Places to Visit in Dehradun Uttarakhand

list out 50 Places to Visit in Dehradun when and why

Dehradun, the capital city of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is nestled in the Himalayan foothills and offers a blend of natural beauty, spirituality, and historical significance. Here is a list of 50 places to visit in Dehradun, along with when and why you should consider visiting them:

  1. Robber’s Cave (Gucchupani) (Anytime): A fascinating natural formation with a river flowing inside; ideal for picnics and exploration.
  2. Sahastradhara (Anytime): Visit this ‘Thousand-fold Spring’ for its therapeutic waterfalls and therapeutic properties.
  3. Tapkeshwar Temple (Anytime): A cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it’s known for its religious significance and natural beauty.
  4. Forest Research Institute (FRI) (Anytime): Explore the stunning colonial architecture and lush green campus.
  5. Mindrolling Monastery (Anytime): A Tibetan Buddhist monastery with intricate artwork and a peaceful environment.
  6. Clock Tower (Anytime): A prominent landmark in Dehradun, visit for its historical value and local markets.
  7. Malsi Deer Park (Anytime): A small park with deer, beautiful landscapes, and a children’s park.
  8. Maldevta (Anytime): Enjoy a riverside picnic, birdwatching, and serene natural surroundings.
  9. Bhatta Falls (Anytime): A picturesque waterfall surrounded by forests, perfect for a refreshing dip.
  10. Paltan Bazaar (Anytime): A bustling market for shopping, street food, and local experiences.
  11. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (Anytime): Explore geological exhibits and learn about the Himalayas.
  12. Lacchiwalla (Anytime): A scenic picnic spot with lush greenery, ideal for relaxation.
  13. Rajaji National Park (October to June): Go for a jungle safari to spot wildlife, including elephants and tigers.
  14. Tapovan Temple (Anytime): A peaceful temple with panoramic views of Dehradun.
  15. Asan Barrage (Anytime): A birdwatcher’s paradise, known for migratory birds in winter.
  16. Rajpur Road (Anytime): Stroll along this popular road, lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  17. Raiwala Army Heritage Museum (Anytime): Learn about the Indian Army’s history and achievements.
  18. Sakya Centre Buddhist Monastery (Anytime): Visit for a spiritual experience and a glimpse of Tibetan culture.
  19. George Everest’s House (Anytime): Explore the historic residence of Sir George Everest, after whom the Everest peak is named.
  20. Daat Kali Temple (Anytime): A serene temple with beautiful views of the valley.
  21. Drona Cave (Anytime): A sacred cave dedicated to Guru Dronacharya, known for its religious significance.
  22. Tiger Falls (Anytime): A hidden gem in the region, it’s one of the highest waterfalls in Uttarakhand.
  23. Kempty Falls (Anytime): Located in nearby Mussoorie, it’s a popular tourist spot with stunning views.
  24. Santala Devi Temple (Anytime): Visit for a trekking experience and panoramic views of the Himalayas.
  25. Survey of India Museum (Anytime): Explore the history of mapping and cartography in India.
  26. Lachhiwala Picnic Spot (Anytime): Enjoy a picnic amidst lush green forests and a natural pool.
  27. Sai Darbar Temple (Anytime): A temple dedicated to Sai Baba with a peaceful atmosphere.
  28. Zonal Anthropological Museum (Anytime): Discover the cultural heritage of the indigenous tribes of the region.
  29. The Charleville Book Café (Anytime): A literary cafe for book lovers and coffee enthusiasts.
  30. The Fun Valley Water Park (Anytime): A fun-filled water park for families and thrill-seekers.
  31. Sahasradhara Ropeway (Anytime): Enjoy a cable car ride for breathtaking views of the hills.
  32. Shikhar Fall (Anytime): A serene waterfall surrounded by greenery, great for a relaxing day out.
  33. MDDA Park (Anytime): A well-maintained park with gardens and children’s play areas.
  34. Har Ki Dun Valley (May to June and September to November): Trek to this pristine valley for stunning landscapes and adventure.
  35. Mussoorie (Anytime): A nearby hill station known for its scenic beauty and pleasant climate.
  36. Sister Bazaar (Anytime): Shop for woolens, handicrafts, and more in this local market.
  37. HathiPaon (Anytime): A scenic spot in Mussoorie for trekking and panoramic views.
  38. Pacchi Hanuman Temple (Anytime): A temple with a unique stone idol of Lord Hanuman.
  39. Khalanga War Memorial (Anytime): Pay tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the 1962 war with China.
  40. Soham Heritage and Art Centre (Anytime): Explore art and culture at this cultural center.
  41. Harrawala Wildlife Sanctuary (Anytime): A small sanctuary ideal for birdwatching and nature walks.
  42. Ranikhet Express (Anytime): Take a scenic train ride from Dehradun to Ranikhet for stunning views.
  43. Ram Rai Darbar Sahib (Anytime): A historic gurudwara with beautiful architecture and spiritual significance.
  44. Rashtriya Military School (Anytime): Explore the campus and learn about military education.
  45. Chetwoode Hall (Anytime): Visit the Indian Military Academy and witness its grand architecture.
  46. Gandhi Park (Anytime): A peaceful park with lush greenery, ideal for a leisurely stroll.
  47. Jabarkhet Nature Reserve (Anytime): A private reserve for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.
  48. Chilmiri Neck (Anytime): A scenic spot with panoramic views of the Himalayan range.
  49. Hariparvat Fort (Anytime): Explore the historic fort for a glimpse into Dehradun’s past.
  50. Chandrabani Temple (Anytime): A serene temple with religious significance and a natural spring.

The best time to visit these places depends on your interests and the specific activities you’d like to enjoy. Dehradun offers a diverse range of experiences, from natural beauty and trekking opportunities to cultural and historical attractions.