits, surface transport also has a number of environmental benefits. For example, surface transport is generally more energy-efficient than air transport. It also produces less pollution, and it is less disruptive to the environment.

Overall, surface transport is a vital part of the global economy and society. It provides a reliable, efficient, and affordable way to move people and goods around the world. It also has a number of economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Surface transport examples

types of warehouses
types of warehouses

Surface transport refers to the movement of people, goods, and vehicles on the Earth’s surface. It encompasses various modes of transportation that take place on roads, rails, and other surfaces. Here are some examples of surface transport:

  1. Cars and Automobiles: Private cars and vehicles used for personal transportation on roads are a common example of surface transport. This mode includes everything from compact cars to SUVs and trucks.
  2. Bicycles: Bicycles are human-powered vehicles that move on roads and designated bike lanes. They provide an eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation.
  3. Motorcycles and Scooters: Two-wheeled motorized vehicles like motorcycles and scooters are used for personal transportation on roads and streets.
  4. Buses: Buses are public or private vehicles that transport passengers over short to medium distances, usually within urban or suburban areas.
  5. Trucks: Trucks are used for the transportation of goods and cargo on roads. They vary in size, from light trucks for local deliveries to heavy-duty trucks for long-haul freight transport.
  6. Trams and Light Rail: Trams and light rail systems operate on tracks embedded in roads or dedicated lanes. They provide urban transportation and connect different parts of a city.
  7. Subways and Metro Rail: Subways and metro systems are underground or elevated rail systems that transport passengers within cities and urban areas.
  8. Trains: Trains operate on dedicated tracks and transport passengers and freight over long distances. They can include commuter trains, regional trains, and long-distance trains.
  9. Trolleys: Trolley systems use overhead electrical wires to power vehicles that run on tracks. They are commonly used in urban transportation.
  10. Streetcars: Streetcars are similar to trolleys and operate on tracks laid on city streets. They are often used for short-distance urban transportation.
  11. Electric and Autonomous Vehicles: The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (self-driving cars) is changing the landscape of surface transportation, making it more sustainable and technologically advanced.
  12. Ride-Sharing and Carpooling: These services involve sharing rides in private vehicles. They are facilitated by platforms like Uber, Lyft, and various carpooling apps.
  13. Delivery Vans: Delivery vans are used by businesses to transport goods to customers’ homes or retail locations.
  14. Construction and Heavy Equipment: Heavy equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and excavators are transported on roads to construction sites.
  15. Recreational Vehicles (RVs): RVs are motorhomes or trailers equipped with living amenities, allowing people to travel and live on the road.
  16. Farm Equipment: Agricultural vehicles like tractors and combines are used on roads to move between fields and farms.

These are just a few examples of surface transport modes that play a crucial role in the movement of people, goods, and services across cities, regions, and countries.

surface transport services

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There are a variety of surface transport services available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common surface transport services include:

Public transportation: This includes buses, trains, subways, and trams. Public transportation is a convenient and affordable way to get around, but it can be crowded and time-consuming.

Carpooling: This involves sharing a car with other people who are traveling to the same destination. Carpooling can save money on gas and parking, and it can also reduce traffic congestion.

Ride-hailing: This involves using a smartphone app to request a ride from a private driver. Ride-hailing can be convenient and flexible, but it can also be expensive.

Taxis: Taxis are a reliable way to get around, but they can be expensive

Freight transportation: This includes shipping goods by truck, rail, ship, or plane. Freight transportation is essential for the global economy, but it can also have a negative impact on the environment.

The best surface transport service for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to get around, public transportation may be a good option. If you are looking to save money on gas and parking, carpooling or ride-hailing may be a better choice. And if you are shipping goods, freight transportation is the best option.

When choosing a surface transport service, it is important to consider the following factors:

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Cost: Surface transport services can vary in price, so it is important to compare rates before making a decision.

Convenience: Some surface transport services are more convenient than others. For example, public transportation can be crowded and time-consuming, while ride-hailing can be more flexible.

Flexibility: Some surface transport services are more flexible than others. For example, taxis can be hailed on demand, while freight transportation may require advance planning.

Environmental impact: Some surface transport services have a lower environmental impact than others. For example, walking and biking are more environmentally friendly than driving.

By considering these factors, you can choose the surface transport service that best meets your needs.

Surface Transport in India – a Growing Sector of Today’s Economy

India is a developing country where import and export business plays an important role. A huge quantity of goods is transported through surface communication means. Are you aware of surface communication? If not, then find out a detail definition here. Surface transport in India indicates the transportation of goods via road and rail.

Surface transportation service in India
Surface transportation service in India

With the continuous advancement in technology and budding global trading market, several movers and packers companies now offer safer, quicker and dependable surface transport services both on rail and roads. The 19th-century industrial revolution has brought a surge in India’s transportation system. In fact, this was the age of inventions that literally changed the entire concept of transportation. Surface transportation is one of them which has been made faster and much improved to transport goods and services in various parts of the country.

Types of Surface Transport in India

Surface transportation service in India
Surface transport service in India

As it is already mentioned above that surface transport implies transportation of goods and materials via rail and roads, it is considered as an inevitable part of India’s economy. Rail tracks and railroads transport goods safely from one place to another. Rail networks provide easy connectivity within countries, cities, and towns. It is a means of public transport which people use in their everyday lives.

Surface transportation service in India

Like railroads, road networks also play an important role. Road networks are passed through cities, towns, and villages. It provides better connectivity as the rail. Road transportation is the main part of surface transportation in India and it is completely different from other modes of transportation as here the driver has the freedom over direction, speed, change of location and timing that cannot be found in other modes of transport.

Why choose ABCC for Surface transportation service in India?

Surface transportation service in India

Today, a large number of cargo shipping companies are entering into this business with a hope to earn a profit. But this makes the task difficult for a customer to choose the right transportation service. Almost all companies provide all types of transportation services, but you have to choose the right one to ensure safe and secure transportation of goods. So, what you must do to make the right choice? Simple, just spot a company which has many years of experience and proficiency in surface transportation service in India.

ABCC is a renowned surface transport company in India which has its wide network in each and every part of the country. We offer a wide range of goods commercial vehicles trucks, and trailers that carry goods and materials in almost all states of India. However, if you are wondering about our years of experience in this sector, you will be pleased to know that ABCC India is backed by more than 45+ years of experience in this field and therefore, there is no question arises about their proficiency and expertise. We appoint a highly efficient team of professionals who possess both knowledge and expertise and thereby assure you to provide excellent quality of services in any part of the country.

Surface transportation service in India

Moreover, we are specialized in offering superior quality of surface transport service in India to our highly esteemed clients at reasonable prices. Our range of surface transport in India includes all types of road vehicles – large, mini, cargo transportation vehicles that run super-fast on roads as well as very reasonable rail service. Therefore, if you wish to ensure the safest transportation of goods in any part of the country, then nothing can be a better option than ABCC transport in India.

What is Ministry of Surface Transport?

india map
india map

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is the apex body of the Government of India responsible for formulating and administering policies relating to road transport, national highways and transport research with a view to increasing the mobility and efficiency of the road transport system in India.

The Ministry has two wings:

  1. Roads wing: This wing is responsible for the development and maintenance of national highways and major state highways. It also administers the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.
  2. Transport wing: This wing is responsible for the development and regulation of public transport systems, including buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws. It also administers the Inter-State Bus Terminus Act, 1983 and the Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1958.

The Ministry has a number of agencies under its control, including:

  1. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI): This agency is responsible for the development and maintenance of national highways.
  2. National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL): This agency is responsible for the development of national highways in difficult terrain.
  3. Indian Road Congress (IRC): This is a non-government organization that provides technical guidance to the Ministry on road design and construction.
  4. Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE): This institute is responsible for training road safety personnel.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways plays a vital role in the development of India’s road transport system. It has been instrumental in the construction of new national highways and the improvement of existing roads. It has also introduced a number of initiatives to improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion.

The Ministry is committed to providing a safe, efficient, and sustainable road transport system for India.

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